Speed Up Your Weight Loss Through These Fat Burning Nutrients

speedup weight loss processSo, you have failed cutting your food consumption, despite the fact that you are too keen to slim down your body?

No doubt, weight loss is a difficult job, an ongoing process that demands you to quit all your favorite foods and adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

However, what if we tell you that you do not need to slash your food consumption and still continue to lose weight?

Well, you can actually speed up your weight cutting results by adding some common, yet highly powerful fat burning nutrients in your diet chart!

Yes, these nutrients can help you drop weight at a very significant scale and for that; you do not need to starve your body!

Remember, weight loss is not about restricting food to a point you deprive yourself from the essential nutrients you need for healthy functioning.

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Its all about eating rational and in right combination. Picking the right kind of foods can greatly help you switch to a fat-melting mode in a very effective and healthy way.

Research suggests that there are certain nutrients and vitamins that can help us waste as much as calories as heat. Depriving our body from these essential nutrients can actually, add to more pounds in your weight!

That’s right! Experts further suggests that if a balance is kept in the eating habits and regular exercises are followed, one can get in shape without feeling the need of a weight loss product.

So, what are those imperative fat-melting agents, agents that can help our body shed all the unneeded kilos and adhere to a balance weight? Well, these vitamins and nutrients are listed below:


vitamin d

Countless of studies suggest that this vital vitamin, enables the body cells to react to insulin, the hormone released by the pancreas. With regard to weight loss, insulin plays a very crucial role by facilitating glucose to penetrate in the body cells. In a case like this, glucose is incinerated for the production of energy.

This ‘ability’ of insulin is known as insulin sensitivity. In simpler words, you are more likely to lose weight if your body cells are more sensitive to this hormone. In the opposite case, you have more chances of gaining weight!

Depriving your body from vitamin D would result in an increase in the parathyroid hormone levels. An increase in the concentration of PTH would ultimately end up transforming sugar into fat. Not just this, it would also result in averting the fat cells to release fat for incineration.

Deficiency of vitamin D can also affect the functioning of leptin that indicates the brain to stop eating when the body becomes full. In such a case, one can eat for long, despite the fact that his body does not need food anymore. Indeed, this would work against your goals!


calcium products

It works in conjunction with vitamin D to enable your body cut fat way more efficiently. This mineral is hoard in the fat cells which is extremely beneficial for the release of fats for annihilation.



Protein holds great significance for all those willing to get in shape. The weight loss effects of protein are too many state it the king of nutrients! It can speed up metabolism; reduce food thoughts and the irresistible urge of late-night munching.

And last, but not the least, foods that are high in protein make you feel fuller for longer which eventually, slash your overall calorie intake. Yes, it’s that imperative for effective weight loss!



Monounsaturated fatty acids can help you lower your calorie consumption to a considerable point. These do so by increasing satiety, making you feel satisfied and full for longer period of time.


omega 3 fish oil

To your surprise, these imperative fats can actually, double your weight loss potentials. Omega-3 fatty acids are proven to boost metabolism, whereas, few studies indicate that these can also aid in curbing hunger.

No doubt, it plays a very vital role in improving your body composition for you to stay and feel healthy.


green tea for weight loss

Polyphenols have several health benefits for our body. Many studies have been conducted on polyphenols, all of which suggest that it can greatly assist in revving up a slow metabolism. Of course, a ‘push’ in metabolic activities is extremely essential for speedy wasting of calories.

Interestingly, green tea is an excellent source of polyphenols. The tea itself holds countless of benefits for your health, however, when it comes to weight loss, green tea serves to be a savior. It speeds up metabolism and controls appetite and the urge to eat.

So, these were the six most essential nutrients and vitamins that can give you the change for life!

So, next time your body fails to respond to fad diets, consider adding these to your diet plan!