7 Best Foods for Quick Weight Loss

foods for quick weight loss
foods for quick weight loss

So you need to lose weight—fast!

What if, if we would have been given control on our weight? No matter what we eat, no matter how lazy we move, nothing could have impacted our weight! Well, if you fall in the category of overweight and obese people, then trust me, I can understand the pain you are going through! What is more painful when nothing seems to work in your favor? Nothing seems to help you get rid of the extra kilos that are killing your confidence and self esteem!

So, is your body irresponsive against conventional weight loss techniques and foods? Are you here for you want a slimmer, well shaped body, attractive enough to make your presence noticed and highlighted in the crowd? If yes, then trust me, we can provide you with the very effective and workable tips that can give you a change for life! Yes, the change for which you have given up hope!

Nature has a lot more to offer that we actually think it does! With some day to day foods present in your kitchen, you can just make the impossible, possible in a month or so! Yes, you heard it right, foods that you once assume ordinary can give you the change for life and fry those irresponsive flab in weeks!

So, willing to know those proven foods, if yes, then lets get started!

  1. GREEN TEA:green teawell, the very first is, green tea! Remember, if green tea is not a part of your weight loss program, then trust me, you are simply wasting your efforts! As per a study, workouts along with 4-5 cups of green tea a day can help you burn extra belly fat than the workouts all alone. So, why is green tea that effective in weight cutting?Well simply because it has antioxidants, which are proven to impede the storing of belly fat. Apart from this, antioxidants also help in cutting weight at a faster pace!



    Experts believe that taking almonds is more like using diet pills! According to studies, consuming low fat diet along with the consumption of nuts can significantly reduce weight, way more speedily and effectively. Moreover, research suggests that the cell walls of almonds can greatly aid in blocking fat.

    Ideally, nuts, particularly almonds should be taken before starting with your workouts for these tend to be high in L-arginine, the amino acid needed for the effective burning of carbs and fats at the time of workouts!

  3. PISTACHIOS:PistachiosConsuming this heart-healthy nut is not just good for weight cutting, but also for your health. Despite being a little higher in calories, the nut tends to be high in nutrients needed for effective weight cutting. Studies suggest that people who take nuts in their diet are more likely to have balanced weight. In addition to this, the usage of nuts is also associated with a healthy body composition.

  4. AVOCADO OIL:avocado oilThe usage of avocado oil can greatly assist in cutting the excess belly fat. It tends to be high in minerals, vitamins and good fats needed for the betterment of our health. Avocado oil chiefly contains monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, a fat that aids in regulating blood pressure and LDL cholesterol in the body.Apart from other health benefits, monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid aids in weight loss. However, when the usage of avocado oil is combined with a healthy lifestyle, consisting of regular exercise and balanced eating, you are more likely to shed faster.Well, that’s not enough, since avocado oil tends to be rich in nutrients, these tend to give you a feeling of fuller for long. By this, you are simply able to reduce the consumption of calories throughout the day. And last, but not the least, EFAs and vitamins present in it simply helps to improve the health of your digestive system. These also enable your body to derive more energy from your meals, helping it to stay energized and charged all day.

  5. LEGUMES:legumes
    As per a study, taking a single serving of lentils, peas or beans can aid in dropping more weight. The consumption of chickpeas, in particular, is proven to keep you feel more satisfied. On the other hand, pulses are found to aid in expediting the burning of fat and calories. Besides, this form of legumes mostly targets the belly fat and aids in firming a flabby belly.

  6. VITAMIN D AND CALCIUM:vitamin and calcium
    The consumption of calcium and vitamin D, in conjunction with your weight loss efforts can simply help you lose more weight. A study conducted in the recent times ended up finding that participants who were supplemented with the aforementioned nutrients managed to shed more weight as compared to the ones who were not. Thus, when you brace yourself to shed some kilos, do not forget to add sources that can supply you vitamin D and calcium, both.

  7. GRAPEFRUIT:Grape FruitResearch suggests that consuming grapefruit prior taking your meals can increase your body’s tendency to burn fat. Grapefruit tends to be rich in fiber that enters your system and gives you a feeling of fullness. As a result, you consume less food or say, fewer calories.In addition to this, this super food also helps to reduce the concentration of insulin in the body. When something like this occurs, you body is made to stock fewer fats, whilst, your appetite reduces.

So, these are the seven natural foods that can assist weight loss. These day to day foods are not just easy on pocket but are also available, almost everywhere!

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