Dukan Diet Plan- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

What is Dukan Diet Plan – It is a very promising weight loss strategy that aims to produce slimming effects, through premeditated eating!

The Dukan Diet Review


Dukan Diet is all about quick weight loss and so, the plan claims to cut 10lbs, in a matter of one week.

It further says that the weight you drop will not regain, as far as you do it the way Dukan diet says.


Dukan Diet PlanThe diet revolves around lean protein and oat bran.

However, it pays great emphasis on the intake of water, and more importantly, walk.

Like many other effective plans, it constrains you to take carb, as this method is scientifically proven to stimulate fat burning.

Furthermore, dieters are not restricted with any quantity, unless the food is discouraged by the diet.

As it aims to bring down your carb consumption, therefore, there are barely any carb-enriched foods permitted by it.

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As stated earlier, it has much to do with oat bran and protein. Dieters following Dukan diet plan will cross the below mentioned stages:


Dukan Diet attack PhaseThe first phase is about attacking or kick starting your struggle to get in shape.

It comprises of the first ten days wherein you are supposed to have as much as lean protein along with 21 grams of oat bran a day.

The water consumption during the entire attack phase is 6 cups/ day.


Dukan Diet Cruise PhaseThen there is the second stage, the period that may go on for a couple of months.

During this phase, you are encouraged to eat as much as non-starchy vegetables along with 28 grams of oat bran.

Cruise phase will end the very moment you get what you expected from dukan diet, or say, hit your targeted weight.


Dukan Diet Consolidation PhaseThe phase is about settling with the new body, new weight.

Dieters can feel free to have vegetables and protein the way they like, in combination with:

  • A slice of fruit.
  • 40 grams of hard cheese.
  • Two slices of whole meal bread.

The pattern should be followed every day, for a period of 5 days. 


Dukan Diet Stabilization PhaseLastly, there is a stage that is meant to keep up the results you reaped throughout the previous stages.

Dieters in this phase are free to have foods that best quench their taste buds, though; the independence is not for the complete week.

They can enjoy their freedom to eat for six days a week, but, have to spare a day to go along with the all-protein guidelines associated with the first phase.

Dieters must also have 42 grams of oat bran/ day, throughout the phase.

For best maintenance, they should also follow the walking sessions comprising of 20/min, a day.

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Dukan Diet before and after weight loss

The good:

  • Something we like about Dukan diet is the fact that planning the meals is simple, whilst, preparing too, does not require some special kind of efforts or ingredients.
  • Secondly, Dukan diet is more expedient for people who are not really fond of demanding workouts. All it demands is 20 minutes of walk, which is of course, something all of us can easily commit to.
  • Thirdly, there isn’t a need for packaged meals at any point. Everything can be prepared at home, with simple and easily available ingredients.
  • And last, but not the least, Dukan diet is budget friendly which makes it a choice for everyone who can afford and cannot afford expenses on fitness. Though, you might be paying a bit extra for your grocery, but that’s something quite fair we believe. Moreover, it is important to note that there is an optional coaching option for the dieters. To avail it, they have to pay a fixed sum of $29.99/month.

The bad:

  • The minus point about the diet plan is that it is quite limiting in its first stage. Dieters have very few options to eat, and hence, being a bit strict in the beginning may not work well for their motivational level. We believe, you can get frustrated when you are confined to eat only two kinds of foods, oat bran and protein.


Dukan Diet Plan Recipes Even though, the first stage may exhaust you with its very little options or restricting nature, yet, slashing the consumption of carb to such a level could extract you the best possible results in days.

But the story does not end here because as you hit your targets and get back to your old eating habits, your body might become prone to weight gain, again.

Interestingly, science has proven that high-protein diets do have a contribution in slimming, though; there is no explicit information on their lasting effects on weight.