Hackers Demand Ransom From Disney For Stolen Pirates of The Caribbean 5 Movie

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It feels like Disney is about to bear a serious loss as the much awaited sequel of the Pirates Of the Caribbean has been stolen from their servers.

We believe that the real pirates are in action now!

So the story started when the hackers accessed the servers of Disney and managed to swipe the forthcoming sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Well, the story did not end with the plundering and took a very interesting turn when the hackers started their threatening game.

A ransom has been demanded from Disney, a rejection of which can result in the online release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Now there is a twist in the ransom too, they need the digital currency- bitcoins! No doubt, the real life pirates are playing quite safe.

Interestingly, the spokesperson of Disney maintained silence over the movie’s name that has been purloined, yet, it is strongly assumed to be the next sequel of the pirates of the Caribbean series.

According to some sources, Disney is not in favor of addressing their demands and has sought the help of police to unveil the faces behind the crime.

Well, a successful mass media company like Disney taking such a major risk makes us wonder the possible reason behind its refusal to pay the ransom.

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One possible reason could be that Disney is not willing to support its opponents to repeat their act for the sake of making money again.

Well, the sequel is scheduled to be release on the 26th of May, and is expected to do a great business.

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch their favorite actor Johnny Depp as Captain Jack sparrow, more than the movie itself.

Johnny Depp is all set to make a remarkable comeback in this upcoming sequel of Pirates and the Caribbean and we are simply expecting him to weave his same old magic again!

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