Melania Trump Wears $3000 Pink Delpozo Dress To UN Lunch In New York

Melania Trump is copious Beautiful in pink. The first lady in her presentation at the United States discussed Delpozo coat dress.

It is not wonder that she selected outfits from the Spanish fashion for many occasions.

She caught the eyes of all audiences in this Wednesday with her bright stilettos.

The first lady (Wife of Donald Trumps) wore a wool coat dress cost $3000, designed by a Spanish fashion designer Delpozo.

Melania Trump, A Hot Pink Look With Delpozo Dress With Christian Louboutin Heels: 

The pink from head to toe,  wool coat features with a large puffed or voluminous sleeve that have a quarter length looks very directional edges and a pleated skirt.

She followed a hairstyle in which she kept her hair down, a peachy lip gloss with a dark brown smoky eye with a Heavy mascara on topped.

She did not wear any jewelry with this coat. Hot pink, impressed all during her speech at the lunch in the United Nations on the day Wednesday.

Melania Trump Selected An Italian Luxury Brand And Serbian Fashion Designer:

We have seen this look before in a “Roksanda dress” which she wore at the Republician National Convention and some outfits which was collected from a “Gucci

Lvanka Trump Is A Former Fashion Model:

Melania Trump Walk on a pink dressThe American businesswoman and a former fashion model.

The mom of three, make up is simple as her step mother like a bronze contouring with a berry gloss on the lips, a filtered disco ball earrings with a beautiful hairstyle.

The today outfit style was contrasted to yesterday choice.

Melania Stylish Choice Of Outfits And Lvanka Trump Outfit Selection Style:

Melania Trump, 47 year old with a daughter of Donald Trump “Ivanka” together in the General Assembly UN.

Melania has seen in the New York with the fitted trouser showed a perfection as a long leg like a model and shows a model figure.

Gray trouser with a checked on it was worn by her with the combination black shirt, a top few buttons remain open.

But before Lvanka chooses an usual outfit style like a silk blue shirt with the blue lace kitten heels.

As we can’t avoid a choice of Melania’s stylish as her step daughter “ Lvanka Trump” addressed with a similar outfit.

Both have the similarities as a cropped trousers at the ankle, both wore a jacket and with a pocket on the front.