Aubrey O’Day weight loss: Mind-Blowing Results [2020]

The 33 year old star “Aubrey O’Day” showed off her recent weight loss physique through the social media ‘Instagram’ wearing a black bikini.

The Danite king star captioned the picture “ I love the bitches look at me” in the year 2011.

Aubrey O’Day

After her weight loss, there was a return of the Danity Kane (The girl group).

The Danity Kane had also announced for “Rage” after the “Damaged”.

The singer may put the excess weight during her days in the Danite Kane group.

After the incredible transformation, her stomach is completely flat than ever with a very small look of waist

Statistics Of Aubrey O’Day:

  • Height of the body: 5’4’’ (163cm)
  • Weight of the body: 64 kg (141 in pounds)
  • Body measurements: 38-26-39

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How Aubrey O’Day Lost The Weight?

Aubrey O Day's bikiniAubrey would feel completely exhausted after the long distances, but she runs to 3-10 miles for ensuring her figure is in the best state.      

Aubrey said that “Eating the certain type of food does not really helpful for you always. Those who eat the normal and the same diet are not normal.

Aubrey O’Day Diet:

Aubrey O’Day Vegan And Clean Diet:

Aubrey switched towards the vegan diet throughout the years.

She had also changed the food choices as Aubrey avoid all those unhealthy foods such as the junk foods and the sugary soft drinks.

A few years ago,  Aubrey just followed the vegan and the clean diet.

What is the Calorie Count of Aubrey O’Day Diet plans

The singer typical meal plan provides the 1720 calories per day.

This calorie count is more suitable for maintaining the healthy weight and the energy levels.

Through the Vegan and a clean diet, fruits and vegetables lead her to lose the body fat, especially the fats around her waist.

                                          Aubrey O’Day Current Diet
BreakfastGreen Smoothie Energy Drink120 Calories
LunchSushi330 Calories
Mid Afternoon SnackRoasted Seaweed With Walnuts535 Calories
DinnerQuiche535 Calories

Vegan Diet And The Protein:

Aubrey O’Day diet

Since Aubrey O’Day followed the Vegan diet so she did not eat the eggs, honey, milk and the other things that are derived from the animal source.

The protein is acting as a key nutrient in the weight loss and prevent from the cravings of food.

1. Soy Protein Sources:

The diet can create the deficiency of protein in the body so she maintains her protein requirement through the soy protein sources.

Soy is derived from the plant and complete source of protein and the amino acids.

2. The Protein Shakes:

Aubrey O’Day takes the protein powder regularly by mixing with the water and the other foods.

She loves the protein and the soy protein more.

Despite soy protein and the protein shakes, she added the combination of rice, lentils, legumes, vegetables, grain, seeds, and nuts to fulfill the requirement of protein.

The addition of beans and lentils in the diet is the source of protein, complex carbohydrate, and the fiber.

3. Water:

She incorporated the plenty of water in her diet to get rid of the harmful toxins from the body. The water can also improve the functions of the organ and promotes the energy level.

The goal is to drink the 2.5 liters of water per day as she carried the bottle of water all the time.

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Aubrey O’Day Workout Training

Aubrey O’Day workout

1. Aubrey Barry’s BootCamp:

Aubrey was the regular person of the Barry’s Bootcamp located in the Southern California.

At very first she suffered from a lack of motivation to get into the gym for 3 to 4 sessions per week.

Aubrey O Day's before and afterBarry Bootcamp organized during the year 1998 which provides the group training environment in which there is an equal combination of the cardiovascular exercises and the floor exercises like push Ups, strength training, resistance training and the weight training as well.

Aubrey thought:

She was going to die when she heard about the clients of Barry that they lost the 1000 calories per hour.

She was preferred to workout in a lazy way. The campus has also the beginner, intermediate and the advanced level.

2. Cardio sessions:

Cardio sessions included in the treadmill and High intensity interval training.

The hard sessions for the shorter period of the time

The special woody treadmills are responsible for the alternate in the inclines, sprint, and the dynamic modes.

Days Time Period Training  Target Area
Monday30 MinutesCardio ExercisesArms And Abs
30 MinutesResistance Training
Wednesday30 MinutesCardio ExercisesChest, Back And Abs
30 MinutesResistance Training
Fridays30 MinutesCardio ExercisesButt And Legs
30 MinutesResistance Training

Squats, leg press, glute bridge, lying leg curl, Kettlebell lunge and seated calf raise.

The trainers and the group motivation allow her to burn out the excess fat.

She did not only with the campus training, Aubrey workout with her dog as well as in the surrounding hills at the 6:30 a.m for burning the more calories and reduce the stress in the fresh air to energetic start a day.

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