How to Gain Weight For Muscle

You might be amongst the ones whose metabolism is too fast and burns more calories than you actually consume each day.

Well, let’s put it straight, if you want to gain weight, you have to store more and burn less calories.

how to gain weight fast

Or let’s say in a more healthy way, if you wish to gain weight (muscle building) then your caloric-intake has to surplus – higher than the existing one.

Why you are not gaining weight?

Skinny guys usually think that they can eat anything they like without worrying about the excess weight gain. They think that their metabolism is too active and burns away fat right away.

Well the truth is, you do not consume enough calories that will help you to gain weight. You might think you do, but in real, you do not.

Well, if you would have been doing so, you would have gained weight by now.

Let’s make it simple, from now onwards, start recording your daily caloric intake as a proof.

By day end, just go through the list and decide whether you have reached your target intake or not. And that is the point where you will realize that your life needs a big change.

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Three important ingredients of weight gain:

  1. Eating more: The rule is simple, eat more than your body actually burns out. Yet if you fail to gain enough, it means you still need to increase your caloric-intake. Add calorie-enriched foods into your diet chart, such as nuts and pasta. Don’t forget to have enough milk shakes.
  2. Lift weigh: It’s better not to waste your time on curls and flies, but do free weights instead such as squats and deadlifts. These workouts will help you to develop muscle mass and gain weight easily.
  3. Remain consistent: Believe it or not, but consistency goes a long way for anything. You might feel zero muscle improvement in the beginning, but be consistent and wait for the good to happen on the right time.

healthy weight gainer resultsThe guide for weight gain:

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help skinny/underweight people to gain weight in a natural way:

Workout within an hour:

Your workout program, whatever you are following, shouldn’t be exceeding an hour a day. Make sure, your focus is greater on intensity instead of higher duration.

Moreover, no research supports the idea of gaining muscles mass through marathon training sessions.

Simply limit your resting period to a minute only and cut down your socializing sessions with other gym members!

Develop a habit of eating more:

So, let’s focus on a more practical tip and that is, to eat more. Now, that means you have to increase the frequency of your meals.

Your body works upon a genetic system, and that is, a metabolism that works like crazies to burn calories.

Try to take 4 to 5 caloric-dense meals after an interval of 3 hours each day, so that your body gets a regular supply of calories to burn and build muscle.

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Say No to supplements:

You might have fallen prey to the supplement industry many times. And as the name implies, a supplement is actually ‘A SUPPLEMENT.’ They won’t add any value to your weight-gaining efforts.

Gain weight for build muscle

The only recommended supplement is protein powder and few Gatorades, after the exercises.

Make it simple and take it easy:

Being skinny sometimes imply that you make a lot of movements and put of too many efforts over things each day.

So try to relax and rest more. Simply restrict your activities outside the gym so that your body can use energy on other positive things.

Realize caloric surplus:

You might have been really tired of wondering, as how much you eat and still do not put on any weight at all. Well, what if we say that this is dead wrong. Many people assume that they eat a lot and same may go for you too.

So no matter whatever you are eating and not putting on weight, there can be a clear possibility that you are not eating enough. Sometimes, you have to analyze and evaluate your diet, as whether it is the right one or not.

Try to add more caloric-enriched food as much as possible.

At times, your body dynamics take time to change, as they are reluctant towards it. And for this, you have to be consistent and put some extra ‘force’ on it.

Focus towards your progress:

The most important part is to maintain a check and balance over your progression. As this will help you to understand where exactly do you stand?

If you do not feel some positive changes, you can always revamp your weight gain plan.

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Gaining weight for muscles – At a glance:

You might have got a little idea by now, as from where you can start your weight gain journey from.

healthy habiits

Just follow two simple rules: eat more and remain consistent.

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