Steve Cook Steroids: Is It Strong Or Weak? Find out Now! [2020]

Steve Cook, 31 year old men as a greatness of physique, fitness model and a bodybuilder competes in the Category at Mr Olympia.

The 31 year old, high school football made a record of weightlifting in the youth.

Steve has trained since an early age with his father as a perfect trainer and the mentor.

Steve Cook Natural or on Steroids

Where the motivation is comes from? 

Having a sporting family, he needed to know or motivated towards staying healthy or fit and through numerous bodybuilding competitions it is clear that he loves for greatness.

“None of them probably be happy as I fall in love or happy with a daily grind, but want a lot for tomorrow.”

As we can say that he is luckiest one because sport is gifted by born and by his family.

Steve work a lot to developed strength or stamina, bodybuilding standard physique and a figure like a model.

The Accomplishments:

Steve cook took part in the different competition from the year of 2010 to 2014, in which some of them are IFBB Olympia, IFFB Dallas, IFBB Houston, NPC junior National Championships, NPC Junior USA Championships and other.

Steve Cook At the 2013 Olympia's inaugural Men's Physique competitionHe is sponsored by the supplement company “Optimum Nutrition” and sponsored athlete.

Steve has a own line of clothing named as Swolider Nation.

Why Steve Is Not Criticized By The People, For Natural Or The Steroid User?

  • Due to a large number of followers and the fans, Steve cooks never come under the debate of natty or not and capture into a coop of criticism..
  • He is immense or the massive.
  • He claims to be natural.
  • Steve has a large number of fans because of his friendly nature, so there is no any beast talk are arrested.

“I want to put myself in the natural physiques ever as I have an outstanding inspiration to look like a Steve Reeves, Bob Paris and Frank Zane through which  i want to inspire other people.”

Steve Cook Body Statistics:
  1. Height of the body= 6’1’’
  2. The Weight of the body= 208-215Ibs
  3. Body fat= 6-7%
  4. Arms size: 19 inches

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Analogy Of Steve Cook With The Most Remarkable And Outstanding Bodybuilder:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman And Dwayne Johnson Are On The List:

steve cook shoulders

There are many peoples that has their own brands of the steroids whereas some of the individual’s are focused towards promoting the brand as you are well known by the name of Dwayne Johnson and Von Moger.

Dwayne Johnson, the rock with 290Ibs and 6’5’’ height of the  body shows a sign that is similar to the steroid user.

So there is a question arise that has Steve taken help from the steroids or is he completely consider as a natty.

The Simeon Panda with the height of 6’1’’ and 230Ibs is considered as a natural one.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with 6’2’’ body height and 235Ibs of weight had admitted a use of steroid.

Ronnie Coleman with the 5’11’’ height and body weight around 305 Ibs is also due to the steroid.

Steve Cook Workout Plan:

Steve training is the combination of multiple type of workouts as he can not only rely on the only one type of trainings.

The workouts include in the rep changes, volume of muscle and rep tempo.

Steve said: Being with a plan that is for a 2 weeks is a great deal and a good idea to change yourself. I prefer to select a higher volume training throughout the year.

Days (One Week)Workout
Day 1  Legs
Day 2 Chest And Biceps
Day 3 Cardio Exercises
Day 4 Back And Triceps
Day 5 Shoulder
Day 6 Again Cardio
Day 7 Repeat The Schedule

Balanced And Calculated Diet Of Steve Cook:

The diet is loaded with carbohydrates, dairy and fruits. But due to the photo shoots he would begin to drop the carbohydrates.

My diet is almost constant for a year. The range within the 5Ibs allow me to enjoy more carbohydrate, dairy product and a lot of fruits in the off season.

The protein amount of his diet is between in the range of 250 to 300g whereas the fat amount is approximately 50 to 70g.

The 6 meals in a day play a role to keep a healthy metabolism and improves the body functions. Moreover, proteins contribute to developing a muscle mass.

The basic of protein is included in the Turkey, Sirloin steak, fish and the chicken.

The supplements are included in the Whey Protein, Casein, Multivitamin’s and Creatine.

Is There Any Symptoms Of The Steroid User?

Despite from the comparison to the other bodybuilders, time to switch for look up the other signs that is shown by the body. 

Steve Cook Workouts

Definitely, those who are on the steroid shows a particular sign such as the massive gains as big as possible, balloons like arms, rapid transformation, signs of bloating, large traps and possibly other signs and the symptoms.

Flushed skin: Negative

Steroids can elevate the inner body temperature and responsible for the elevated blood pressure.

Higher levels of testosterone can also raise the level of bad cholesterol, thus there is a difference in skin color such as pink color in white men whereas a darker color in Samoan men.

Steve has a great skin without any flushed sign and fluctuation in color.

Wide Jawn line And Increase In Masculine Characteristics: Negative

Steve face and skull in the range. The steroid users have a large face in structure to increase in masculine characteristics.

There is none of the appearance of wide jawline, a square look of the face that directly shows a high testosterone level in the body which are usually the result of juicers.

Thinning of hair: Negative

The thinning of hair is another sign of steroid user. This is due to the accumulation of dihydrotestosterone and hormonal imbalances.

Steve head hair is thicker as well as eyebrows are also noticeably thicker.

Acne or stretch marks, Gynecomastia and Bloating: Negative

He has not any acne or stretch marks on his back or the shoulder.

There is no any sign of gynecomastia on his body, gynecomastia is a condition in which the large size of the male breast, common in juicers whereas rare in natty.

Steve body’s never seen or spotted with a steroid gut and bloating symptoms.

Photoshop Looks And Balloon Like Appearance: Negative

The most common sign of the juicers are they have a bigger in size as photoshop looks or 3D appearance (balloon like arms).

Amazing or defined physique of Steve cook is an enormous sign of having a natural maximum muscle without using a steroid. He looks bigger due to the amount of fat around 7%.

Rapid transformation: Negative

Steroids play an important role in developing a body that competes on a profession level within a short time period.

Whereas natty one takes time to developed a body that fulfills all standard of athlete’s or a bodybuilder.

Steve cooks’s transformation does not undergo a rapid, his transformation continues for the years, see the gain time line.

Gain time line: (Lost 20Ibs from 2010 to today):

Steve probably does not gain any size, since he left the high school. As you can see the young age pictures of Steve.

His arm size is jacked or bigger than the today.

He is 20Ib more than today. Back to the years he has a 235Ib, even he lost a pound instead of gaining.

May be he has taken steroids at the time of high school, but there are more chances to consider as a natural one.

If he has taken a help from steroids, so definitely he has loaded, a more pounds than lost.

Is He Tested For The Drug Or Steroid Use From Bodybuilding Federations:

As Steve has challenged in the Olympia Men’s Physique category as well as participated in the NPC competitions, a federation for the natural bodybuilding, but the federation not updating a drug test protocol on the official website.

steve cook ab workoutThe tests are not up to the standards that can differentiate into the natural one or between the steroid user.

The medical test such as Urinalysis, which are easier for everyone to pass due to lacking of differentiate power.

The detection time is important to subside the steroid using system because once you stopped for taking steroid for a day so it cannot be detected through the urine sample.

The other way of testing id through the blood samples.

Most of the people are claiming that Steve could not pass a random drug test in 20l3. So there is a question arise that is this reason is involved in stopped Steve competing in 2014.

When he was asked for the reason, so he replied that I never wanted to like a big monster as my first priority is the health.

Assumption: Natty

My assumption is based upon the timeline and signs or symptoms that is not completely guaranteed to true.

Since the time Steve has left his high school, there is no observation that shows up gaining.

He has consider one of the men who are genetically freak or the God gifted as same as Chris Jone, Simeon Panda and Donte Franklin.

His  7% of body fat is due to his overall genetic potential. 

There are no evidences are here that supports he has taken some help from the steroid in order to enhanced an amazing physique.