Frank Zane Steroids- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Frank Zane – 3x Mr. Olympia all-time great and the best weightlifter in the sport.

He was born in the year 1943 and started his first set of training at the age of 14 by lifting the 30lbs of weight.

Frank Zane Steroids

The rigorously training results to get the greatest physique of all time.

Little improvements are key to getting the long-term results.

Frank Zane won the IFBB Mr. Olympia competition and changed the sport completely through larger quality muscle, wide muscle, and balanced aesthetic shoulder.

A lot of people inspired by the size, perfect symmetry and the physical beauty.

A perfect aesthetics and a bodybuilding champion should look like Frank Zane.

The Physique Of Frank Zane:

Frank measurement include in the thinnest waistline, sculpted abdomen and the perfect for everyone.

The man who won as a Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia and Mr. World beat Arnold in competing successfully.

Frank’s time, it was more about the quality of muscle and physique instead of size.

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Statistics Of Frank Zane:

  • Weight of the body: 180-195lbs (81-88.5kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’9’’ (175cm)

Body Measurements:

  • Arms size: 18’’(45.7cm)
  • Chest size: 52’’
  • Waist: 29’’ (73.7cm)
  • Thighs: 26’’ (66cm)
  • Calves: 16.5’’ (41.9cm)

Did Frank Zane Use Steroids?

The question is that he used steroid or natural.

Frank Zane BodybuilderThere are many bodybuilders who tried the steroid because of new in the market and excitement.

In the past, anabolic steroids did not consider as illegal and everyone gets easily through the prescription of a doctor.

At that time, the shape was the first rule as a small waist and better shape is the most impressive at the time of judgment.

The goal was to get a better physique instead of looking like a monster.

A man with  5’9’’ height can naturally build up the 163lbs (74 kg), Frank Zane just bigger with 13Ibs and the 6kg which can possible for the natural bodybuilders through hard working.


He got the injury of the shoulder from the bicycle accident in the year 1983.

He permits doctors for surgery and trained through the pain.

Frank won the fourth in competition than he underwent the surgery for repairing the damage.

Frank Zane Diet And Supplements

Frank Zane is well known as “the chemist” for a reason. Frank loved researching of supplements and big believer to find the perfect stack for the victory.

Frank priority was pre-workout food. He did not care about the meal after a workout like other bodybuilders.

Frank Zane before and after

Frank was conscious of his daily calorie intake due to take care of energy and the size of competing in the Mr. Olympia.

He did not consume over 3000 calories per day.

His diet is usually composed of high amounts of protein, 25% of healthy fats and reduce carbohydrate source.

Frank used the vitamins, brewer’s yeast, and the soy protein.

Frank was an advocate of two compounds that were not very well known by bodybuilders at that time.

He identified that the thyroid was responsible for providing the energy by burning up the fat.

The amino acids are best if you feel the tearing of the muscle.

He always preferred to take a variety of supplements, steroids and the protein powders.

The guys of early time took tons of steroids and sports of bodybuilding are being rewarded for over doing steroids.

Frank Zane Workout Training

Frank’s training is included in a high volume with a rest of the short time period between the sets.

The training also includes in weight lifting and specific workout for train the selected group of muscles.

When there was a competition time near, so the reps got higher and rest time period got shorter for making the result effective in maximum pump and burning of fat.

Frank said: He made almost every mistake in fact, he just damaged his lower back due to the over training of heavy weights.

Frank Zane Steroids Cycle

The cycle is just composed of the eight weeks.

Frank Zane Steroid Cycle

Weeks 1-8: Primobolan

The one of the most powerful and popular steroids on the market.

Potent compound involves in cutting cycle.

The recommended amount of Primobolan is 100mgs per day.

Most of the famous bodybuilders including Arnold have used Primobolan.

Weeks 1-2: Dianabol

The well known and popular anabolic steroid among the bodybuilders.

Widely used by an Olympic athlete for making the headlines in sports.

The recommended dosageod Dianabol is 50mgs daily.

You can consume dbol through orally as well as injected form.

It can increase the appetite, which is necessary in the beginning of the cycle for bulking.

The steroid can enhance the nitrogen retention or the protein synthesis for the muscle growth

Weeks 2-6: Wisntrol

Winstrol is a steroid that can burn up the fat and improves the energy, results in the production of lean muscle mass.

It is widely used by the men’s and women’s over the 50 years.

Weeks 4-8: Synthroid

Synthroid, a hormone that can stimulate the thyroid function and boost the metabolism of burning fat and increase energy.

It can lower the fat while improving the energy level.

Weeks 1-8: Amino Acid Serum (Amino Acids Injections):

This is the secret of many bodybuilders including frank, Arnold and chuck.

The injectable amino acids are a form of purified synthesis of collagen, which is injected directly into the blood stream so there was no digestive process are required, results in the rapid gain

Amino acids are the monomers of protein and muscle are polymers of the protein, the supplements are just likely to improve the athlete’s ability, repairs their muscle and boost the growth of muscles.


As with all evidence, the other factors also depend on the gaining such as the genetics, training, and diet.

Frank Zane bodybuilding steroidsFrank Zane results usually involve a combination of steroid.

In the early, use of steroids is considered as legal and prescribed by the doctors.

The most of peoples consumed steroids due to the Pharma grade quality.

The overall gaining are achieved due to the hard core training and diet plans over the years.

He has no any physical symptoms of steroid which indicates the low level of steroid use.

The steroids were used for “finishing touch” for the competitions.

You cannot neglect the efforts of Frank Zane as he started weight training at the age of 14 years old with 130lb and develop the weight to 160lb at the age of 17 in just only three years.