Muscle Rev Xtreme Review – Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Muscle Rev XtremeAs the name suggests, it is a muscle building formula for the increase in size, or say, muscle mass.

The formula is purported to burn fat and replaces it with quality muscle gains.

Muscle rev xtreme is also said to help with the energy and stamina.

Of course, since it is an addition in the category of bodybuilding supplement, therefore, users expect it to support aggressive and prolonged training!

Precisely, the formula claims to increase:

  • Performance power.
  • Endurance.
  • Fat burning.
  • Muscle production.


Now let’s come to the point and discuss the reality of Muscle rev xtreme.

Initially, the supplement will instantly grab your attention (thanks to its captivating packaging and enthralling graphics).

Muscle Rev Xtreme before and after

Further thanks to its pitch perfect advertisement that will surely convince you for its 14 days, ‘cost-free’ trial.

But before you embrace the cycle, one thing you need to be assured about Muscle rev xtreme is its ability to deliver results. Of course, you must nail down its worth first.

Unquestionably, the usefulness of a specific formula is determined through its ingredients. As so, by assessing its ingredients and weighing up the feedback of other fellow users, we can form a precise conclusion pertaining to its actual position.

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How it Works?

Honestly, the results promised by the manufacturers of Muscle rev xtreme are too enticing. Imagine, what more does a bodybuilder need?

Muscle Rev results

Extreme gains, fat reduction, stamina enhancement and maximal energy!

If you read some biased reviews about Muscle rev xtreme, you will get to know that the supplement is touted to do almost everything, for everyone.

Clearly, a product that promises to give you almost everything on earth has to be supported by some authentic and bona fide researches.

And while you investigate almost all the genuine sources, you will not find even a single research backing any such claim.

Then there is another claim which we believe is completely overstated. According to it, the product is capable of eliminating the body fats at an impressive rate.

Candidly, the supplement can never come up even near to this claim.

Supplement Facts:

It has been proven that the only way you can reduce your body fat is limiting your caloric intake.

Muscle Xtreme Rev Facts

Well, no product or formula can help you unless you confine yourself from high caloric foods.

So, if you think that Muscle rev xtreme will do the wonders for you, while you indulge yourself with foods, then you will actually add more to your problems.

To know more about the reality and so-called effectiveness of muscle rev xtreme, we need to scrutinize some of its active ingredients now.

  1. L-arginine: Since the amino acid is a commonly found content in most of the muscle building formulas, therefore, it may have grabbed your attention first. To be clear, the ingredient isn’t much of a help if taken in smaller quantities. And so with insufficient quantity of L-arginine in Muscle rev xtreme, you cannot really benefit from it.
  2. Beta alanine: Then there is beta alanine. On a whole, the amino acid is safe, however, you will not find any long term study that has been conducted on it or has proven it to support muscle growth/fat loss. Yes, to some point, it may help you with your recoveries.
  3. Acai Berry: Then we have Acai berry as an active ingredient in Muscle rev xtreme. No doubt it tastes well and shuttles healthy amount of antioxidants to our body. But as far as the health benefits of acai berry are concerned, its credibility becomes questionable. There is lack of evidences supporting its positive effects on human health, though; it has proven to be beneficial in animal researches. But of course, we cannot consider animal researches for us!
  4. Green tea: Undoubtedly, it is a good addition, yet we cannot expect it to create a serious impact on the results. It is an antioxidant that can boost our health.
  5. Zinc: Like green tea, zinc is another effective ingredient that can contribute to superior athletic performance.
  6. Creatine citrate: The ingredient can increase your performance power and so, is one of its productive ingredients.

Now, considering the ingredients that make Muscle rev xtreme, we can say that the supplement has nothing to do with muscle building.

Though, you can consider it an agent that can help you with recovery (to some extent).

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On a whole, Muscle rev xtreme is an ineffective supplement with unsatisfactory results.

Buy Muscle Rev

Some of its ingredients are good, however, you cannot count on them for massive changes in your physique.

Its better not to consider its use, or you may end up wasting your money. It is an expensive product that will surely disappoint you in the end. Ideally, choose creatine and protein powder against it!