Mike Thurston Steroids: Mind-Blowing Results + Pics Inside! [2020]

Mike Thurston is an iconic bodybuilder and a very talented personal gym trainer from Leeds.

Is Mike Thurston on steroids

He was firstly an unknown person for people until he started posting pictures of his ripped physique in Instagram back in 2013.

Later on, he got hype and promoted some of the best-known supplements as Josef Rakich.

From his appearance, he may look older, but the guy is only 26 years old. He also gets plenty of followers increasing each day.

Talking about Mike, he is 26 years old, 6 feet tall and weighs about 215 pounds.

According to a report by “Are they on Steroids” Mike has been renowned different than other bodybuilders.

He admitted that in his early years of weight lifting, Mike’s consumption of alcohol was relatively higher.

Since it was Mike’s university year, so one can imagine. In spite of such a plethora alcohol usage, Mike Thurston body responded surprisingly impressing. Similar to Anton Antipoy who has gained his mass as a “Drunken”.

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From this point of view, one can conclude that in order to gain maximum gain a person should consume a large amount of alcohol, or is it Mike who used some sort of steroids? Usually anabolic.

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Steroid Test

Mike Thurston body is very much ripped, muscular and thick and it never looks like an artificial body gained by steroid use.

Mike and Kyle exercise at gymThe vascularity level of Mike’s body is almost ideal, it’s not too excessively apparent to the viewer where sometimes your body looks like a freaking roadmap.

Also, his shoulders and upper muscles are just in proportion with to other muscles. He only looks excessively dry and shredded when he is preparing for a competition.

Never in ordinary days, his veins are out bursting, nor his physique looks overly prepared.

Is Mike blessed genetically?

Some people are gifted genetically with a spectacular muscle building DNA rushing through their veins, others got it from the juices though.

But how to tell if a person has a gene of a bodybuilder or not?

You can tell this by observing them when they hit puberty.

If a person was thin and not muscular in his adolescent years and now he is 25 and all jacked up, you know he was taking medicines.

People who had an already built-up physique in their early age before they started lifting weight have clearly got some impressive DNA from Hercules.

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First Gain

When he was in the first year of University, Mike started weight lifting. One year of training and he already looked ripped.

Daily Bodybuilding Motivation: Michael Thurston

Mike also mentioned that he drinks 3-4 times a day and party hard like any other guy.

The physique, especially the shoulders and arms responded quite well as a matter of fact Mike took less nutrition as compared to the optimum range.

In his 2nd year of training, Mike told us that he used to lift more than before and ate less which gained her thickness with his arms.

We can tell that these gains are natural, this is because of various reasons.

Firstly, Mike performed exercises which result in a gradual gain plus if it would be steroids in two years of the time period, his arms would have shown the same appearance like it’s about to blow up.

Mike said gradual gains were normal for him as he was into it for 2 years and one has to cut the alcohol use as well.

The new muscle growth suits on the Mike as you can see from the 2nd picture where the size hasn’t been much enlarged, but the amount of fat he shredded made him better looking.

The transformation of Mike tells us how good your body will look if you perform more shredding.

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Competition History

Mike Thurston took a part in WBFF in the past and it doesn’t give us any evidence if he was on steroids.

Mike Thurston nothing more then the perfect physique.Since WBFF doesn’t do drug testing on the participants either any check and balance system available on the official website.

Mike Thurston has competed in the WBFF in the past, which doesn’t give us any further evidence as to whether he’s on steroids or not.

This is because the WBFF doesn’t have a drug testing page or policy on their official website, leaving us to assume that no drug testing takes place with this federation.

This arises a question that why he didn’t participate in the UKBFF or BNBF which are so much strict in their drug checking policy.

The explanation could be simple, bodybuilding community trolled Mike by saying that he is on steroids which makes it so much dubious.

The demotivating statements like this were all over on Simeon Panda and Donte Franklin as well, so calling Mike a steroid user won’t hurt the fact that he is clean.

Final Summary

We could conclude that the physique of Mike Thurston is all natural. Furthermore, he was fated to have jacked physique which we also can see from his body at age 10.

Is Mike Thurston on Steroids?

The built physique was inherited in his genes which gave him he takes full advantage of.

He also quit his drinking habits and partying to get into a bodybuilding profession, now he runs an online personal training business.

The visual signs are pretty clear that Mike’s body is free from steroids.