Equipoise: Unexpected Results, Do They WORK [2020]

Equipoise is used by men for intense bulking and never-ending stamina which helps them to achieve greater results.

We all want jacked up physique and higher stamina that makes it the ideal combination.

Equipoise Reviews
Equipoise Boldenone Undecylenate

Usually, bodybuilders want to boost the testosterone level for which they use various forms of steroids.

Today the debate is about the steroid which is not so much recognized in the bodybuilding field, but it was once used in tons.

Unfortunately, it is banned in the US market for being too much toxic for the human body.

But how Boldenone managed to be used from 60-80’s era.

What Is Equipoise?

Equipoise is the brand name for Boldenone Undecylenate which is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication which is used in veterinary medicine.


The steroid was designed in 1960 as a performance enhancement tool for animals such as cattle cows and racehorses.

Equipoise was well-known for developing mass in animals by increasing their hunger to the maximum limits.

For a human,, the steroid was approved for consumption after the effects of muscle enhancement and limited water retention were observed in individuals.

Bodybuilders with less water in their muscles look more chiseled, ripped and professional which they get from Boldenone.

Due to the exceeding number of dangerous side effects, Equipoise was banned in 1970.

Equipoise was the first drug ever to be used in bulking as well as cutting cycle. This thing was then noticed in other chemical drugs like Dianabol and Trenbolone.

How Equipoise Works for Bodybuilders?

The exact formula for Equipoise is Testosterone Undecylenate which has a double bond added to the formula.

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The alteration made it raise the half-life of the chemical in the human body which makes it long lasting steroid than Dianabol.

The formula of Equipoise may be weaker than testosterone itself, but it surely restricts its conversion which then increases the risks of Gynecomastia.

The conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which develops feminine characteristics in males.

Equipoise promotes fat loss by improving your workout which supports the weight loss phenomenon in human cells.

Equipoise Cycle

As mentioned earlier, equipoise can be used for bulking and cutting cycle. The only difference is the dosage and duration.

Equipoise cycle dosage for bulking and cutting are given below.

Equipoise Cycle Dosage for Cutting

The cutting cycle with Equipoise is about 12 weeks in which users have to take 500 mg equipoise once a week.

The dosage is administered by injection and the user can add another form of oral steroids like Winstrol for maximum 6-8 weeks.

The weekly dosage provides true potentials to your body which enables all the gates for fat burning and lean mass formation.

Equipoise Cycle Dosage for Bulking

In bulking, equipoise can be stacked with Dianabol or Testosterone Enanthate and Growth Hormones.

The complete cycle of equipoise for bulking is about 12 weeks, whereas 600 mg once weekly dosage is recommended.

Make sure you get no side effects from stacking 2-3 steroids, which are known to deliver negative outcomes.

The cycle of Equipoise can be for intermediate, advanced or newer users in which the dosage will be tapered down by 25%.

Equipoise Benefits and Results

You can count on Equipoise for delivering the exact results which you have been wanting.

Some users found equipoise useful in the cutting cycle than bulking because there are various reasons.

Equipoise increase testosterone in your body which burns fat better than any other form of the ingredient.

Equipoise results do come after a month of use, but we here are talking about the proper results of Equipoise that comes after 12 weeks’ complete cycle, which are:

  • Elimination of stubborn fats
  • Improved body cuts
  • Less water retention
  • Enhanced vascularity
  • Improved strength and stamina
  • Lean muscle mass gain

Equipoise Side Effects You Must Know About

Equipoise may be the best thing for bodybuilders in the early ’60s but they surely didn’t know this steroid can cause massive harm.

Equipoise is known to cause the most horrifying side effects that might help you switch to the legal steroids.

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We will provide you some name which is safer and effective than Boldenone but first let us pour some light on Equipoise side effects.

  • Permanent Testosterone Suppression

Equipoise is synthetic testosterone, which upon daily consumption can suppress natural testosterone production. Just like a man cease to work once he gets money from elsewhere regularly.

When the pure testosterone starts to diminish in your body, the remaining will be converted into estrogen which is another name for other problems. You will notice episodes of depression, muscle loss, unpleasant taste when this happens.

  • Oily Skin

This is the most prominent side effect of anabolic steroids, which are also androgen in nature. The androgenic components increase oil production in the skin, especially on the face and the back. When the level of steroid increases in your blood the oil accumulated under the skin surface appears outside in the form of hideous and ugly looking acne.

This will give you a huge muscle mass and an UGLY face to carry.

  • Decreased Sexual Functions

The first step of this symptom occurs when the normal level of natural testosterone is suppressed and replaced by estrogen. EQ puts the burden on your sexual life by lessening your libido and sex drive which is the reason why we males want to have sex with women.

Lack of testosterone also puts you under dramatic situations in which erectile dysfunction is in primary focus. You will begin to develop bitch tits and your sexual confidence will be highly dropped. This can certainly affect your relationship with a woman because you won’t be satisfying her anymore.

Testicular shrinkage contributes to impairing the sexual function which is by limiting sperm cell counts and their motility.

  • Organ Damage (Liver and Kidneys)

Men and women who used Equipoise can harm their liver functions because the steroid is metabolized in the liver. An animal study on Equipoise showed that regular use of EQ can increase the risk of liver and kidney damage.

How Kidney is affected by Equipoise? Well, the un-metabolized components of EQ have to pass through the kidney which after long term use bulge in the bladder. In bodybuilders, EQ tends to alter the shape, size, and functions of the normal kidney.

  • Development of Masculine Features in Females

Women are not recommended to use EQ at any cost because of the risk of Virilization. This is actually beginning of masculinity in the female body which comes in the form of facial hair, deep voice and an enlarged clitoris, which is not a pretty sight to look at

Aggression in women after using EQ has been noticed in most cases where women build muscle mass but lose their virility.

Legal Alternative of Equipoise without Side Effects

The implications of EQ’s side effects are very risky which puts your healthy life and body on a stake.

The use of EQ was banned in first world countries like America about 50 years ago, but how do people get their hands on Equipoise injections to this day?

Boldenone Undecylenate is the big name in the black market and like many steroids are available you can also find Equipoise for animal use.

But if you caught using EQ for bodybuilding, know it’s a felony.

The government does not ban something that provides more benefits than risks.

According to the risk vs benefit ratio, a number of disadvantages that EQ provides to your body are way more than its benefits.

Choosing the legal version or legal steroids can be of pretty much help in reshaping your body for good.

Crazy Bulk steroids are very much popular amongst bodybuilders in the US and Europe who are demanding more of these supplements.

One of their greatest supplements is called D-Bal which is thought to be a legal alternative of Dianabol and Equipoise.

D-Bal – The Natural Bulking Steroid with No Side Effects

The human body is very much different than the animal’s body.

D-bal reviews
Crazy Bulk D-bal Review

Use of Equipoise is recommended in animals because they can digest and tolerate the drug metabolites which are harmful when consumed by men and women.

Also, the animal consumes one type of diet, unlike the humans who consume more dangerous diet and chemicals.

The formula of D-Bal consists of natural ingredients and when we say natural we mean Tribulus Terrestris and Suma root extract which is obtained from plant source.

The D-Bal formula mimics the anabolic effects and produces the natural testosterone, unlike Equipoise which is loaded with artificial testosterone.

In a period of 8 weeks, you will be able to notice the muscle building effects with a plethora of endurance to carry for the rest of the day.

Final Words

Equipoise was designed to improve the physical abilities in animals so they could work better in the field.

The latest studies of 20 years old, shows the negative side effects of anabolic steroids like Equipoise which can destroy your organs as well as the sexual fire in males.

Using D-Bal is a far safer, advanced and effective option which promises no side effects. As far as your steroid is free from the risks, it is good for you!


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