Celebrities Transformations: Real Or Fake? SHOCKING Pics! [2020]

If we scroll down the list of such stars, it might appear never ending, but let us be specific and discuss the top 15 celebrities transformation here!

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1. Rihanna:

Rihanna can be labelled as modern era’s makeover queen.


From fashion to performance, the pop star never fails to impress her fans.

She has earned a reputation as a daring dresser with a versatile range of taste, endorsed by the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, presented to her by Ana Wintour herself.

The recording artist has never restricted herself to outfits only. Whatever attire she wears, she picks everything that goes with the outfit – nails, makeup, hairdos and accessories!

2. Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj has always taken her fans by surprise with her outrageous and daring fashion sense.

Nicki Minaj

Her intense outfits and heavy wigs have grabbed attention of those who weren’t spellbound by her raps.

She possesses so many outrageous fashion apparels and outfits that it can easily form a new cast of Muppets.

The rapper seems to be so obsessed with latest fashions that she even rap about Ana Wintour and Oscar Renta.

Recently, the star has settled on a more natural and subtle look.

3. Kelly Osborne:

During her appearance on The Osbournes, the reality show, the audience noticed the not-so-hidden Kelly Osbourne’s fashion sense.

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Kelly Osborne

The star feels no fear in carrying a bold lip color with an unexpected hairstyle, like her recent lavender grey.

A Star, once evaluated by fashion police has now become one of the ferocious fashion police officer of time.

4. Gwen Stefani:

The singer of ‘no Doubt’ proudly flaunts her punk style like a goddess these days.

Gwen Stefani

She has transformed herself into many different looks, and seemed absolutely stunning in each of them.

Her style varied from being the punk one to a glamorous Hollywood girl. The star never feared to flaunt her pink, red and sometimes green hair!

5. Miley Cyrus:

The famous Hanna Montanna has now become unstoppable with her dynamic and outrageous fashion sense.

Miley Cyrus

The star came under spotlight after chopping off her locks that once gave her a signature look.

Since then, she continued to amaze everyone with her fashion sense.

She started her career as a sweet Disney Princess and with time, emerged as a most glamorous woman of today.

6. Justin Timberlake:

Justin Timberlake is a class example of transition, from a boy to a man.

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Justin Timberlake

He started off with a cool boys’ band name with bleached short locks, but later crossed various phases of fashion trends until completely transforming into a man filled with sex appeal.

His appearance evolved with time as a gentleman with a wardrobe full of classic outfits. When it comes to fashion, JT doesn’t follow any boundaries.

7. Christina Aguilera:

It seems that over the course of her career, Christina has tried every style that is present in the pop’s look-book.

Christina Aguilera

From a blond genie in a bottle to a rugged leather provocateur, Christina has always managed to impress the audiences with her jaw dropping looks.

The best thing about her is that she doesn’t care a tiny bit what others think of her!

8. Katy Perry:

Whatever you think about her, you have to believe that this woman is the queen of invention and reinvention.

Katy Perry

She started off as a Christian Rock singer with her natural blond hair, the star underwent numerous transformations – pinup, rockabilly, costum-packed and the list goes on.

Interestingly, Katy perry hasn’t deserted her costume avatar at all, but her appearance seems more refined each time.

9. Johnny Depp:

Here comes the man whose looks and transformations have baffled human minds for the past 25 years.

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Johnny Depp

He started off as a bad boy rocker and with time, transformed into a gentleman.

Depp gradually discovered his signature look during the course of his career, a look that first pops into mind when his name is heard.

10. Madonna:

The Queen of pop has undergone countless reinventions and has inspired millions of hearts.


There used to be a time, when anything worn by this woman became an instant fashion. Undeniably, she has always been the trendsetter.

11. Lady Gaga:

While talking about transformations, one can never overlook Lady Gaga, a woman that follows fashion dynamics like no other.

Lady Gaga

Madonna’s love child has not only broken the fashion barriers but has appealed some fashion giants too.

12. Brad Pitt:

The hottest celeb ever, Jolie’s ex-husband, and the crush of almost every woman, Brad Pitt is the essence of man itself!

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Brad Pitt

Although his styles has been not so volatile like Depp’s, but he transformed his casual styles to a Red Carpet gentleman!

13. Jared Leto:

Singer Jared Leto has come across the most epic transformation with time.

Jared Leto

Clean guy look, he can rock it. Punk rock star look, he can rock that too and the list of styles goes on!

14. Beyonce:

Queen Bey has transformed herself so immensely that it is hard to recall from where she started off.

She believes to stay in touch with latest trends in fashion and refining her appearance more with time.

15. Bjork:

The singer has been into this industry for almost 40 years and with time, she embraced her otherness.


Truly, no one can define reinvention better than Bjork.

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