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Battle Ready Fuel is the name of reliability, trust, Affordability, and it is something that the supplement industry has been in dire need of!

To get the facts right, dive in folks because we are going to welcome the new horizon of customer satisfaction as the BRF is that much approachable!

Battle Ready Fuel results
Battle Ready Fuel

Before we disclose to you every big or small detail, let us have a look on the background of this outstanding product range.

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Ollie Ollerton

Ollie went into the Royal Marine in the year 1990 when he was just merely 18 years old.

Ollie Ollerton
Ollie Ollerton

Soon after that, we obtained a chance to join Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, helping in the evacuation process of Kurds from the village areas.

Moreover, in the year of 1994, he joined the Special Boat Service- he has also been part of special forces.

He got famous when he was the part of SAS that the Channel 4 broadcasted and the same program is being aired in various different countries due to its different format.

The time that Ollie spent in “SAS: Who Dares Wins” was crucial because this was the time when he realized that the human nature requires physical as well as mental stability to perform a certain task.

It may possible that you do not want to join any special task force or military but having good strength and power with brilliant mind abilities never hurt in the first place.

Therefore, BRF is something that you should be opting for.

You can read more on their detailed Mission page

What is Battle Ready Fuel?

Battle Ready Fuel is actually a supreme quality supplement for bodybuilding, fitness and even it has supplements that are good for general health.

To cut a long story short, this range has every possible option that you can ask for because it has the capability of improving mental abilities, can push physical plateaus, and make your goals achievable.

These stacks or the products that are part of these stacks are no random selection but yes, they do have a purpose to serve for their users.

Moreover, every individual product in this range is a worth trying product and it is due to the fact that every product contains ingredients that can actually develop massive and effective results for its consumers.

Additionally, this tremendous supplement range can easily get along well with the already popular supplement range of CrazyBulk.

Product Range

BRF has an extensive range of 13 items that have the tendency to give you the right level of performance.

Battle Ready Fuel Review
Battle Ready Fuel Products

The products are designed to generate results that are unbeatable by any other product of the same league.

1. Battle Ready Fuel BCAA

Our BCAA is the maximum ratio of Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine.

BCCA Powder

The amino acids are the building blocks of protein which that are not able to be formed by the body.

They are highly essential to help the protein synthesis of muscle in the body, improve muscle growth and reduce muscle fatigue.

BCAA will support you in being ready for your next training session through improving the recovery process of the body.

It will also be helpful in attaining significant progress in obtaining the strength and muscle development goals.

The characteristics that you can experience when you are on this supplement

  • The better growth of muscles
  • Decrease recovery process
  • Decrease the feeling of muscle fatigue
  • 3 amino acids

2. Battle Ready Fuel Creatine

If you are into gaining muscles; strength; or power, you need a quality Creatine monohydrate product in the regular supplement stack.

Battle Ready Fuel Creatine
Creatine powder

Creatine monohydrate is every power and strength athlete will love to opt for, and it is easy to comprehend why.

Creatine has a swift and long-lasting impact on the body’s ability to do better and develop muscle mass.

You will see the results at the gym (Creatine generates a significant pump) and at home your body packs on more mass of muscles.

You will experience the noticeable impact on the endurance, strength, and power.

All because of a natural supplement that is easy to consume on the daily basis.

The positive traits that this product has to offer

  • It has results to show in terms of physical performance in exercise (high-intensity)
  • Gives you better muscle size and strength
  • One of the most well-researched sports supplement available on the market
  • Simple to mix and consume
  • Safe, natural and effective

3. Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner

Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner is a natural and totally powerful fat burner that has the tendency to combine effective thermogenic components to elevate metabolism and tame hormones of hunger.

Battle Ready Fuel Burn fat
Fat Burner

This exceptionally well combo of the extract of garcinia cambogia, guarana extract, and citrus Aurantium offers you the best cutting-edge natural thermogenic fat burner that is currently available on the market.

The design is simply awesome.

To cut a long story short, relying on Battle Ready Fuel to provide your hard work soon with BRF is definitely nothing less than a secret weapon.

Qualities that this supplement has to offer

  • Accelerates your metabolic rate
  • Supports you in better work to torch away more calories
  • Improve the fat burning ratio during and after the exercise
  • Elevate energy and focus during the training sessions
  • Supports control hunger hormones and the feeling of hunger

4. Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to the well-being, generating a fundamental (but mostly overlooked) part of a diet (healthy diet).

Battle Ready Fuel Omega 3
Fish Oil

Omega 3 is present in oily fish.

But honestly, are you really willing to eat organic fish that is extra oily too, a whole week?

Attaining sufficient omega-3 from the diet that has an extra caloric load.

It certainly makes sense to take with quality fish oil.

Our fish oil is pure, of a high quality, and guaranteed to be free from any pollutants regulating a healthy body and decrease the risk of illness with an easy daily post of fish oil.

Traits that you can enjoy with this product

  • Decrease the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, and stroke
  • Reduces systemic inflammation
  • It happens to improve memory, cognitive performance, and mood
  • It can help in preventing weight gain
  • It tends to accelerate fat loss and growth of muscle

5. Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen

Liquid Collagen is one of the latest formulations in health and well-being.

Battle Ready Fuel Joint support
Liquid Collagen

You need much from your body.

Therefore, it is crucial that you take the recovery factor seriously.

Appropriate soft tissue care begins within, along with the nourishment for the joints, connective tissue, and ligaments.

Liquid Collagen is an advanced mixture of protein and branched chain amino acids to support the body repair and recover from the training session fatigue.

Moreover, this supplement has a Tri-Optimized™ in it, high content of collagen protein concentrate plus a BCAA mixture to promote better muscle and joint health, speed recovery time and aid you acquire better sports performance.

Do not allow the pain of knees or a sore back keep you at bay from reaching the optimum training level.

The body performs its activities without getting exhausted.

Therefore, it gets possible for you to do things that you always wanted to do.

Opt for liquid Collagen and your physique will give the outcomes by staying strong and train the tough way for a longer duration, offering you an athletic and healthy future.

Do remember: Liquid collagen will play the role of a secret weapon in the recovery

Traits that you can enjoy with this supplement

  • Better training performance
  • Decreases exercise-promoted serotonin
  • Shields and fixes soft tissue
  • Improves lubrication and joint mobility
  • Improves the ratio of Human Growth Hormone(HGH)

6. Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamins

There is a probability that you eat healthy food and you are getting all the essential elements in your diet.

Battle Ready Fuel Essential Vitamins & Minerals

However, people who are present in your surrounding may not be eating as healthy as you are eating.

Even if you are not able to get all the pivotal vitamins from the diet, this multivitamin is here to help you out.

Furthermore, the best part is all the essential vitamins are part of the composition and the best part is you do not need to consume any extra food with these mega 13 minerals (including molybdenum, vanadium, manganese) and 12 vitamins (including biotin).

Certainly, multivitamins provide an extra boost to the body mechanism, improving energy levels, aiding the immune system the right way and supporting you in regulating composition for a leaner body.

Characteristics that you can experience when using this supplement

  • Ameliorate energy levels
  • Better your mood
  • Lower down anxiety and stress
  • Elevate short-term memory
  • Maintains strength of muscles

7. Battle Ready Fuel Nootropics Stack

Have you ever tried persuading your own body to do some stuff that your mind was not ready for?

Battle Ready Fuel Nootropics Stack

Whether you believe in this statement or not but our brain is the most powerful part of the human body.

Everything is much simpler if the brain is working at the optimum level.

Fuel focus and make you ready to do things.

BRF nootropics stack shows one of the most tremendous innovations to support the cognitive functionality for the individuals who comprehend the link between mind and body.

Our exciting and powerful natural nootropic blend has 11 synergistic components to support the focus, attain clarity, and barricade the noise.

If you are all set to gear up your brain into a next level, this is certainly the best opportunity to do so.

This tremendous supplement has the following traits to offer to its valuable users

  • Elevate brain function (no matter where you are at work or at a training session)
  • It happens to improve cognition and performance of the memory
  • You can do multitasking in a much better way
  • Elevate the span of concentration
  • It happens to unlock a better level of communication
  • It increases clarity and mental energy
  • It happens to lift mood and lower down the stress level

8. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout Fat Burner

Accelerate the speed of your workouts and melt away the excess fat content without having an issue.

Battle Ready Fuel Preworkout fat burner
Preworkout fat burner

You can easily get the best possible from your training opportunities.

Elevate the intensity level, work harder and Push you the optimum levels to melt excess fat content in the every workout session.

The pre-workout fat burner is a next level formula of thermogenic components in a natural way, the best part is this training will narrow down your focus and offer more.

That concludes you will melt away excess fat content in every single rep, set and sprint that you happen to perform.

The energy boosters and thermogenic components that tend to raise the metabolic rate in the most natural way and give you the push that you have been dreaming and working hard for it.

Additionally, it is just like asking an extra weapon in the fat burning procedure.

When you happen to choose a Pre-workout fat burner, you will certainly be able to feel the difference

A few characteristics that you can expect

  • Better metabolic rate
  • Elevation in energy levels
  • Decrease RPE (Rated Perceived Exertion)
  • Torch better ratio of calories
  • Perform your workouts in a better way possible

9. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout

The human body will only alter when it is triggered by the continuous overload.

Battle Ready Fuel Pre-workout
Pre workout

Do not let go even one single rep or set unused.

Make it possible that every single training session is beneficiary.

Pre-workout lets you be ready for your sessions even before you start them.

Additionally, it is more than just a booster for energy, this superb combination of natural components will focus your mind, add the fuel of motivation and let you protect lean muscle mass when you work hard to push your mental limits and physical limitations.

The formula contains all the natural components that have the backup of science and present in the better form.

Moreover, the supplement comes in a refreshing flavor of Citrus Burst

These are some of the positive traits that you can expect when you are using this supplement

  • Better levels of energy
  • Improved work capacity
  • Intense workout sessions
  • A better level of endurance
  • Improved focus

10. Battle Ready Fuel Sleep Aid

Begin your day with a great zeal and enthusiasm.

Battle Ready Fuel Sleep Aid
Sleeping Aid

There is no denying how vital sleep is for our well-being.

When we sleep, the body completes its repairing and reforming process.

When you happen to take the sleeping aid, your body starts relaxing, maintaining the right level of sound sleep is totally in your favor.

When you wake up after a sound sleep, you will certainly start your day with a great motivation and zeal.

Moreover, you will surely experience a better level of energy and you will also be able to perform better.

This supplement has the tendency to offer the following positive traits

  • Improved functionality of muscles
  • Much better metabolism and energy levels
  • Accelerated muscle function
  • Better sleep quality

11. Battle Ready Fuel Super Greens

Do not forget that when you are healthy inside, you are able to perform much better.

Battle Ready Fuel Super Green
Super Green Powder

Therefore, the food you consume certainly has much impact that is why BRF range offers a supreme quality powder that carries all the essential nutrients that your body can ask for.

The top-notch quality powder has the potential to make it easy and swift to utilize a variety of nutrients.

The most noticeable part is to use this Super Greens powder, you do not need to purchase any special grocery items or any kind of food preparation.

Just one simple dose of Super Greens and that is it.

This outstanding supplement is actually great because it has all the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and phytonutrients that your body can absorb on a swift pace.

Moreover, the producers have used cold-drying method for the formation.

Thus, all the micronutrients are reliable and protected.

These are the benefits that you can get from this supplement

  • Help the body detox in an appropriate way
  • Better your immune system
  • Better digestion
  • Vegan and vegetarian

12. Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Protein

The peanut butter flavored combination of hemp protein and pea protein indicate you get all the muscle developing power of protein powder without animal supplements or lactose.

Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Protein Powder
Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan protein is certainly ideal for vegetarians and vegans, yet numerous consumers of BRF also opt for it.


Well, it is easy to digest it, it is gentle on the stomach, it combines well in terms of a protein powder.

The best part is you can consume it whenever you like, you do not need to time restrict.

It comes in a great flavor of peanut butter and gives you around 25.5g protein in every single serving.

These are the traits that you can expect from this supplement

  • 100% plant protein
  • A great mix of pea and hemp protein powder
  • It is soy free
  • Zero artificial sweeteners or coloring
  • A good ratio of protein in every serving
  • Additional digestive enzymes

13. Battle Ready Fuel Whey Protein

Not all whey protein powders are the same.

Battle Ready Fuel Whey Protein
Whey Protein Powder

If you are really willing to see the results, you should know about the noticeable difference in protein content, bioavailability.

90% whey isolate is tremendously pure, high in quality and clean.

Therefore, you can easily get the nutritional benefits that your body is in need of without encountering any extra burden.

What is the good of selecting whey isolate?

Whey isolate comes in different forms, yet the whey isolate is the purest them all.

It is lesser in the carbohydrate and fat contents.

Plus, it is less filtered versions of whey.

Therefore, it is high in protein content.

Some of the positive aspects of this product

  • 28g protein in every serving
  • Decrease ratio of lactose than concentrated whey
  • Proper digestion and quick absorption
  • High in Leucine (Important for the synthesis of protein)
  • Superb taste in the flavor of chocolate

Stacks of Battle Ready Fuel

There are almost eight (8) stacks that Battle Ready Fuel is offering and the descriptions of these stacks are as follows

Battle Ready Fuel Stacks


  1. Performance
  2. Build Muscle
  3. Ultimate Health
  4. Mind
  5. Mind-Body-Nutrition
  6. Diet and Weight Loss
  7. Male
  8. Female
1. Performance

The Performance stack is the most appropriate stuff for individuals who are training for an upcoming fitness meeting or event.

The Pre-workout will help to fuel those hard training sessions.

Battle Ready Fuel Performance Stack
Performance Stack

It definitely provides the body with a boost of energy and it also makes sure that you get enough motivation and determination to complete your workout sessions.

Creatine ameliorates performance during the short split of exercise session like weightlifting or sprints to support the body train in a tougher and better way.

The presence of multivitamin increases overall levels of energy and retain the nourishment in the body.

While the BCAA delivers the muscle tissues with amino acids to speed up recovery.

Products that are part of this stack

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout
  2. Battle Ready Fuel Creatine
  3. Battle Ready Fuel BCAA
  4. Battle Ready Fuel Fish oil
  5. Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamin
2. Build Muscle

The Build Muscle stack is the apt stack for bulkers, athletes, and bodybuilders.

The Pre workout will certainly help you out for elevating energy, endurance, while creatine gives muscles far better pump.

Battle Ready Fuel Build Muscle Stack
Build Muscle Stack

It is definitely appropriate for improving the intensity level of the exercise period like weightlifting.

Protein and BCAAs will support muscles in repairing and in the process of growth.

Hence, people who are consuming this stack will begin noticing lean gains on a quicker pace.

This is not it because fish oil tends to decrease muscle protein breakdown to help sustain those gains.

Moreover, the producers have included multivitamins to better overall health and levels of energy.

Products that are part of Build Muscle Stack

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Protein
  2. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout
  3. Battle Ready Fuel Creatine
  4. Battle Ready Fuel BCAA
  5. Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamin
  6. Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil
3. Ultimate Health

The stack of Ultimate Health is apt for the individuals who are experiencing stress or fatigued.

It offers various nourishing compounds that happen to eliminate toxins and confront oxidative stress, which develops after the consumption of unhealthy foods and exposure to pollutants.

Battle Ready Fuel Ultimate Stack
Ultimate Stack

It encourages better sleep to enhance energy levels and confronts nutritional deficiency to curb cravings for fatty foods and sugary items.

This is not it because liquid collagen is actually helpful for lubricating the joints and improving the appearance of skin to better health from the inside out.

Products that are the parts of ultimate health stack

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Sleep Aid
  2. Battle Ready Fuel Super Greens
  3. Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil
  4. Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamin
  5. Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen
4. Mind

Prior you can reach any target; the mind needs to be ready every time.

Mind stack of BRF supports maximizing the brain performance inside and outside the gym.

With the apt blend of nootropics that work naturally; multivitamins; fish oil and a sleep aid, you can assume health benefits and better focus, determination, and concentration.

Be ready to think with more clarity, to experience laser-sharp attention, make decisions on the quick pace and you will be able to go past your ultimate limits.

Products that are part of mind stack

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Fish oil
  2. Battle Ready Fuel Nootropics Stack
  3. Battle Ready Fuel Sleep Aid
  4. Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamin

5. Mind – Body – Nutrition

This stack is great to show effects on the overall body (in terms of fitness, mindset, and health).

It is most appropriate for starters who are in search to provide the complete body the right elevation, or for seasoned benefits who want to refresh their regime of sports nutrition.

Battle Ready Fuel Mind Body Nutrition Stack
Mind – Body – Nutrition Stack

It is also a superb stack for going past a plateau!

Nootropics are great for the consumption in and out of the gym, and give tremendous effects on mental clarity and focus while pre-workouts offers a clean boost of energy.

BCAA and protein perform their role together to fix and grow the muscles while confronting fatigue and ameliorating strength.

Super Greens Provide a Huge array of various micronutrients to better overall health, energy levels, and mood and Fish oil deliver body the vital Omega 3 fatty acids that it the body does not have potential to produce on its own.

Products that are part of Mind-Body-Nutrition Stack

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Protein
  2. Battle Ready Fuel Nootropics Stack
  3. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout
  4. Battle Ready Fuel BCAA
  5. Battle Ready Fuel Super Greens
  6. Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil
6. Diet and Weight Loss

This particular stack for people who are on their weight loss journey, whether they are trying to get chiseled before a holiday on the beach or trying to decrease their weight due to health risks.

2 fat burners will jack up the metabolism and accelerate the rate at which body starts burning more fat.

Battle Ready Fuel Weight Loss Stack

Pre-workout offers intense energy and motivation for workout sessions, ending up in harder training sessions and more calories are torched.

Multivitamins will support the nourishment of the boy to decrease cravings for unhealthy items, whereas fish oil improves insulin sensitivity, all making sure that it gets simpler to reduce weight.

Products that are part of this Diet & Weight Loss Stack

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout
  2. Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner
  3. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout Fat Burner
  4. Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamin
  5. Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil
7. Male

The Male Stack has been designed particularly for men, to aim the worries that most of the males have about their bodies.

The fat burner, Pre Workout Fat Burner, and Pre Workout will help men to work in a much more intense way whereas burning better ratio on the days of rest.

Battle Ready Fuel Male Stack
Stack for Men

The mix of Protein Powder and BCAA will aid men to pack on powerful muscle, lean while experiencing fatigue.

Fish oil will offer fats that are essential while the multivitamin elevates mineral and vitamin levels to sustain a person’s performance at its optimum level.

Products that are part of this stack

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner
  2. Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamin
  3. Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil
  4. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout
  5. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout Fat Burner
  6. Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Protein
  7. Battle Ready Fuel BCAA
8. Female

The Female Stack is certainly female-centered.

The fat burner that is part of the stack has the ability to burn body fat content while the protein powder aids to develop lean muscle.

The result is a firmer and better shape physique.

Battle Ready Fuel Female Stack
Stack For Women

Moreover, multivitamins support to fight nutritional deficiencies that can be present due to the disturbed lifestyle.

Fish oil offers important fatty acids to shield the heart and the brain.

Pre-Workout delivers a great boost of energy to assist women to exercise and better their performance session in the gym or wherever they perform their exercise session.

Products that are part of this female stack

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout Fat Burner
  2. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout
  3. Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Protein
  4. Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner
  5. Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamin
  6. Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil


Our team is fully aware of all the ins and outs of the supplement industry and that is why we can recommend Battle Ready Fuel product range with full confidence.

Battle Ready Fuel products can NOT be bought from GNC or Amazon. It can ONLY be bought from their official website, which can be found by clicking here.

Battle Ready Fuel Results

This product range has tremendously cool products to offer plus, these products are great at performing their roles.

Additionally, if you are after the effectiveness of the supplements, this product range will be the best choice to start with.

Try it to believe it..!!!!!

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