Jay Cutler Steroids: #1 Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Jay Cutler Mr. Olympia is the professional American bodybuilder.

4x Mr. Olympia is famous for the genetics and hard work.

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The fitness and muscular development of Jay has been published in the fitness magazines.

Jay Cutler And Bodybuilding

Jason Isaac (Jay Cutler) started the construction work at the age of 11 years old and the started the training in the gym at age of 18 years and won the numerous competition as a beginner.

Jay left the sport and the bodybuilding in the year 2013 after getting the Mr. Olympia for the fourth time.

During the youth time period, he wanted to become a corrections officer for maximum security and joined the college for studying the criminal justice.

Through the construction work in the early age, he developed the muscular physique.

He participates in the NPC Iron bodies at the age of 20.

Jay Cutler at the age of 23 earned Pro Card and became a professional bodybuilder.

After the training of 10 years, he entered into the 23 massive competitions

In the year 2006 to 2010, he competes against Ronnie and Phil Heath in the Mr. Olympia.

Jay Cutler appeared on the stage in the year 2013 last time.

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Athlete Statistics Of Jay Cutler:

  • Height of the body: 5’9’’
  • Weight of the body:  260-275Ibs (In pounds)
  •  117.9- 124.7kg (In kilograms)
Body Measurements:
  • Arms: 21’’
  • Chest size: 58’’
  • Waist size: 34’’
  • Thighs:30’’
  • Calves: 19’’

Is Is True That Jay Cutler Use Steroid Or Natural?

Bodybuilding is extremely competitive in which Jay Cutler is one of the most successful bodybuilders.

The article is composed of the evidence that shows the use of steroid.

Make sure, our assumption is based on the evidence.

Is There Any Symptom Of Steroid Use?

There is a difference in the body of a natural bodybuilder and steroid user.

1. Skin Color:  (Positive)

The steroid can change the color of skin in a darker color for maintaining the internal heat of the body in order to prevent the internal organs.

You can observe the dark color of the skin in the various pictures of Jaya cutler.

2. Increased Vascularity: (Positive)

Thinning of skin depends upon the many factors such as the aging and genetics.

The steroid is one of the factors that can decrease the collagen production and appears the veins more prominent.

3. Steroid Gut: (Positive)

Steroid Gut is one of the side effects of Insulin and HGH. With this sign, you can easily identify the steroid user’.

Steroid gut is developed in the result of synergistic chemicals and nutrients.

The growth hormones are more likely to develop the swollen steroid gut.

4. Gynecomastia: (Positive)

There are many bodybuilders who suffer from the gynecomastia in which the excessive growth of male breast.

Jay Cutler Admitted The Steroid Use:

The superhero is admitted to taking steroids with his eight meals.

Jay Cutler took Steroids

He is in the same boat where you can find the Arnold, Ronnie and Rich Piana.

Jay Cutler in the mid of his bodybuilding journey realized that he could not achieve the success without the use of steroid.

In Cutler opinion, the steroid is an integral part of all the competitions as well as we also focused on the diet and training for achieving the perfect result.

He believed that the steroids play a role to keep him competitive in the bodybuilding.

Jay Cutler Steroids:

Jay Cutler probably used the bulking steroids for huge gains and maximum development of muscle

jay cutler DietDianabol and Deca Durabolin for massive gains and lifting the heavy weight during the off-season.

Sustanon is used for the production of testosterone in the body that contributes to hard gaining.

Anadrol with a combination of dbol and Deca maximize the result of possible gains whereas Aromasin is used to prevent the side effects of estrogen.

HGH is human growth hormone that is used for improving the recovery, increase the lean muscle mass and soothe joint pain.

Jay Cutler Diet Plan:

Jay Cutler takes care of his diet because the diet is responsible for the huge gain.

Jay Cutler bulking diet is composed of the 4,000 to 7,000 calories per day.

He always prefers the chicken breasts because it is composed of the rich source of protein.

Jay always eats every 2.5 hours per day.

Jay diet is composed of the 12 meals in which oats, egg whites, whey protein, fish, rice, banana, honey, pasta and turkey breast.

Jay Cutler Workout Training:

Jay Cutler workout training is composed of 5 days per week for twice.

Jay Cutler training

I do train for twice a day with fun as I am really enjoying a workout in the gym.

My wife trains together with me, this is my business.


Jay Cutler easily holds deadlift over 400 pounds and he prefers to focus on the exercise or workout which has, the less move for increasing the muscle mass instead of using the gym equipment and exotic exercises.

Jay prefers the more set on the larger part of the body instead of performing the more reps.

He avoided for resting between the heavy sets because at that time, you can easily burn out the more calories.

Jay Cutler workout routine is also incorporated with the rest time period for recovery of muscle.


jay cutler Steroids cycleJut Cutler had not appeared on the stage since 2013.

Jay Is not retired officially yet, but he does not need for competing.

Jay Cutler goal in the year 2015 is just for staying in the great shape and do some film work in the future.

We don’t know that jay continues the use of steroid or whether he cut the steroid intake.

Jay relates from the era 1990.

In the past era, steroid use considered as the legal and new in the market, so everyone is excited to use the steroid.