Venus Factor- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Saying this would not be wrong that Venus factor is more like a therapy that cures the problem completely and hence prevents its re-occurrence.

The consistency of a beautiful body in every phase of life is never guaranteed.

Women in particular, lose their once highly-praised body shape as they start to age or plan a baby.

Venus Factor ReviewIndeed, pregnancy is a very rewarding process; however, it demands us to compromise on almost every single thing we women love.

Be it our sleep, figure, or health, nothing remains the same once we enter motherhood. Likewise, aging has a toll on our body shape and health too.

So, have you ever wonder why all this happens?

That is, why do you start gaining weight after crossing a certain stage in your life? Well, it happens because of hormonal discrepancies; something that commonly occurs in women.

It has been observed that women desperately strive to undo the pounds they have gained, overlooking the cause that has led to the increase in weight.

A method like this can surely give you results, however,these results would never be long lasting.

For long term benefits, the need is to address the ‘cause’ of problem very systematically.

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Venus Factor Weight loss Program

Of late, a very unique, yet a very productive weight loss program have been introduced for women. The plan is based on a 12 weeks period, the main objective of which is to regulate imbalanced hormones.

Through a well calculated approach, Venus Factor promises to reduce your body mass index (BMI) and remodel your swimsuit physique.

The best about Venus Factor is that the diet plan directly targets the cause of weight gain, rather slimming your body in the first place.

Something that most of the diet plans never work on!

Basically, Venus factor system intends to regulate the hormones, responsible for managing metabolism.

A method like this can greatly aid in dropping the fat percentage and reversing the needle to healthy weight.

To discover the dietary requirement of every single follower, the system requires and examines several aspects like:

  • Weight.
  • Age.
  • Fitness level.
  • Body type.

Through this, the program crafts a personalized diet plan that can accommodate the needs of every individual follower, efficiently.

With the given instructions, women can decide the right kind of food they will take in every single meal.

By following a guideline focusing the kind of foods, their calories and their most suitable time to consume, one can simply create a major difference.


  • Research-based method with user-friendly guidelines.
  • Targets to address the cause of weight gain.
  • A weight loss program purely aimed for women.
  • Result oriented approach presented by a credible person.
  • Speedy weight loss and lasting results.
  • Suitable for women of all ages, young and old.
  • Budget friendly program.
  • Prompt and round the clock customer support.
  • No monetary risk through 60 days money back guarantee.

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John BarbanVenus Factor has been invented by a man with great nutritional wisdom. The man behind this very productive and result oriented diet plan is John Barban.

A highly educated personality, the credibility of John Barban can never be questioned.

He holds a Master degree in Nutrition and Human Biology, but his interest for exercise compelled him to study and pursuit Exercise Physiology as a career.

Barban obtained several training certifications which are the testimony of the knowledge he possesses in the field.

For almost a decade now, he has been an active part of nutrition industry. His tremendous services as a researcher and developer of many dietary and sports nutrition products can never go unnoticed.


As stated earlier, Venus Factor aims to deal with the cause that has led to weight gain. Through a proven methodology, it focuses to regulate a hormone that manages the metabolic activities of the body.

The hormone called leptin has a very essential role in fat burning, and thus, a proper balance of leptin is equally important for the uninterrupted elimination of fats.

Leptin is also called a satiety hormone, a hormone that keeps you fuller and prevents hunger. However, any discrepancy in the concentration of leptin can cause great havoc. As a result, your body will be compelled to gain weight!

So to ensure your body sheds weight in its full capacity, the program increases leptin sensitivity and deals with ‘leptin resistance’!


As stated above, leptin is a very crucial hormone for a woman’s body. In fact, it is what keeps their body in shape.

The hormone has the power to manage the storing and wasting of fats in the body. Imbalanced levels of leptin and leptin resistance can of course, contribute to weight gain.

Thus, addressing the leptin-related abnormalities is highly important for women to keep their weight healthy and balanced.  

Sadly, their body has the tendency to become leptin resistant, as an effect of aging. Despite being a natural consequence of aging, a problem like this needs to be tackled without a delay.

Clearly speaking, leaving the situation untreated can allow the excess fats to hoard; your body would have burnt in normal circumstances.

Likewise, leptin imbalance is one key problem women undergo post deliveries.

By means of a well planned diet and exercise program, Venus factor regulates leptin while reduces leptin resistance. Through this, the propensity to lose the wanted fats is naturally increased.

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Venus Factor before and after

Unlike other diet plans, what I personally like about Venus Factor is that it does not encourage you to fast or skip meals. Remember, fasting can never solve your problems as it negatively impacts the natural processes occurring in the body.

Skipping meals or fasting for very long can take your leptin levels low, very low. A fall in leptin can affect your body’s ability to lose weight.

This is because your body will then burn fewer fats, you will feel more hungry than usual and your metabolism will turn sluggish.

Therefore, if you wish to slash weight, forget about fasting or skipping meals. Its even better to avoid diet plans that support this dangerous idea!


You may have never heard about Metabolic Override. Well, it’s a very effective strategy that has been made by the inventor of Venus Factor.

Through the course of plan, your resistance to leptin is greatly reduced whereas your sensitivity to leptin is greatly increased.

An approach like this is enough to induce weight loss, without the need of surgeries, fasting or excessive weight loss trainings.

The concept of Metabolic Override is to intensify your weight loss potentials, by retuning your metabolism. Tuning metabolism means a boost in your fat burning process which further indicates a reduction in weight.

However, this is done through a 12 week diet in combination with a set of exercises.

As you can see, the program isn’t really lengthy and demanding, however, the results are really fruitful. Trust me, if you manage to follow it accordingly, you will be able to ‘restore’ your lost body shape, with ease.


Venus Factor, as you may have now understood, is no ordinary diet plan. It is a quality program full of value.

Unlike diet fads that restricts you from food at all, venus factor is a proper system that encourages healthy eating and provides every bit of information regarding the balancing of foods.

It further assists with the calories your body needs in the given time.

Based on the individual needs, followers are instructed to take a fix number of calories on some selected days of the week. All this is managed through a software program called virtual nutritionist software program.

Interestingly, as the body starts to respond, the program creates some necessary amendments in the diet, accordingly.


Many times, the mulish fats in the thighs, belly and hips become very difficult to remove. These fats are then targeted through a set of exercises. These exercises further enhance your body’s ability to burn fat and in turn, your body molds into that perfect looking, well-toned shape.

The members can directly access to the Venus factor community, a channel meant to assist you throughout the process, encourage you and address all your queries with quality information.

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The program is based on 5 key elements. These elements are:

  • FAT LOSS DIET: The guidelines of fat loss diet are purely meant to enhance leptin sensitivity. The instructions will help you learn what food patterns will help you with leptin abnormalities. Through this, participants can rule out the foods or the combination of food that can double their problem.

  • 12 WEEK WORKOUT PLAN: Weight loss is impossible without exercises. But what’s more motivating about exercises is that the approach keeps the weight under control for long. So to ensure Venus Factor system benefit you as much as possible, John Barban has incorporated a workout plan in the system as well.This too, is based on a three month period with exercises that can be easily performed in the comfort zone of your home.Yes, in order to follow the 12 weeks workout plan, you need not to enroll yourself in the gym. With online videos for Venus members, participants can follow each and every move as accurately as possible. So yeah, no wasting money on a personal gym instructor with this.

  • VIRTUAL NUTRITIONIST SOFTWARE APPLICATION: Imagine a user-oriented application automating some very time consuming processes for you in seconds! Won’t it be a blessing? Indeed, yes. That’s what the role of virtual nutritionist software application is. Very easily and very conveniently, it can calculate all the calories for you. Through this, you can evaluate your figures and determine the steps you are away from your targets.

  • VENUS INDUS PODCAST: Then comes the motivational element, something without which the process of weight loss is incomplete! With a unique instructional method like this, the program introduces you to other participants who share a common goal with you. Your interaction with fellow participants will encourage you in many ways, for you will find their success stories or results motivating enough to keep going with your struggle.

  • VENUS COMMUNITY: Participants following Venus Factor becomes a part of Venus Community. Of course, this is another way through which users come in contact with each other and discuss their personal experiences.However, the main objective of forming a community system is to provide 24/7 assistance to the community members.Through a forum like this, you can simply learn how exactly the program works, how it benefits, inspiring stories of fellow members, effective weight loss techniques, recipes and lot, lot more.

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download venus factor

Women who have followed Venus factor have expressed their liking towards the system.

According to them, it is adaptable and did not demand much of a change in their highly occupied lifestyles. Their experience with Venus Factor was overall pleasant.

For them, it is a program that is best suited for people who cannot take much time for themselves.

The procedure requires least efforts from the follower’s end, whilst its user-friendly guide is worth crediting the results it leads to.


Since each of us have a unique morphological system and respond differently from each other, therefore, we can never expect a weight loss program to deliver fix results for all.

But with a promising program like Venus factor system, a reduction of 10-50 lbs can be simply anticipated in the very initial months.

Secondly, results are also dependent on self efforts.

Highly motivated individuals who follow each and every instruction will definitely gain more from Venus factor system than those who take least efforts.


In conclusion it is pertinent to add that Venus Factor program has great value to offer.

It is a unique and worthwhile approach that can knock off your extra lbs through the most appropriate and systematic technique.

Even though, Venus Factor system has a price, yet, its promising results are worth every penny.

And to your relief, the purchase of Venus Factor system has been protected from all kind of financial risks, through a 60 days money back guarantee!

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