Kim Kardashian Claims to Lose 70 Pounds After Saint’s Birth

Kim Kardashian before and after

Kim Kardashian claims to close 70 pounds only after 7 months of giving birth to her second child Saint West.

The 36 year old reality star surprised her fans by posting before and after pictures of her on social media.

Unbelievingly, her results seem surprising, as she managed to get rid of her belly pouch in such a short period of time. 

Kim started the Atkins diet:

The Keeping Up With Kardashians celeb started Atkins diet, and later became the company’s spokesperson.

Kim Kardashian Atkin DietShe worked really hard to get rid of her extra weight, she put on during her pregnancy phase.

The star shared contentment upon her achievements, as she believes to reach her targeted goals.

Kim tried Atkins diet and it worked wonders for her. She is confident that she has lost almost 70 pounds through her struggles.

Kim shared to put herself into an extra gear by keeping her focus intact.

It is completely natural to feel to move out of track in the midway and it happens with all of us, she added.

But this time she was determined not to get distracted and went on with her Atkins diet. She is totally satisfied that she has lost even the last few pounds that she wished to lose.

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Phenq banner

Kim documented her weight loss journey on social media:

Kim always prefers social media to update her fans about her personal and professional ongoing.

Kim Kardashian pregnancy weight loss

And like always, she made timely posts regarding her struggle with weight loss. The 5’3” star said to gain almost 60 pounds during her pregnancy as her pre-pregnancy weight was 135 pounds.

In January, the star proudly announced losing 20 pounds successfully.

While in April, she expressed her desire to lose further 20 pounds from her weight. And surprisingly, a month later, she achieved her pre-pregnancy size.

Well, it seems like the star worked with determination and consistency throughout!

Kim took Atkins diet before too:

Kim Kardashian lost her weight after babyKim took Atkins diet after giving birth to her first child North West in 2013.

She once told E! News that she’s trying to lose weight quickly after the birth of Saint, as she has now learned to eat better.

Kim became a super mom:

Kim did not stay in her nest cooing and cuddling her baby but stepped out from her comfort zone to make a difference.

Immediately after giving birth, the reality star did not take a break and started to shed her extra pounds, gained during the pregnancy.

Let us say Kim’s biggest motivator was her summer GQ cover, in which she posed almost nude.

She once told WWD that if you commit for a shoot, you have to be there by any means.

It made her feel really good to see how far she has reached. For this, she had to lose 60 pounds and it sounds crazy to her!

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Kim preferred to take professional help:

Besides her daily workout routine, which Kim used to post regularly on Snapchat, she used to visit gym at 6am with her trainer Don Brooks.

Kim Kardashian workout at Gym

She also started Atkins 40 diet that restricts your calorie intake up to 40 grams a day.

She followed the diet strictly and this time, she did not leave any stone unturned to get in shape.

For her, losing weight was a bit difficult after North’s birth, but after her second pregnancy, she feels more confident and determined.

It’s not only about the workout:

kim kardashian weight loss workoutKim loves to workout but you need to exercise a lot to tone your body, she added.

But, it is not always about hitting gyms and running, it is paying a special attention towards the diet too, as you really need to cut your daily caloric intake.

Kim confessed of having a sweet tooth and how she had to control her cravings to shed weight. You have no other option but to curb it as much as possible.

She loves her after-baby body and takes it as a challenge.

She is amazed by the power of a women’s body, as how incredibly it goes through so many changes and possesses such admiring capabilities.

Kim’s crazy weight loss – at a glance:

Kim Kardashian 2017 weight loss

  • Speeding up the weight loss: We might wonder, if Kim got so obsessed with weight loss, how she will balance it with motherhood. Yes, Kim was aggressive and eager but not reckless.Despite of the weight loss, she wanted to produce breast milk. Kim’s nutritionist Colette Heimowitz wanted her to have a slow and steady weight loss and so she designed a diet plan that has the nutritional value for lactating mothers.
  • Balanced diet: To keep up with the weight loss, Kim consumed a lot of proteins and essential fats and balanced it with high-fiber carbs. Her routine meal consists of spinach, Greek yogurt, broccoli and salad.

Well, her journey is truly inspiring but that’s not the end for Kim.

She is determined to bring down her weight further to 120 pounds. Considering her dedication and love for her ‘sensational figure’, we believe there is no such word as impossible in her dictionary! 

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