PHAT Training Workout: Mind-Blowing Science Inside! [2020]

The PHAT Training Workout is designed by Dr. Layne Norton for hitting the muscle size around 2x per week and get the strength and bulking at the same time.

The majority of people are struggling to lose the weight and want to build up muscle.

Everyone is struggling to accomplish the goals and gain muscle.

Phat Training Workout by Layne Norton
Phat Workout

The guys are performing standard exercises to build up stronger muscles as well as gives a perfect shape to your muscle.

One of the reasons for failure is that the people spend time on training without any structure or the progressive overload.

The Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training is the best workout in the gym and it is the combination of many types of exercises and help you to achieve your desired goals.

What Is The PHAT?

The PHAT is a program that stands for Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training that is unique because it is the combination of bodybuilding and power-lifting.

By combining two types of training like mass and strength probably give you the impressive result.

Who is Layne Norton?

Layne Norton is the professional, natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, and the writer. He is very experienced in the fitness industry.

Lyane is highly qualified as Ph.D. and introduces the newest workout in the training system.

The article is based on the complete guide of PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training).

If we focus on the training, so everyone has different goals throughout their life to accomplish the goals.

Some of the people only want to live healthier lives and some of the people want to get the shredded physique.

Some of the people want to build up more muscle mass and look like a monster.

If you walk into the gym, so you find the different individuals that are doing different workouts.

If you are thinking about exercises in the gym so probably there are a lot of machines and the complicated exercises.

Probably, there are more chances that you find the bodybuilders with the heavy lifting of weight, spending their time to performing a lot of compound lift.

The Layne Norton PHAT Workout

The Layne Norton has designed the PHAT to gain size and boost up the strength of the body.

Layne Norton Workout
Layne Norton

The Layne workout is designed for the five days PHAT (Power Hypertrophy adaptive training).

This workout plays an important role to promote size and strength of the body as well as the science proves the effectiveness of these workouts.

The Lyane workout is the combination of 30 exercises. All of the exercises are good and all these exercises are playing a good role to reach the success level.

Well, it is good in both quality and quantity.

Dr. Layne is both power lifter and body builder so his training reflects a combination of both of the activities.

If you want to go cardio sections so, it is more possible that you are finding the people on the treadmill to get a leaner physique.

They all are working in different ways to achieving the goals within a short period of time.

Each of move focuses on the specific types of goals.

There are many forms of training in the health and fitness. One of the famous and well training is the PHAT training or PHAT workout.

There are many individual’s who ask whether these exercises are really working?

Is it true that we can boost up the strength and build up the muscle mass within a week to deliver impressive results?

Are these possible for the natural ones to follow the routine?

What Are The Benefits Of PHAT Training?

There is almost every training has the benefits such as:

  • Increased strength
  • Improved conditioning
  • Stimulate the hypertrophy process
  • Guide all aspects of strength principles

One of the main aspects is that the training program is unique and science-based.

Power-lifters are also using the low reps in their workout to gain the strength.

Whereas, the bodybuilders are using high rep for a  building of muscle mass and to reduce the fat as compared to power-lifters.

The Typical PHAT Routine:

The typical routine is split in the two days:

  1. Power days
  2. Hypertrophy days
Power Days

After the beginning of the training, the days will be the heavy power days.

The heavy compound exercises consist of 3-5 of working sets and repetitions for 3-5 rounds.

The exercises are Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, military presses and the bent over rows.

In this phase, you are searching for the strength so, you are allowed to take the rest for 3-5 minutes.

By increasing the rest time period, you are more likely to recover within a short period of time.

Hypertrophy Days

You are more likely to lift the weight in a short period of time between the workouts.

If you trained the chest on Power days and the flat bench press around 65-70%, there are more chances to exceed the muscle trophy process.

Is It For The Beginners?

The PHAT is 100% designed for the beginners and the intermediate as well, but it is important to learn the basic and how can you start?

Layne Norton Training
Phat workout

The weight training is usually not important for many athletes and bodybuilders.

The perfect routine is obtained by combining with perfect hybrid routine and the hypertrophy days.

This workout is suitable for those people who want to stimulate hypertrophy process without bulking.

The combination of high and low reps in the sets actually helps to stimulate the muscle trophy and maximum recovery.

The beginners should learn the basic movement before starting the moves training.

If you are trying to swim so, it makes harder.

Does Layne Norton’s Phat Good For The Natural Bodybuilders

There is a question a that can you handle the high volume naturally?

The High volume is not a problem and the super high volume may eat your time, body, and the nervous system.

  • You can make your own PHAT’s principles by changing and adding some routines according to your goals of muscle building and leaner physique.
  • You may find the calculator from online sources related to PHAT in which there is an easy process to create the routine by adding some of the information like gender, training days, Lbs, and starting date of your routine.

The PHAT training Is really intense and heavy program allows you to push the limits.

Even, the training for five days is more moves for Ronnie Coleman.

This training is highly demanding and distinguishes the real pain of the training.
If you are feeling yourself too harshly from the training so, you have an option to back off for a few days.

The degree of an injury is decided to knowing your limits. Train yourself harder and smart.

PHAT Training Workout

Layne Norton training workout
Phat training

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The main goal of PHAT is to build up the muscle, improved strength, and stimulate the hypertrophy process.

  • The workout type is split.
  • Training level is intermediate
  • The length of a workout is around 5 days per week.
  • The duration of time is 90-120min
  • The equipment are Barbell, Machine, And Dumbbell.
  • Both of the genders, male and female can do this training.
  • The author of this training is Gabriello Lanniruberto (He is the strength expert, CSEP-CPT)


If you are struggling to make progress in the gym, so you need to search for the Layne PHAT workout.

Layne Norton Phat workout training
Phat Exercise results

This workout helps you to properly regulate the training progressions and science also prove the effectiveness.

You can make your training smart and recover your body within a short period of time.

The first 3-4 weeks may be difficult for you and if you are challenging yourself so, take more rest time between the sets of workouts.

You should remain patient and challenge yourself for hard working.

“Wait And Then Enjoy The Gains”

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