Lose Weight, Live and Feel Healthy

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Eating healthy is very important to live and feel healthy. People who follow healthy eating habits are least likely to gain weight. On the contrary, people who eat unhealthy tend to be at a higher risk of several health problems, including obesity and type II diabetes.

However, if you are on the go to lose weight, struggling day and night to get rid of some extra kilo then 1 thing you need to remember is that consuming the right food is important, rather than counting and restricting calories.

If you have given up trying conventional weight loss techniques and have brace yourself to follow healthy eating habits, then trust me, your decision will benefit you by all good means! So, what are healthy foods that should be consumed and what about the unhealthy foods that needs to be avoided?

Well, to get to know all about healthy eating habits, the secret to a healthy living, keep on reading this piece of writing!


Mentioned below are few categories of foods that should be strictly avoided and eluded from your diet plan:

  1. foods that increase weightSUGAR: Remember, foods that include added sugar needs to be avoided if you are willing to shed those unresponsive, extra kilos. Added sugar tends to be addicting and rich in fats.Consuming it can increase your likelihood of facing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and yes, obesity.
  2. VEGETABLE AND SEED OIL: Examples of such include corn oil, soybean oil etc. Basically, oils like these tend to be a source of omega-6 fatty acids, the processed fats which need to be avoided for a healthy and slimmer body.
  3. TRANS FATS: as understood, these are the chemically modified fats, which can simply wreck our health. Thus, needs to be avoided in the first place. Often, processed foods include trans fats, so, next time you eat processed foods, keep in mind that you are poisoning your health.
  4. GRAINS: If you serious about slimming your body, then the food category you must simply avoid is grains. Grains, commonly means pasta and bread! However, the kind of grains you must not even think of consuming in this phase is rye, barley and wheat that is the gluten grains.Though, if you are following healthy eating habits just to feel healthy and not for a slimmer body then you can consume healthy grains such as oats and rice.
  5. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: Even though, these do not contain calories, yet, studies suggest that these can lead to excessive weight and even obesity. However, if you feel the need to use a sweetener, then you can go for stevia.
  6. The ‘so called’ healthy foods: Remember, the truth about such low-fat and diet products is hard to digest by most of us assuming these to be safe! These ‘healthy foods’, or say processed foods tend to be high in sugar which not just contributes to weight gain, but also increases the likelihood of a number of health problems.
  7. PROCESSED FOODS: and last, but not the least, processed food itself! Remember, foods like these tend to have no nutritional value and are merely the source of unnatural and unhealthy chemicals.

So, the next you go for grocery, do not forget to read the ingredients present in those ‘health foods’. Trust me, you will be shocked to know how much wheat, sugar and other harmful ingredients these include.

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Eating natural, unprocessed foods is the key to a healthy body. The fact is greatly backed by research. People with metabolic problems must simply avoid foods high in carbohydrates.

However, mentioned below are few healthy foods that hold great significance for a healthy body, foods you must incorporate in your diet plan due to their higher nutritional value.

  1. MEAT: You can eat all sorts of meat if it is unprocessed and of grass fed animals. Ideally, you can take chicken, lamb and beef. The consumption of meat is not new to mankind. It tends to be rich in protein which is highly essential for a healthy body.
  2. diets that workFISH: Fish is an ideal food that needs to be added in your diet for must! It is a nutritional packed food which is extremely beneficial for your health. It has omega-3 which is rarely found in other day to day food items.
  3. EGGS: Egg too, has great nutritional value, particularly the yolk!
  4. SEEDS AND NUTS: Like fruits, these tend to be healthy but rich in calories! So, from the health prospective, you can eat walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds etc, but if its about weight loss, eat in limit!
  5. VEGETABLES: vegetables, of course, are full of nutrients and fiber that not just make them healthy, but also good for weight cutting.
  6. FRUITS: mouthwatering fruits are the treat for your taste buds and your health. High in vitamin C and fiber, fruits can be appetizingly healthy! Remember, fruits have plenty of sugar, thus, if you are weight conscious or are willing to shed weight, eat fruits in moderation! Simple!
  7. HIGH-FAT DAIRY: dairy products tend to have healthy fats needed by our body. Besides, these are a good source of calcium, the fuel of our bones! Feel free to eat cream, cheese, yogurt, butter etc.
  8. FATS AND OILS: replace your cooking oil with olive oil and for healthy fats, go for peanut butter.

So, this was all about healthy eating habits. However, when it comes to ‘healthy drinking habits’, then you can take coffee, tea, water and carbonated soda (with no artificial sweetener), ideally. The consumption of high fat drinks and alcohol should be avoided to the most!

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