Tom Jones Put His Mansion at Beverly Hills For Sale at £6.5 million

It is completely unusual for a celebrity home to be lashed for a fortune, and same goes for Sir Tom Jones’ LA mansion that has been put on sale at a heart breaking amount of £6.5 million.

Finally, a house once known for its exclusive decoration has now come to a conclusion and waiting for its fate to be decided.

This jaw-dropping beauty appeals the wealthy buyers with an outdoor pool and huge hedges for privacy.

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Sir Tom’s master piece spreads over half an acre:

Sir Tom’s mansion spreads on half an acre of land and is located in Mulholland Estates.

Sir Tom JonesThe location is not only a hotspot for rich and wealthy, but also offers a breathtaking view of LA City.

The 76 year old purchased this mansion in 1998 after splashing nearly £2.1million over it.

Sir Tom’s mansion is unique in its own way:

No words can justify the breathtaking beauty of the masterpiece but let us have a look, as what makes it so unique and appealing:

  • This Beverly Hill beauty worth four times greater than the actual purchase price paid by Sir Tom. The animal themed interiors display the wilder side of the house or let’s say the owner, maybe.
  • The Welsh singer seems to be greatly influenced by the leopard prints, as most of the flooring and carpeting has this unique printing.
  • The interior has the vintage-luxury and is mostly the combination of red, black and gold.

The mansion has undergone several refurbishments:

Since the purchase of this house, the What’s New Pussycat hit-giver has redecorated his house multiple times according to his taste and preference.

Sir tom jones green house

The furniture, floor and carpets have an extravagant leopard printing which seems to be a consistent theme throughout the house.

Sir Tom’s taste of decoration keeps on changing with time, but whatever his choice was; it stood out from the crowd. Well, it seems like his mansion has many tales to tell.

Why buyers are eager to buy it?

Tom’s mansion will soon get its new residents for sure, as this five-bedroom beauty can attract several buyers because of its unique features and drool-worthy interior.

As soon as you enter, you will come across a plush pad and will be greeted by a pleasant foyer with huge ceilings and spiral-shaped staircase.

The eccentric interior is decorated with ornaments from different countries along with astounding gold furnishing.

The prospect buyer will be greeted with a bunch of palm trees and a sculpted fountain, which will surely create a huge impression!

The jaw-dropping property

the animal print interior

modern appliances and features

Tom Jones’ mansion is far beyond a decorative masterpiece:

You might be wondering as this exclusive masterpiece only has decorative ornaments and leopard-printed floor, but no, this mansion has a lot more to offer its buyers.

lounging on this huge bedThis elegant house is well equipped with modern devices and appliances, including a glamorous kitchen that also includes some hints of leopard prints.

  • A bedroom-cum-lounge is a must-see place of this mansion: Moving on to the bedroom, it can be visibly seen that Sir Jones liked to spend his leisure hours in his bedroom.The lavish bedroom is a huge hall with a pair of sofa, TV and a fireplace. This exclusive combination will relax you in any way possible. And without any doubt, it is one of the most impressive rooms of the house.
  • interior oozes old-school luxuryThe ensuite bathroom is mesmerizing: Floored with marble, mansion’s mesmerizing bathroom has a big steam room and a spacious bath area.

Buyers will definitely go crazy over the vintage artwork and safari statues that make the home looks more glamorous.

There are several other rooms inside the mansion but the best part is, when the sun is shining.

love an eclectic styleIts huge pool side area can be used for pool parties and A-list events, where guests can enjoy and take sun bath.

Residents can safely have a private party because the building is guarded by huge hedges providing adequate privacy.

After all, who knows partying better than Sir Tom Jones? And believe it or not, this fancy estate is not the only jewel of his property crown.

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Sir Tom Jones – well known for his masterpieces too:

Last year, his Grade-II mansion in East Susssex was put on sale for £4.75million on the market.

Tribal and safari-inspired decor

The stunning estate looks over Beverly Hills

look around the mansion, which is located in Mulholland Estates

The Voice judge likes to remain in headlines and somehow manages to grab them all the time.

man with moneyWell, whatever his motive is, we cannot deny the fact that he owns a masterpiece in his possession, mansion known for its decoration, extravagance and architecture.

This house seems like a one-stop shop, where you can get everything you like.

Lately, any interested buyer can visit the mansion and take a look around.

Let’s hope that he finds the best buyer pretty soon!

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