Military Diet – What To Expect? SHOCKING Results + Pics Inside! [2019]

Check out the details about the amazing military diet below which can aid in the quickest possible weight loss regime up to 10 pounds, that too, only in 3 days!

Losing weight is one of the worst uphill tasks a person can go through.

Whether losing weight is your ambition or is a requirement in order to fit into old clothes, the whole process can seem tedious and troublesome.

3 days military diet plan

While some opt for a slow and steady weight reduction process via enrolling at the gym, others prefer a month long diet plan.

However, if you have less than a week to lose weight, that too, up to 10 pounds, what could be more effective than the famous military diet!

Yes! The military diet! Fret not, it has nothing to do with the military personnel or their kind of diet!

Unbelievable? Believe it!

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What is the Military Diet’s Hype about?

The military diet has earned its name due to its perfect short duration and the number of calories it can help one burn effortlessly.

All you have to do is follow a strict diet for 3 days without cheating and the diet can help you shed 10 pounds for sure!

However, the downside is that you are not allowed to have any cheat meals. But, hey!

Can’t you curb your cravings for just 3 days?

This diet is ideal for men and women both. Read on to know about the astonishing pros this diet has to offer!

Pro 1: Only 3 Days!

Have you ever heard of a diet plan which only requires 72 hours?

cheat meal

Whereas some people forcefully follow various 30 day diet plans and undergo stress and fatigue the whole month, they can often fall prey to cheat meals, midnight food cravings, not being able to follow the diet, etc.

With the Military diet being tremendously brief, anyone and everyone can follow it smoothly.

Pro 2: An Easy Diet Plan

This diet is a combination of 3 meals per day for 3 days in a row. Each meal has a specific amount of calorie intake with a list of food items the dieter has to adhere to.

egg breakfast

The meals are extremely easy to make as the breakfast will have a toast,  a hard boiled egg and a mug of coffee while the lunch will have 5 saltine crackers, one slice of cheese and a cup of coffee.

See? It’s easy to follow.

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Pro 3: No Extraordinary Shopping List

The best part is that each food ingredient is readily available in all local markets and the diet doesn’t require the dieter to go buy expensive food items such as quinoa.

tuna fish with cheese

The shopping list consist of 14-15 ingredients such as eggs, bread, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, coffee, canned tuna fish, etc.

Pro 4: You can’t grow tired of it!

Most diets are long, tiring and they can drain out all the energy like a glass of juice! With that said, the military diet is completely opposite.

juice in diet

Since it’s a 3 day diet, no one can grow tired of it as its extremely brief.

Moreover, people who opt for this diet tend to stick to it and avoid cheat meals unlike in other diets.

Pro 5: You don’t have to be wealthy!

Fitness demands a specific amount of budget for gym fee, diet food, supplements, etc. Not with military diet, you don’t!

diet foods

Since it’s a simple diet which caters to every ones needs, the idea behind it is that it doesn’t need you to be rich to follow it!

We assume you already buy bread and eggs; so what’s the issue!

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Pro 6: Coffee and Tea are Allowed!

Guess what, you can drink coffee and tea. But the coffee has to be caffeinated.


A lot of diets ask the dieters to stick to plain drinking water but this diet allows you to quench your thirst for coffee and tea as you stick to it for 3 days.

As long as you don’t add additives such as milk, sugar, etc, you are good to go.

Pro 7: Amazing Weight Loss

It’s like naming the obvious! The military diet is ideal for quick weight loss if you want to slim down and lose a few pounds for an upcoming event.

exercise for weight loss

While everyone loses a different amount of weight according to factors such as age, gender, threshold and amount of total weight, nonetheless, everyone witnesses amazing results.

Pro 8: Discipline

This diet truly teaches discipline as dieters stick to a 3 meal plan per day with a specific amount of food.

veggies and meat

The diet is a  mixture of dairy products, veggies and meat, etc.

3 days are ideal to make and break a routine, hence if dieters follow a similar pattern post diet, they can sustain their lost weight for long.

Try out the famous Military Diet and witness weight loss results yourself!

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