Niacin Max- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Niacin Max Review 2020: Customer Reviews, Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects, & where to buy

Niacin’s presence in the energy formation makes it highly vital in offering fuel for the training of bodybuilders, athletes and any individual who is engaged in any regular physical activity.

Niacin Max- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

What makes it even better is its ability to revamp the level of performance as well as improvement in the blood flow.

Moreover, it can improve production of red blood cells and human growth hormone.

When the red blood cells are present in the sufficient quantity, Niacin happens to improve the flow of oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the muscles that are being utilized in the working, elevate the levels of energy and tolerance while you are training and competing.

Additionally, improvement in human growth hormone has a connection with the improvement in muscle development and fast recovery.

Due to its importance, there are many possible options through which you can take niacin, such as tablets; sprays; liquid niacin; edible strips etc.

Speaking of possible options, NiacinMax is a great option to try.

find out more about the science behind NiacinMax

What Is NiacinMax?

NiacinMax is equal to a sports product; it does not mean it is not helpful for the general public; it just accentuates its usefulness for pro users.

Niacin Max- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage
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Its formula is highly competitive and it can give tough time to any of the products of its league.

The formula is for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts who are willing to acquire a better-looking sculptured body structure, get satisfactory results in the performance and have good levels of endurance.

Additionally, this product is highly appreciable because it is bioavailable, which works well for the desired results.

The use of NiacinMax is also common for improving mental strength and for the overall health of the body.

The NiacinMax is highly effective for improving the blood circulation and indirect way; it helps in the better transportation of oxygen in your body to accelerate the fat burning mechanism of the body.

This formula is safe and it possesses traits that can let you experience things that you can only imagine for!

About The Producers

NiacinMax is a product of Wolfson Berg Limited, a supplier and trusted manufacturer that has been working in the field of health and medicine for more than a decade.

Furthermore, the best part is Wolfson Berg Limited does not compromise on the quality and the standards of the products.

Thus, buying this brand’s products is certainly a safe bet and definitely a reliable one.

Complete product line carries all the ingredients that are thoroughly tested and tried. Moreover, these ingredients are FDA approved.

The company also believes in giving utmost priority to its customers.

Therefore, it is actually providing its buyers a customer service that they can rely on!

Company Address


Wolfson Berg Limited

Archiep Makariou III, 124

NiacinMax Ingredients

Each NiacinMax dose consists 15 mg of vitamin B3 (the pure form of nicotinic acid).

Niacin Max- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

What Is The Working Principle Of NiacinMax?

The supplement has the potential to get absorbed in a quick succession.

Hence, it becomes the best bioavailable supplement that is available on the market.

It is far better than any traditional option available for supplementation of Niacin.


Well, all the conventional pills or powder form items, first, have to go through the gastrointestinal tract before it reaches its destination through absorption.

Traditional supplements may even take up to 2 to 4 hours to start their working whereas NiacinMax does not go through the step of digestive system because it directly enters the bloodstream and reaches to the human body cells.

NiacinMax is available in the form of a spray that dissolves on the tongue that permits liquid Niacin to be instantaneously absorbed via mucosal tissue in your mouth and directly in the blood within mere minutes.

Additionally, this procedure does not give you any upset stomach that is quite common to expect when you take other niacin sources.

Precisely, when you take these options empty stomach.

Direction To Use

Niacin Max- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage
Niacin Spray

NiacinMax has the liposomal encapsulated technology.

It also has a unique way to deliver it to the user.

Here are the ways through which you can get optimum results from this product

  • Each dose of NiacinMax has the potential to deliver 15 mg Niacin.
  • Just spray thrice into the mouth, it literally takes seconds to enter the bloodstream.
  • Take Niacin once a day
  • Take it empty stomach, first thing in the morning
  • Take NiacinMax and then train yourself at least three to five hours after taking it
  • This is the very time when Niacin HGH effects start playing their role.
  • To optimize the Niacin HGH effects, you can opt for a second dose just before your bedtime.

Points To Remember

  • It is important to train yourself at least five times a week to maximize your results
  • Liposomal encapsulation technology with the innovative technique of Niacin Max is just more effective than any typical 100 mg pill


  • This spray is an apt option to deliver the benefits to attain a desirable physique
  • This supplement is great for improving oxygen levels so you can actually enjoy all the benefits of oxygen improvement
  • You can just expect best energy levels when you are at NiacinMax, as it has the tendency to improve up to 90 % of the energy status of the human body
  • It tends to provide better ratio or indirectly help in the creation of red blood cells
  • NiacinMax can make the recovery process highly smooth and quick

Negative Points

Niacin spray is actually side effect free but nothing is perfect in this phony world.

Therefore, here are some of the negative points regarding Niacin

  • The spray is quite effective. However, the official site is not providing enough details regarding ingredient(s) but it is just the flaw of the site and they can rectify it
  • It may not be suitable for people who are already on medicines. Thus, do consult your doctors before taking it.

Side Effects

NiacinMax does not have any side effects; it is 100% side effect free.

Is It A Scam?

Niacin Max- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage
money back guarantee

Well, the answer is a big No. NiacinMax is not a scam. There are customers who are actually satisfied with its performance.

The world is recognizing it, Are you?

NiacinMax is not a dime for a dozen. has featured it!

Definitely, it is an authentic and reliable source and if they are taking interest in appreciating this revolutionary product, you should also appreciate it through adding it to your lifestyle without any further delay.

Customer Reviews

NiacinMax customer reviews

David JK (age: 35)

In spite of regularly doing my exercise session, I was not experiencing any major change and that was a little weird to me. One of my friends talked about the plus points of taking niacin supplements.

I started my search and I figured out NiacinMax spray from a website. I ordered and I am glad that I took a wise decision. This is a fascinating product. Now, I can perform workouts with ease and confidence.

Bruce Joe (age: 42)

I am not a newbie. I have tried a whole variety of supplements so deceiving me is not an easy thing. I keep on searching valuable goods. When I learned about NiacinMax; I thought to give it a shot.

I am quite impressed with its performance. Do try it if you need something simple yet effective, it will be your call then.

Rob Albert (age: 28)

It will be good if you keep your diet and exercise in check. I like the product but I am not too stunt with it. For me, it is so-so.

Price & Packages

The official website ( is offering three different packages and they are as follows

First package

In this package, the customers will get one bottle and this package will cost $39.99

Second Package

In this package, the customers will get three bottles but the good part is they will pay the price for only two bottles; the third bottle is free of cost. This package will cost $79.98

Third Package

In this package, the customers will receive five bottles but the best part is they are just paying for three bottles and the two bottles are free of cost. This package will cost $119.97

Where Can I buy Niacin Max?

NiacinMax is easily available through the official site.

Niacin Max- Review of Benefits, Effects and DosagePeople who are searching for where to buy niacin max or buy niacin can visit the official website and can place their orders.

The process is frankly quite convenient and easy to buy.

Money Back Guarantee

Yes, The Company is quite confident about the effectiveness of the product that is why they are giving a 100% money back guarantee if you return any unopened containers within the period of 67 days of getting your goods.

They will deduct shipping charges and generously, they will return you the complete amount.

Bottom Line, the customers are in a win-win situation


NiacinMax is a trustworthy product that you can actually try without having any guilt or concern as it has every relevant reason to believe in.

from the brand name to the price tag, this is something you can try at least once and then it will be your decision whether you are willing to continue it or not!