Tabata Workout Review

You might have come across several fitness workouts over the years that may have helped you reach your fitness milestones.

tabata training

Your goals might include a toned body, more flexibility, stamina, and increased muscle mass. Fortunately, all these targets are achievable, as long you as you follow a workout plan, meticulously.

If you are willing to try something new, then you must give Tabata workout a try.

Tabata workout is basically a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that is only four minutes long.

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A small history of Tabata:

Tabata was discovered by a Japanese scientist, Dr. Izumi Tabata. Dr. Tabata and his team researched on two sets of sportsmen.

tabataOne group was trained at a moderate intensity level and the other group on high intensity level.

The moderate-intensity group had to workout for one hour five days a week, for a total of 6 weeks.

The high-intensity group worked out for 4 minutes 20 seconds (10 seconds break after each set) for 4 days a week, for 6 straight weeks.

As a result, the first group (medium intensity) showed an improved cardiovascular system but observed little or no improvement in anaerobic (muscles) system.

The second group (high-intensity) noticed an improved cardiovascular as well as anaerobic system as compared to group one.

To conclude, let’s say high-intensity workouts have much higher effects on both cardiovascular and anaerobic system.

What exactly Tabata workout is all about?

Every exercise of Tabata workout is only four minutes long, but you might feel it to be the most intense four minutes of your life!

women beast lean bodyThe program has the following structure:

  • An intense workout of 20 seconds.
  • A 10 seconds break for twice times.
  • Complete each set 8 times.

There are no specific exercises for Tabata and you may select any as per your discretion.

Let’s say squats burpees, push-ups or any other exercise can be included in the workout that helps with the body muscles.

All you need to do is follow the structure of the workout.

Recommended exercises for your Tabata Workout:

As said, your workout may include any exercise that aims to help you get your dream body and the list of such exercises is undeniably, endless.

Tabata Workout Review

But we will suggest you some useful exercises that are merely high-intensity ones. These are very helpful especially if you are a beginner and confused, as where to make a start!

Classic Tabata Moves:

  • Burpees: One of the most demanding bodyweight movements. It is basically a full body movement that requires a jump, push-up, squat, and some more pushups. Through this, you need to make every part of your body move hard enough to complete just one rep. It requires a lot of oxygen within a very short time and exerts great pressure on the burpee-doer cardiovascular system.
  • Push-ups: When it comes to push-ups, we all know that it exerts intense pressure on your entire body. As you lift your entire body on your hands, each and every muscle of your body is pressurized to perform. This high-intensity workout can show some amazing results, within a short time span.
  • Rowing: This specific exercise machine is becoming way too popular with time. It has become a must-have item for every gym. It might seem frightening in the beginning and confuse you, but it surely gets easier and manageable with time.

tabata workout

Some new moves:

  • Jump Squat: Start by standing with hips apart and parallel toes. Push back your hips, as you start to get into a squatting position. While getting up, use your full strength from the bottom of the squat and jump off the ground. Repeat this. To make it simple, skip the jumping part.
  • Frog Jump: Start by spreading your feet wider than your shoulders’ width with your toes slightly turned outwards. Push back your hips while making a low-sumo squat. Put your hands on the ground as you jump off the feet straight back, while extending your legs into a firm straight plank. Land gradually and repeat.
  • Russian Twist: Bend your knees while sitting on the floor and feet joined together. Lift your feet several inches high off the floor with bent knees. Lean behind to maintain some balance, so your back will stay 45 degree angle from the ground. Clap your hands together and move from one right to left in a twisting motion. Be careful to move the upper area of your body only and avoiding any pressure on the lower back.

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Tabata workout – A final glance:

tabata training

To conclude, we would like to say that it is all upon your discretion to pick any exercise you like. You can pick the classic or the new ones, but it all depends upon your intensity level.

The more pressure you exert on your muscles, the greater the results will be. Remember, getting your dream body is never so easy!