Immune Defence Role (SUPPLEMENT) in SELF Treatment COVID-19

How this latest Immune Defence Lozenges supplements can boost immune system to fight against Coronavirus Covid-19 effectively.

Immune Defence supplement to fight against Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak

Immune Defence (Product Review) to reveal the truth!

What is a Coronavirus, and How is it Affecting the World?

This new pandemic disease is also known as a coronavirus. This disease wasn’t detected in any human previously. In other words, this virus is completely new.

The first-ever case of Covid-19 was from Wuhan (China).

It is a respiratory virus that affects the tissues of your lungs. However, the public authorities of the United Nations are working hard to discover and introduce a vaccine as a treatment for this virus.

 Currently, there are 590,038 cases of Coronavirus. For people around the world, the record number of deaths is 26,939.

Meanwhile, 132,447 people have recovered from this pandemic disease. The U.S., Italy, and China are at the highest positions with reported corona cases, respectively (1st, 2nd, and 3rd).

Immune Defence Intro

Are you looking for a supplement to boost the immune system or a supplement for Coronavirus?

best immune system booster

If yes, Immune Defence is the best choice that will fit under these conditions.

In simple words, the purpose of this product is to enhance and promote your immunity. It is completely organic and safe to use.

Furthermore, you can store it anywhere, like your offices, homes, or any other place. 

You can also carry it with you to different places. This supplement review will provide you with more details about this product.

How can Immune Defence Help you These Days?

You must be waiting for the reasons that can convince you completely to buy Immune Defence.

This lozenge will provide you with numerous benefits. Firstly, it aims to raise your immunity and make it possible for you to withstand any infection, disease, or flu.

You can consume Immune Defence these days to fight against Coronavirus.

Secondly, it does not include any chemical agent, preservative, or harmful element that can be a danger for your health. In other words, you don’t need to worry about the side effects until and unless you are consuming it according to the doctor’s prescription.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Immune Defence is not limited to a single gender or age group.

Therefore, men and women can use it after consulting with their doctors. Moreover, parents can also use this supplement for their kids to increase their immunity.

Ingredients in Immune Defence

The most important thing that everyone looks for in a supplement review is the ingredients that tend to make the supplement. You must know the ingredients before you buy this product.

What are the best zinc lozenges for immune system?

In simple words, there is a lot of tension these days. 

Therefore, you have to use an immune booster that can help you to increase your immunity and fight against Covid-19.

This supplement review will tell you the details of the most important ingredients and their benefits.

Let’s start to discuss them.

1.  Zinc Gluconate

One of the most important ingredients in Immune Defence is Zinc Gluconate. It will boost the immune system to fight against Covid-19. You will find this ingredient mostly in the supplement reviews of Coronavirus. 

You might know that the common cold and frequent flu plays a vital role in the loss of the economy. The same goes for this pandemic disease or Coronavirus. Therefore, you can use zinc gluconate to self treat covid-19. It is an effective and helpful ingredient in the lozenges. 

As per different clinical trials and research work, Zinc Gluconate can make an impact on the reduction of the common cold or flu’ symptoms.

However, the benefits might vary from one patient to another. After administrating the effects of zinc on patients with flu, the doctors clearly say, “it is one of the best dosages to fight against cold.”

It is usually present in the supplements for Coronavirus these days. However, zinc lozenges, excluding syrups and tablets, can cause nausea, or bad taste, at times to some people. 

Recent research states that zinc tends to tap the brakes on your immune responses.

In simple words, it helps in controlling viruses and infections. Moreover, it also prevents inflammation (out-of-control). Believe me, this inflammation can be quite damaging and can even take you towards death. 

In conclusion, Immune Defence will help the person to improve his weakened immune system. It will operate as immune system support. In other words, it will make your body strong enough to fight against infections, flu, or viruses.

2. Rosehip Powder, Acerola Powder

You will get vitamins through these ingredients. If you want to know how to boost the immune system, these vitamins will help you, for sure. A few of the vitamins which are available in these ingredients are as follows:

3. Vitamin A

Like Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin A also helps in developing and regulating your immune system along with adaptive immunity. Secondly, it also enhances your immune functions. Moreover, it works as a defense against several infectious diseases, viruses, and flu. Vitamin A is an essential element that improves your vision, promotes growth, and protects the epithelium. 

You can also call it an anti-inflammation vitamin due to its efficient role in improving the function of the immune mechanism. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in regulating the roles of your cellular responses (immunity).

 A lot of treatments use Vitamin A due to its therapeutic effect in several infectious diseases. In other words, Vitamin A works as an immune booster and increases your immunity. It makes you strong enough to withstand any type of disease or infection.

4. Vitamin C

Did you know that Acerola Powder contains more Vitamin A and Vitamin C than other fruits that are specifically known as a source of Vitamin C? It is an essential mineral that takes part in the immune defense. 

Vitamin C supports different cellular functions that include the innate immune system and adaptive immunity. Moreover, this vitamin also provides support to the function of the epithelial barrier against pathogens. It encourages your skin for scavenging (oxidant) activities. In simple words, it will protect you against the oxidative stress in the environment. However, the deficiency of Vitamin C can cause impaired immunity, which will produce infections later on. 

It will heal your wounds and kill germs. Vitamin C has a clear tendency to shield the host tissue from any excessive damage. Thus, Immune Defence lozenge contains Vitamin C, and it will protect you from inflammation, viruses, and bacteria.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E in Immune Defence promotes and enhances the response of the immune system in both humans and animals. It prevents them from catching any virus, disease, or infection. It decreases the production of NO. 

Vitamin E improves the effectiveness of the formation of immune synapse in T cells (naive) along with the beginning of the activation signals of the T cells. Furthermore, scientists are carrying out various research to study the effect of Vitamin E on the immune system. 

Other ingredients present in Immune Defence:

Other than these ingredients, you will also find some more elements in Immune Defence that increase its efficiency, smell, and taste.

The ingredients are:

  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Oil of Aniseed
  • Sugar 

Why Immune Defence is Best Option?

That’s not all about this product!

There are many other interesting facts about the Immense Defence. You should know everything about this Zinc lozenge before making your final decision.

Vitamins That Are Best for Boosting Your Immunity

Some of the facts are as follows:

  • It is suitable for both genders. You can purchase it in a bundle (family pack) or a single pack. Let me tell you that the family pack will be beneficial for more people. 
  • It is a UK-based product, which means there won’t be any negligence with the quality. In simple words, it is a high-quality supplement for your immune system. 
  • The company offers a policy for 100% money return. If you are unhappy with the result or facing any fault during the delivery, simply claim your money back.

People who are worried about their medical conditions, health, or want any extra protection can buy this product. You can also buy and save it during the lockdowns. 

Men of middle age, adults with different deficiencies, and children above twelve years old can consume this supplement. 

Tips To Boost The Immune System

This supplement review will not only tell you about Immune Defence, but it will also inform you of other methods through which you can boost the immune system.

How to boost your immune system

These tips will increase your immunity easily. We will be highlighting the most beneficial methods. By following them, you can increase your strength.

  1. Try to eat healthy foods that contain zinc, vitamins, and other essential minerals that are responsible for your immunity. Increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits in your daily routine. Other than eating healthy, keep in mind that you have to do workouts regularly.
  2. Doing Zumba, yoga, gymnastics, and aerobics will benefit you. These exercises will make you flexible and strong to bear any difficult situation.
  3. Stop smoking and discontinue your bad habits. Yes, you have read it right. Decrease the intake of alcoholic drinks if you are fond of drinking or partying.
  4. Maintain your sleep cycle and try to take a nap within the day. Eight hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy person. It will support you in reducing depression and tension from your lives.
  5. Wash your hands as much as possible and try to use sanitizers. If you have the flu or any other infection, do not ignore it. Adopt precautionary measures or visit the doctor as soon as possible. Take showers twice a day or especially when you come from outside.
  6. Avoid cooking or fixing food without washing hands properly (20 sec at least). However, you can also use supplements that can increase immunity.

Where can you buy Immune Defence from?

What can you do to elevate the working of your immune system during a coronavirus outbreak?

If you are up to finding a practical solution to this question, Immune Defence is one of the best supplements to boost the immune system.

But from where can you buy this amazing product?

Does zinc help with immune system?

This section will help you to know the right place to buy immune Defence.

S.NoWebsiteIs it available or not?
5Official WebsiteYes

Therefore, you can place your order of Immune Defence tablets through its official website. It will protect the customer from frauds, scams, and illegal products.

The company is shipping its product in almost every part of the universe (all countries). Once you place the order, the company will dispatch it within 24 to 48 hours. 

The Time Required For The Delivery

Although the company dispatches the order as soon as possible, it will also require some time to deliver you the product at your doorstep.

We hope that this supplement review will help you to buy Immune Defence from its official website according to your needs and delivery time.

  • USA: 3 to 7 days
  • United Kingdom: one day (working day) – you should place the order before 1 pm BST from Monday to Thursday
  • Canada, Australia, or other countries: five to fifteen days – working days
  • Europe: 3 to 10 days – working days

Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)

There might be many people among you who are willing to know more about this pandemic disease. A lot of questions are coming on social media.

These questions not only create confusion, but they also lead to chaos and panic.

What happens when you get the coronavirus disease?

Therefore, to reduce the stress from this stressful condition, we are going to answer the most repeatedly asked questions by all of you.

Let’s start discussing some of them.

Q1: Can coronavirus spread through your pets?

Currently, you won’t find any evidence that can prove whether Covid-19 spreads through your pets like cats, dogs, parrots, or any other. We cannot assure you that your pets will get infected or not. However, after touching your pets, we would recommend you to rinse your hands with soap along with water. It will protect you from a lot of common bacteria like Salmonella and E.coli. These bacteria pass from your pets to you.

Q2: Are older and younger people at greater risk from the new Covid-19 virus?

Older people or people with a medical background (facing any medical problems like heart diseases, asthma, and diabetes) are likely to suffer more effects or extreme illness due to this virus. However, people, whether it be any gender or of any age, can catch the Covid-19 infection.

Q3: How can you use, put on, and remove your mask?

Before putting on the mask, the user has to disinfect his hands by using an alcohol solution. Moreover, he can also wash his hands with a soap bar and water. Now, you have to cover your mouth along with the nose by using the mask. Make sure that you are not leaving any open space between the mask and your face. 

Secondly, do not touch the mask once you are using it. Afterward, try to replace this mask with a newer mask. You have to replace it once the mask absorbs moisture due to your breaths or any nasal elimination. Keep in mind that you cannot use the disposable mask again. 

Thirdly, and most importantly, remove your mask from its back. Don’t touch the front part of the disposable mask at all. Throw it right away in a closed trash can. Once again, sanitize your hands with the help of an alcoholic solution. You can also wash them properly (soap).

FAQs on Immune Defence

You cannot buy any product while keeping hundreds of questions in your mind. These questions will create a lot of confusion and multiple thoughts.

The same goes for the Immune Defence Lozenges. There might be several questions producing in your mind. Therefore, you don’t have to worry at all. We will be answering the most frequently asked questions.

We hope this FAQ section will help you to make a clear decision.

Q1: What are the ingredients/components that are part of the Immune Defence Supplement?

As we have already told you, Immune Defence contains only natural ingredients. You will find rosehip powder, acerola powder, sugar, zinc gluconate, magnesium stearate as a bulking agent, and oil of aniseed.

Q2: What quantity of zinc will you find in this product?

Each tablet of Immune Defence includes an average of 3.5 milligrams. It contains zinc (35%* – elemental zinc). This amount is equal to four lozenges (maximum) or 14 mg (daily serving).

Q3: Is Immune Defence organic or appropriate for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, this product is completely usable for both vegans and vegetarians. In simple words, Immune Defence is 100% organic. 

Q4: For whom is this product suitable (minimum age or current health conditions)?

This product won’t cause any allergies to you. Therefore, pregnant ladies, along with nursing mothers, can also consume Immune Defence. However, do not exceed the recommended limit at any cost. Moreover, consult a general physician before starting the lozenge. They will guide you better by looking at your current medical status and health conditions. 

Q5: How long do the lozenges to show up the result?

Right after you start consuming these tablets, the product will start affecting your immune system. According to the recommendations, the user can consume almost four tablets every day to get a stronger immune system than before. 

Q6: What is the flavor of these lozenges?

You will find aniseed flavor in this product. 


Summing up the whole supplement review in a few words, Immune Defence is one of those supplements that will prevent you from Coronavirus.

You can treat yourself to Covid-19. It will provide you with natural ingredients only, which means no harm to your health or body.

Therefore, you can buy this supplement to boost the immune system.