From Fat to Skinny, Mama June entered into the courageous weight loss journey some time ago.

Mama june shannon weight loss

Mama June Shannon who rose to fame from Here Comes Honey Boo decided to get in shape with a check and balance on her health.

After the wedding of her cheating ex-husband, Thompson, the 37 year old star chose to undergo a series of weight loss surgeries and follow a strict diet.

Mama June in Not-to-Hot:

Mama june before and after 2017Shannon has shown this process in a TV series Hot-to-Not, revealing the star undergoing her weight loss journey.

The first seven episodes showed Mama June wheeled to surgical procedures.

She said that she wanted to look different but was scared too of the process.

She also consulted the doctors for tummy tuck to get rid of her saggy skin.

After undergoing multiple surgeries and following a strict diet plan, Mama June has amazed her fans by going down to almost size 4 lately.

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Mama June about her weight loss on multiple counts:

Mama June has never been reluctant in sharing her transformation experience. Last year in December, she discussed how she went down from size 38 to 16, with Touch.

Mama june weight loss 2017She revealed that the primary reason of her weight loss is indulging in other activities. This distracts her from eating food!

She prefers to commute through walking:

Mama June told Daily Mail that she walked almost 3 to 5 miles every day, which really helped her lose weight.

She added that once you start to walk with kids, you do not realize how far you go. In the end, you have walked almost 3 miles!

It is the healthiest way of shedding weight she believes and continues to do so in near future.

Mama june prefers to walk while traveling to a nearby location, which has become a routine for her now.

Mama June’s stance over professional help:

Mama June prefers getting a professional assistance in the process of weight loss. She shared her experience of taking help from a personal trainer that greatly benefited her.

The professional training she went through helped her to pick several useful tips and discarding unhealthy lifestyle choices.

She specifically mentioned about her trainer Natasha Fett, who despite of living 3000 miles away, was very helpful and supportive throughout her journey.

She further added on Instagram that Fett was just a phone call or a text away for encouragement to pick up good choices.

Her weight loss journey once took a toll on her health:

Mama june transformation 2017In March 2016, New York Daily News reported that Mama June’s weight loss surgery and post-surgical diet made her faint and exposed her to various health problems.

Mama June had already lost 90 pounds and was determined to lose 80 pounds further to achieve her dream body.

Dr. Ren-Fielding, who hasn’t treated her directly, told the paper that the reality TV star’s gastric sleeve surgery is not the conventional gastric bypass but a different one.

He added that it was completely horrifying to amputate 80% of your stomach while having the digestive tracts completely intact, in contrast with gastric bypass that ascribes small intestine to the top of the stomach directly.

According to him, gastric sleeve is switching from bell bottom jeans to skin tight one.

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Mama June is keeping a strict check and balance on her eating habits:

Mama june diet

Remember how she and her kids used to love ‘sketti’, an unexplainable blend of spaghetti, ketchup and butter.

But things have changed in her house now. She posted on Instagram through US Weekly that she and her daughter Honey Boo Boo Alana are taking small meal sizes.

They also seemed to quit Go-Go juice – Alana’s blend of Mountain Dew and Red Bull.

Mama June also endorsed green smoothies, while adding that she hates green vegetables and so she drinks green smoothies only three times a week.

Mama June’s latest news on weight loss:

Some recent updates of Mama June’s weight loss journey are not too positive.

The 37 year old star has started to get disheartened with her latest looks.

She believes that the recent skin removal surgery made her look like Frankenstein. She no longer wants to be on this weight loss journey that made her look so ugly in the end.

A Final Note:

It seems that Mama June’s story is a bit different from other celeb’s stories that seem content and happy in the end.

Mama June 2017 weight loss

The latest news on the reality TV star exhibits her dissatisfaction with her transformed body. And so, Mama june is no longer keen to pursue this journey.

But, in the end, every journey has its own set of rules and outcomes, and same goes with Mama June’s story.

Despite of her status quo, we cannot ignore the fact that the star has achieved several milestones.

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