Connor Murphy Steroids: Does It Really Work or SCAM? [2020]

Connor Murphy is the most professional bodybuilder and YouTube Prankster. He is from the United States and Texas and he had started his career as an amateur bodybuilder.

He is a young man and has an interesting personality.

Connor Murphy Steroids
Connor Murphy

He is also very famous as the YouTube personality and has started amateur bodybuilder.

Murphy is well known for his motivational posts on Instagram and other social media platforms and the content is mildly entertaining. He initially posted his video on social media platforms related to body transformation.

Connor has achieved success through hard work and determination. Murphy has more than 500k followers on Instagram.

Murphy has a very ripped, vascular, and defined shape. The physique is very noticeable his Chest, Tris, Delts, Back, and Arms in proportion.

In the year 2016, he took the stage of NPC Dallas Europa Games Mens and also rewarded a third place in the contest.

Connor attracts many girls to getting ripped and shredded. He has attracted a lot of people through social media.

Connor Murphy has 512K followers on Instagram and 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

He makes up around $15k per month from his YouTube.

He has an amazing physique and looks better.

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Is he completely natural or use steroids?

The fitness Industry and bodybuilding industry are changing day by day.

The young bodybuilders and personalities in the bodybuilding and fitness communities are promoting their physique to get rewards.

The most of the bodybuilders said that everyone can train hard and smarter that is true.

There are many factors who play a role to develop a physique such as eating a healthy diet, genetics, and train yourself.

The steroid users easily build up their physique within 3 years of the time period.

Is there any physical sign of steroid use?

Conor Murphy Athlete Statistics
  • Height of the body: 6’2’’
  • Weight of the body: 200lbs

200lbs is natural for the competition. He is over 205 pounds and has competed on the stage. Maybe he is obviously natural, because of his weight around 165lbs when he is lean.

A man with this height and weight can naturally build up to 197lbs or 88kg.

Connor Murphy Steroids Accusations

Connor earns fame of a lot of people as well as steroid accusations.

Connor Murphy bodybuilding
Connor Murphy workout

So, these accusations are right or whether they are an incorrect?

There are many anabolic steroids are available online in which the bulking, cutting, and increased the performance.

Some of the physique is very impressive due to the result of diet, and trainings that are incredibly awesome.

Connor Claimed As Natural

Connor Murphy has mentioned in his YouTube video that he never used steroids and claimed as natural.

It seems like that he looks calm and telling the truth.

Generally, the steroid users are avoiding social media interviews and interaction as well.

It is a common sign that everyone facing steroid accusations when they have the very defined physique.

There are many famous individuals who have lied about their status, whether they are natural or steroid user like David Laid.

Some of the bodybuilders always pretend to tell their status natural, but they are not actually.

Connor Murphy has very good genetics and blessed with great genetics.

It is a strong indicator and honest like build up the physique and genetic factor.

Composition Of The Body

If we look at the composition of the body, so there are many signs of steroid users such as flushed skin, thin skin, increased vascularity and the flushed skin.

The Trenbolone users and Winstrol users are easily spotted because they have more dryer look. The shoulders are weak as compared to his biceps and triceps.

The roid user’s shoulders are different from each other when they begin cycling because there are high numbers of receptors are found in the androgen so there are more chances to increase the muscle growth and muscle groups as well.

The muscular look smoother which is a natural sign. The muscles do not have more retention of water and not as dry.

Another most significant signs are moon face, flushed skin, steroid bloating, shoulders, and abdominal veins.

If we look at his pictures so It seems like natural growth without the use of any illegal steroid.

Connor Murphy Transformation

In order to know about the steroid status, it is important to look at the changes in his body with respect to the duration of time.

Connor Murphy transformation
Connor Murphy bodybuilder

When he was 17 years old, so his pictures are looking natural. After that, we never find any picture with a gap of three years, it seems like that he loses his motivation an interest.

After 3 years of a time period, the first video of Connor Murphy is much stronger and greater physique ever.

We are not saying that this is impossible to obtain, but it is definitely very impressive.

Gain Timeline

The Connor’s gain timeline looks natural. If we look at his gain timeline, his weight is 185lbs when he was 17 years old.

After one year, he has gained 20lbs more to bulk up the range around 205lbs.

When a person completed his newbie gain so the growth becomes limited, but in the Conor’s case he maximizes his 20lbs.

Connor has gained lean muscle and body fat. It is very reasonable to gain 20lbs. 5-10lbs are considered as normal through triple your training and to blow up.

5-10lb are normal and going to blow up.

The Drug Testing (Competition History)

Connor Murphy has competed in Men’s physique with the NPC.

Usually, the anabolic steroids test is up to the standard and everyone can easily pass this drug test.

They have conducted a steroid test on the specific date: There are more chances to cheat these random tests throughout the year.

While, legit natty conducts the test any random time throughout the year.

Connor’s competed in the NPC does not mean that he is a steroid user.

There are not any genuine federations around the World who run an accurate test, but these organizations are very few in numbers.

Workout Training
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy Training

The Connor full body workout, genetics, and little volume are playing a role to jacked.

Murphy has started his training with some basic exercises like bench press, squat, overhead press, and bent over row.

He has gained 65lbs for bulking. Connor Murphy workout training consists of full body workout for 45 minutes.

If he wants to participate in the modeling career and a photo shoot so, he incorporated other exercises such as Isolation Exercises, Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension, And Sit-Ups.

The basic exercises are bench press, bent over row, squat, and overhead press.

The other exercises are bicep curled, Sit-ups, and triceps extension.


Connor prefers excess intake of protein and slightly lower the carbohydrate consumption.

His measurement of protein is a gram per pound of the body weight.

Connor prefers the cutting and bulking diet.

The breakfast including steel cut oats, eggs, berries, and steel cut oats.

  • The lunch is included tuna, salad, and whole wheat pasta.
  • Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts consist of afternoon snacks.
  • Dinner is included in sweet potato, vegetables, and chicken.

The post workout meal is protein shake and cereal and evening meal consists of 4 whole eggs, vegetables, and turkey omelette.

The breakfast consists of a protein powder, eggs, berries, steel cut oats, lunch, berries, whole wheat pasta, afternoon snack, and whole wheat pasta.

The afternoon snack is included nuts, berries, Greek yogurt, dinner, sweet potato, and chicken.

The Post workout is included protein shake, cereal, evening meal, turkey omelet, vegetables, and whole eggs.


Connor Murphy has no any steroid system in his body and the gains are looking as natural.

connor murphy Steroids
Connor Murphy Youtuber

We can say that he has very awesome genetics. Connor looks very amazing without his shirt

The same drive, greatness, and determination can play a role to achieve the greatness.