Usage of Steroids in Youngster

Ratio of Young Adults Uses Steroids for “Good Looks” Increased Drastically!

In this era, we are surrounded by the people who are indeed very much an image conscious.

Use of steroids in youngster

Especially young teenagers who go after for even life-threatening options just to enhance their body appearance to impress a bunch of people.

Latest investigation in the UK found out that many classes of steroids are being sold illegally to young boys who are concerned about their body growth.

In a research conducted by BBC south-east, it was observed that many dealers were selling steroids to the young teenagers through online websites.

A reporter went down posing as a young boy and got his hands on some steroids, which according to medical research causes cardiovascular events in young boys.

In the UK, the percentage of young men ages from 16-24 have risen from 0.1 % to 0.4 % which means now there are additional 19,000 young people taking steroids on a daily basis.

This is the biggest use in the history amongst the youngsters of drugs which makes Anabolic Steroids on the top of the list.

Anabolic steroids, mainly the muscle building drugs are being used by the body-conscious young men who have very least of muscle mass in their bodies and who are looking for a drastic improvement.

Maybe the reason young men are getting too much addicted to muscle building drugs is the jump in early relations with young females who prefer guys with bigger shoulder and pumped up physique.

Ian Hamilton says “I think it is to do with appearance and masculinity, and the messages we absorb through social media.”

To disguise the police and other experts, many packs of steroids were found wrapped in a Christmas gift boxes in last December.

Not every medicine provides the effective results, but some are categorized under illegal because of their illicit effects on human health.

What is Human Growth Hormone & Testosterone?

Testosterone is a natural producing male sex hormone which is responsible for the major masculine features in men such as physical strength, deep voice, fertility, fat production etc.

why they need steroids

Anabolic steroid is a synthetic version of many natural hormones, including testosterone which promotes muscle mass development and bone density in men, hence improving their masculine characteristics.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a naturally occurring hormone which secretes from pituitary gland. The function is to repair and regeneration of bones, tendons and muscle ligaments.

Why Many Athletes Uses these Drugs?

Athletes have been using anabolic steroids for different purposes such as to enhance their performance and endurance level during the game or for rapid recovery times.

The performance level gets doubled after taking a single dose of this anabolic which in normal condition isn’t that much.

Are these Drugs Illegal?

Anabolic steroids such as HGH and Testosterone boosters are both categorized under Class-C drugs which are legal to sell under prescriptions but are forbidden to misuse.

The Drug Act 1971 strongly condemn upon such practices where a person illegally purchases these drugs and uses them without a proper physician’s prescription.

In the United States of America, use of HGH is properly banned except for any medical conditions such as Hypothyroidism.

It would be a law-breaking act to deal HGH and a serious felony.

what motivate teenagers to take steroids

The Board of Director James Morgan has explained the misuse of anabolic steroids very well as Young men in great number are turning to these drugs because of the extreme pressure they get from their surroundings. An investigation conducted by BBC explained there is heap of suppliers online who sells these drugs on different web pages and mainly on Facebook.

This could mean steroid use is spreading like an epidemic disease with 4 times increase in sales over the past year.

In many countries of the world, it is legal to use steroids, but without a proper medical distribution license, it is illegal to supply them.

These laws were applied because the improper or misuse of these substances can lead to many dangerous conditions such as heart and kidney failure, sudden cardiac arrest, cystic fibrosis with heart attacks of great intensity and strokes.

It’s not like the young guys are getting fooled by it purposely but the dealers are somehow very shrewd at convincing the customers, said Sandra Gidley from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

They with very calm and ease tells you about the benefits which of course you need in your life the most and won’t tell you the harmful effects.

The Mode

The investigations revealed that many drug suppliers who often sell teenagers cannabis sativa are now supplying other drugs as well.

Youngsters with 'body image issues' at risk

These dealers using social media as a source to sell their products, social apps such as Snap chat, Instagram etc.

The administrators of Instagram strongly suggest the users report any page who is dealing with illicit drugs.

Any page or post who has these illegal items for sale will be deleted permanently within 24 hours from Instagram.

The use of Drugs is increasing every day, about 6.6 % of UK’s population used Cannabis while every 1 person in 12 adults is into illicit drug use.