Julia Meadows Weight Loss: Unexpected Results, Do They WORK [2019]

Mother of 2, Julia Meadows 33, reveals how she eradicated her cellulite and transformed her body in just 8 months! Now you can do it too.

Cellulite is the most popular growing issue amongst married woman, which gives your body a hideous look, plus it brings a lot of diseases with it.

Julia Meadows weight loss before and after

As people are dealing with this issue, some have really found a perfect treatment for that. Julia Meadows, who is a mother of two beautiful children from Melbourne is the perfect example in this case.

Due to her struggles with depression, she was a victim of emotional eating, which caused her body to gain about additional 66.5 kg (146.60 lbs).

On her daughter’s 4th birthday, Julia found himself in the position to make some change, from that day until eight months she transformed herself into the most incredible shape that we have witnessed.

She lost about 11 kilos in over just eight months period.

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Who would have thought a mother of two can bring an end to depression and shed over 11 kilos.

‘Instead of putting my frustration and sadness into something positive I ate my feelings and let myself go,’ Julia said this in an interview with Daily Mail Australia.

‘I decided for my daughter’s fourth birthday that enough was enough and I made myself accountable. I needed to be a good role model for my kids.

‘I had tried everything under the sun, but never fully committed – I knew this time it would be different’. It was hard always at the first time, the same thing happened to Julia at the beginning of his change course, but when you develop a strong will power you eventually find a way to overcome the stress issue.

Julia meadows weight loss results

Julia did the same thing, she cleaned her mind and washed off her thoughts as a whole. She adopted a perfect exercise and diet plan which helped her in this weight loss journey.

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Julia’s Diet and Exercise regimen!


Julia Meadows Exercise

  • Each Week there were 6 weight sessions of 45 minutes.
  • At home weights, before work or at the gym if I don’t have the kids
  • Park run on Saturdays and running for cardio whenever I can fit it in
  • For the first six months, I was doing HIIT training three times per week and running every other day


Julia Meadows diet plan

  • Breakfast- Healthy Mummy smoothie with berries or bananas, oat can work too
  • Snacks- Greek yogurt with fruit or herbal tea were appreciated
  • Lunch- Usually the left over from night which included chicken or salad
  • Snack- Nuts, Boiled eggs
  • Dinner- Mexican or sweet potato lasagna, recipes like these were on the top of my list.

Julia Meadow’s life before this change was actually a bit sad she says “I used to sit at home a lot and I never felt comfortable in my body which is why I always hid under baggy clothes”.

She also confessed that she ate a lot of takeaways and chocolates and after eating, she gets unhappy, which was a messed up case.

When Julia has seen the health program, The Health Mummy on Facebook she decided to go for the 28-day challenge in order to transform herself.

‘I had seen some great transformations on there so I signed up for a local running group and a boot camp and started following the meal plans on the Healthy Mummy website,’ she said.

Julia Meadows diet plan for weight loss

She was hugely intimidated by this because she went there with a negative mindset and no physical activity record. But as she goes further she put back her fears and prevailed the stress thingy, the mother of two, then noticed a remarkable change in her body shape and mindset within only three weeks.

‘I saw results really quickly. About three months in I started shopping for clothes and I could see and feel the difference,’ she said.

Now as you look at his physique, after shedding 11 kilos and transformed her body completely, Julia is now an example for the young moms and her toned physique is remarkably speaking of it.

She also experienced some extraordinary effects on her skin ‘it was glowing and I was full of energy at any time’. November 11, she ran 10 kilometers with her kid in a pram and was amazed that she could do it.

‘I am in the best shape of my life,’ she said. She doesn’t crave for unhealthy food anymore, plus she makes so delicious snacks.

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Top tips for success by Julia

  • Cellulite gets hard and harder over time, so drink plenty of water (three liters) per day. Water helps in reducing cellulite.
  • Keep doing the squats and lunges on a daily basis while you work or looking after kids.
  • Take a photo before you make a change, it will help you to see your progress.
  • Motivate yourself and change your routine completely.

If you look at the pictures taken before, I look kind of sad in it. This is the look that gave me a kick to bring change in my life. –Julia. The progress pictures were so much important and most of all, they told the whole story.

Julia set an example for the young mothers with her astounding motivation board. She preferred a healthy life with being a mother, which is why she has captivated so many lives.

Julia Meadows transformation photos

‘We mums are so much more capable than we think and if I can do it, I promise you that you can do it too,’ she said

‘The kids and I bake together every Sunday and we freeze anything we don’t plan on eating immediately. To heat up a great healthy muffin is so much better than picking up a brownie or cookie from the store.’

Julia advised women to stop comparing themselves and focus on their own journey of health. ‘Any type of progress is amazing and one shouldn’t stop trying if things aren’t working out in your case’ she said.

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Us moms are capable of so many things and all you need to do is give a try. You must go for it, it will change your life completely.