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30 day squat challenge

If you have ever been to the gym with a friend you would know how at times challenging yourself and your friend can be helpful.

People often produce the desired level of results while working out by challenging their body. The desire to do well in a competition or a challenge usually stirs up our competitive juices, and suddenly succeeding in the challenge becomes top priority.

The 30 day squat challenge can enhance our leg and butt muscles and enable us to strengthen our body to the max.

It is an extremely popular challenge, and for an individual involved, the challenge can be fun to carry out.

Unlike many other challenges, the squat challenge does not have different workout routines, it requires an individual to regularly squat for 30 days and trust me, it is challenging!

The time spent on this exercise should increase on regular basis making the challenge a strenuous one. The plan is laid out for one month in such a manner that almost everyone can be a part of it.


squat resultsThe individual has to begin with 50 squats and needs to ensure that he carries the routine forward for the next four days, followed by a rest every 4th day.

To make the challenge even more challenging it is imperative that the number of squats increases gradually.

It is important to realize the variations in the routine so that by the end of the challenge a person is carrying out a maximum of 250 squats.

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The muscles in the body will strengthen only if we perform squats in an organized manner. Although everyone knows how to perform squats but most of us tend to sway from the general technique that is to be followed.

There’s also an incorrect way of performing them which can lead to more harm than good.

  • Feet should be placed shoulder-weight apart from each other.
  • Bend your knees to lower yourself down while making sure that your back is straight and you are looking straight ahead. The key to this position is to ensure that your position replicates that of a chair.
  • It is important to realize the strengths and limitations of the body, therefore it is integral to lower yourself down to a level the body can withstand.
  • The heels should not lift off the floor; they should stick to where they were initially when you started forming the position.
  • It is important to ensure that the knees do not bow inwards. It is important that they are positioned over the toes or slightly outside them.
  • Balance is the key, to ensure that proper balance is maintained it is important to straighten out the arms.

The aforementioned routine should be followed almost daily and the results will reveal themselves after a while of strenuous activity.


The key to every exercise is to forming a routine chart, although charts are available on the internet, it is important to refer to a physical consultant before forming one.

Routine charts help us in realizing and following a set pattern, the fruits of which are borne by the body.

The question which arises here is that what kind of routine charts should be followed to derive maximum results?

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1) Squat Challenge:

30 day squat

This chart shows us the variety in our routine and the mannerisms that we have to follow. Squats can have a lot of variety and it can range from basic squats to oblique, jump, sumo, pistol, narrow and many more different forms of squat.

The routine starts from basic squat after which lots of different variety creeps in to the routine.

2) 30 day squat challenge:

squat challengeThis is the squat calendar and it holds the details of the amount of squats that need to be carried out in a day.

As mentioned earlier, the squat challenge begins with 50 squats and is carried on till the end of the month when 250 squats are being performed regularly.

3) The Plan:

squat plan

As we are all aware of the target set and the minimum time in which the target has to be achieved. It is essential to the cause for us to make a plan and a proper routine to achieve the target.

Luckily enough there are charts which make planning easier, these charts tell us about the number of reps that need to be carried out in each set and the total sets to be performed daily. The plan is devised intrinsically with special focus on each and every detail.

These charts keep us on track and are of special help if we are to achieve the goal.

Results and Conclusion

However when performing the challenge, a person needs a stoic personality or has to become one because pain today eventually becomes a gain tomorrow!

There will be sleepless painful nights where the body will feel sore, but the same body will glisten with pride if the 30 day squat challenge is completed successfully!

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