5 Celebrities Who are Surprisingly Trump Supporters

Since the day, Donald Trump started to run his electoral campaigns nationwide, he is facing major backlash from every segment of the society.

Hollywood, since the beginning, has not been too supportive with his ideology.

Interestingly, there are a handful of celebrities that are in favor of this newly elected president.

Famous celebrities that supported him during the campaign are:

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1. Clint Eastwood:

This Dirty Harry is well known for his movies, but people seldom know that he is an ardent supporter of Republican and its candidates.

Clint Eastwood defends Trump's

He has been an active supporter of some famous Republicans that are John McCain, Ronald Regan and Richard Nixon. His views regarding Trump are totally unique.

He is impressed that Trump is not a ‘kiss-ass’. He is different and secretly people are tired of political diplomacy.

He further believed that Trump is frank in expressing his opinions and that element makes him stand apart from others.

Eastwood has never felt hesitant in showing his support for Trump.

He sincerely shared his opinions and his love for the Republicans without any fear of facing any backlash from his fans.

2. Mike Tyson:

As we move on the celebrity list, we will come across some legends that have surprised everyone for their support towards Trump.

Mike Tyson Confronts Donald Trump

Mike Tyson, the boxing legend, believed that America should be operated like a business.

He said Trump has to be the President of United States. It is better to try something new this time and get rid of old ideology and system.

Tyson, despite of showing his support made certain statements that seem quite contrary with Mr. Trump’s ideology.

Tyson believed to develop a racist-free country where race doesn’t matter. In contrast, Trump’s speeches have always been rated as racist and filled with derogatory statements.

It seems like Mr. Tyson has to go through the electoral speeches again!

3. Charlie Sheen:

Ironically, Charlie Sheen initially criticized Trump and called him a shameful pile of idiocy.

Charlie Sheen tweets for God to 'take' Trump next

He believed him to be a sad and silly small creature.

His statements were always ridiculing Trump and his legacy. But what happened next took almost everyone by surprise.

Charlie Sheen, just before the election days changed his statements completely.

He shared his opinion of becoming Trump’s running partner in the campaign.

So Mr. Sheen what made you contradicts your own statements in the end? Drugs? Hookers or a bunch of fresh dollar bills?

Sheen’s changed opinion broke his fan’s hearts and the actor came under criticism for his insincere statements.

Well, we believe Mr. Sheen should learn to stick to his words!

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4. Bruce Willis:

It seems the Die-hard star turned out to a die-hard fan of Trump.

Bruce Willis Supports Donald Trump

He surprised everyone by wearing clothes that supported Trump as president during the electoral campaigns.

While his appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’ by Jimmy Fallon, the star was seen wearing a Republican red hat with ‘Make America Great Again’ written on it.

Coming this from a star like Bruce Willis was very surprising for his fans, but Mr. Willis dint seem to care much about what other people think of him.

He was frank and sincere in sharing what he believes is the right presidential candidate for his country.

But the question for Mr. Willis is that, are your fans really happy to hear all that. You might have broken millions of hearts by showing your support for Trump.

5. Fran Descher:

Though the famous ‘Nanny’ has been a cancer survivor, LGBT rights activist, healthcare supporter, but surprisingly she supported Trump during the electoral campaigns.

Fran Drescher finds Donald Trump 'very funny'

She is impressed by the level of frankness showed by Trump that is very rare to find among other candidates so far.

Descher support for Trump has truly disheartened her fans who found the fact too difficult to digest in the beginning.

Descher on multiple counts has said that Trump has the courage to speak his mind which others do not have.

She is an ardent supporter of Republican and doesn’t regret even a tiny bit.

Throughout the campaign, the star seems to endorse his speeches and statements that were quite derogatory for others.

Descher did not seem to care what her fans think of her.

She preferred not to join the masses in Hollywood that were not supporting Trump. A brave move it was!

Celebrities supporting Trump – At a glance:

Trump win the heartsAll above celebrities might have surprised you by their opinions and support for Trump they have openly shared on public forums.

Their statements open up another door of argument as what are the reasons that make them a Republican supporter.

Believe it or not, they have faced backlash from their fans but they don’t seem to care at all!

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