IASO Tea Review: Shocking Facts + Results Inside! [2020]

Like any other weight loss tea, Iaso tea is depicted to be a perfect weight loss solution one can get in the name of healthy slimming.

Iaso Tea - Best Detox and Weight Loss Tea

We all are somewhere inside, really fond of diet teas and believe them to be a great aid for weight loss.

Luckily, we have some good weight loss teas with exceptionally helpful ingredients in hand, but there are teas that do not fit well in the category.

One good example is Iaso tea.

But before we discuss the reservations we have about Iaso tea, we would like to give a small introduction for a better understanding about the product.

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To begin with, Iaso tea is a formula that applies the science of detoxification to shed and manage weight. 

he man behind the formulation of Iaso tea is Dr. Bill Miller.

It was introduced some four years back, by a company called Total Life Changes.

Iaso Detox Tea for Weight LossSome ingredients that are amalgamated to produce the weight loss tea are:

1) Myrrh.
2) Papaya.
3) Chamomile.
4) Marsh mallow leaves.
5) Holy thistle.
6) Ginger.

Suggested dosage is twenty –ounce glass a day, the breakup of which is:

  • Eight-ounce glass with lunch.
  • Eight-ounce with dinner.
  • Four-ounce with snack.

There are some users who have experienced positive changes through its use. The most admirable fact about the product is that it boasts natural herbs.


As stated earlier, there are some factors that make the efficiency of Iaso tea questionable to us.

Iaso Tea ingredients

For example:

1) We highly encourage and recommend products that have are backed by clinical or factual evidences. Of course, you need to make sure that the product or formula you are about to test on your body is capable of extracting the results you yearn. But in this regard, the case of Iaso tea is very poor. There is no quality research or study that can serve as the testimony of its ingredients being useful. Interestingly, It is claimed to possess detoxification effects, the mechanism through which it is supposed to generate the weight loss effects, but sadly, there is no concrete evidence on the basis of which we can feel convinced that the weight loss tea has said potential.

2) The tea surely failed to impress or come up to the expectations of majority of users. If you look for some genuine reviews and feedbacks about Iaso tea, you will get to know that the majority of users have gained nothing against their money. In fact, many dieters seem to complain about their money they wasted trying a product like this. Considering the fact that there are no clinical evidences in favor of the tea, we feel no surprise that the product failed to satisfy many customers. However, where there are negative reviews, there are several dieters who supported this tea and found its effects impressive. One thing that was quite appreciated about Iaso tea is its taste. Unlike other diet teas, Iaso tea tastes well.

3) The sip into slim concept sounds too disturbing when you get to experience a series of gastrointestinal problems from Iaso tea. Precisely, the nasty effects you are likely to encounter from the usage of this weight loss tea are bloating, diarrhea, headache and foul smelling stools.

4) The company that offers the product is not highly regarded, though, it offers a good range of organic teas and skincare products. On a whole, people came to know about Total life changes through Iaso tea.

5) We doubt the long term effects of Iaso tea. Again, we need some clinical evidences for our relief.

6) We don’t really feel that the price of Iaso tea is justified and fair. It is a bit high, particularly if you evaluate it with the prices of other similar teas.

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Certain ingredients in Iaso tea are considered to promote the detoxification process, the process wherein the body is cleansed internally.

Iaso Tea before and after

This method of washing all the toxins and harmful substances off the body is quite helpful for a healthy body.

Detoxification is further said to facilitate weight loss and so, if Iaso tea truly holds the potential to generate detoxification effects, then we bet we cannot get anything better than this tea.

But its effectiveness cannot be judged on the grounds of ‘claims’ and ‘hypes’.

We surely need evidences on the basis of which we will approve it and consider it recommendable to our readers.