H DROL Review: Strong & Effective Products? [2020]

It is an ingestible steroid aimed for the bodybuilders. Being legal in nature, the substance was initially marketed as Halodrol-50.

Since it is a bodybuilding steroid, H Drol is meant to add on muscles and size. It is methylated compound that is greatly considered and purchased worldwide.

H-Drol ReviewH drol is normally chosen by beginners as the steroid accompanies few complications, unlike other kick starting agents. Besides this, results triggered by the formula are also stable and sustainable.

For solid lean gains, H drol is a good choice however, if you wish something extra ordinary, than H drol might not come up to your expectations.


  • A mild prohormone that can help you with gains, but not with crazy gains.
  • Formerly called as Halodrol, the steroid is the precursor of Turinabol.
  • It has some side effects and the intensity of results depends upon your trainings, weight, diet and age.
  • The steroid has an extended half life.
  • H Drol can equally help with muscle growth and fat reduction.
  • It is typically used by the beginners.
  • Being methylated, the steroid does possess some risk for your liver.

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The most admirable phenomenon about a mild steroid like H drol is its ability to support you with your bodybuilding endeavors.

H-drol benefits

It has results, however, the results may be more satisfying for the beginners than those who have reached a higher level.

Apart from this, H drol is recommendable for cutting and bulking, both. It has ingredients that can equally help with muscle building and fat cutting; needed for that muscular, defined physique.

Even though, the results vary on several factors however, its four week cycle can facilitate an addition of 10-12 lbs of muscles and a 2-3% of decline in body fat.


H drol ingredientsSince it is a methylated substance, thereby, we can never assume it to be completely safe and risk free for the health.

It can do harm, particularly to the liver, and so, users are advised to take liver support as an attempt to ward off their risks.

Research on H drol has come up to an interesting finding; claiming it to be as potent as testosterone.

However, it is important to note that the steroid has fewer androgenic properties with the inability to alter into estrogen.

Considering this, we can say that H drol is least likely to cause gynecomastia/ man boobs. 

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Apart from possessing threat for your liver, there are many other side effects that are associated with H drol.

For example, loss of sex drive, baldness, insomnia, irritability, acne breakouts and painful joints, to count a few.

Somewhat, the health complications are a must part of steroids, however users can expect their severity to be relatively minor with H drol.

Plus, it is important to mention that the people with Hypertension must not consider its use as the ingredients in H drol can elevate the blood pressure and thus, increase the likelihood of further complications.


Stacking it with other compounds merely depends upon your targets or on your cycle, but, something you need to keep in mind is that you must never use it along with other methylated steroids.

H drol steroids results

In a situation like this, you will stress your liver and hence, provoke great complications for yourself. It is more preferable to embark on an individual cycle in the initial phase.

By this, you can better evaluate the results it led to on its own. You can then decide the need for stacking H drol with other steroids.

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Since it is a prohormone aimed to induce testosterone production, thereby, the formula can impair your natural tendency of creating testosterone.

In a case like this, there is a great need for compensation. Compensation, that is normally required after steroid cycles. Yes, your body will need a comprehensive 4-6 weeks of PCT procedure.

To restore the normal functioning of your body, the Post Cycle Therapy must comprise of:

  • Liver support (during and after the phase).
  • Testosterone recovery.
  • Anti-aromatase agent.


H drol before and after resultsH drol can be counted as a fair to middling muscle building agent for those who want to embark their journey and gain some weight.

But like any other steroid, it involves risks, however, the intensity of complications with H drol are comparatively lower than that with other steroids.

Furthermore, the results are not too impressive and considering the 6 weeks post cycle therapy, we can say that the steroid has least to offer with great deal of price and maintenance in return.

If you mind facing complications against some reasonable gains, then surely, a steroid like H drol is not meant for you!

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