Jimmy Kimmel to Host The 2018 OSCARS

Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting in Oscars is like the strawberry topping on the ice-cream!


Kimmel truly masters his job as a host, something we have been witnessing from his show, Jimmy Kimmel live!

The man added charm to the 89th academy awards with his outstanding hosting skills and is all set to create his magic again!

Yes, he has been approached to host the Oscars 2018 and we do not doubt why Kimmel is on cloud nine these days!

The man has been blessed with the opportunity the very second time and we are looking forward to enjoy his screen presence again.

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The news has been confirmed by ABC stating that the host is all set to coalesce with the producers of Oscars 2018.

Jimmy Kimmel to host ceremony for a second time

While addressing to the questions pertaining to his hosting in Academy Awards, Jimmy credited the opportunity to host Oscars 2017 for the boost in his career.

He expressed his gratitude to Boone Isaacs, Hudson and the Academy for preferring him and believing in him.

He further articulated his contentment to work with his much adored producers Jennifer Todd and Mike De Luca again.

Jimmy hinted towards their special planning for the next year’s Oscars and believes that their efforts will please the ones who feel that the ending of Oscars 2017 was messed up by them.

Well, we are quite sure that Jimmy was pointing towards that much-talked faux pas wherein the winner for the best picture was erroneously announced to another nominee.

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Frankly, there isn’t a need for a second thought that Jimmy Kimmel is the best we have to host the 90th Academy awards.

Jimmy Kimmel to Return as Host of 2018 Academy awards

He is the pinch of salt that adds more charm to the Oscars!

His screen appearance, command and confidence on the stage are absolutely impressive.

The trio, Jimmy, Jennifer and Mike are back in action for 2018 Oscars, which is scheduled on March, 2018.

The eve is expected to be memorable and why not, after all it’s about honoring 90 years of Hollywood and we have the most efficient team on job!

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