Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Kelly Osbourne, 31 years old star has undergone unbelievable transformation since 2009 and became the beauty of the May issue of “SElF” cover.

She underwent an incredible transformation by dropping the 70 pounds.

Kelly OsbourneThe young star has become a successful actress and a fashion designer.

She is going to be encouraging the insecure women’s through her inspire quotes and the pictures on the social media.

Kelly Osbourne has always famous as named “The Chunky one”.

As Kelly grows up, she admitted her excess weight and expressed a lot of personal insecurities including the eating disorders.

She has been completely keeping her health to be maintained and trim after suffering from a seizure due to Lyme disease.

She had identified many symptoms which are matched by her conditions in online quizzes.

She tested as well and the results were positive of 3rd stage Lyme disease. (US Weekly)

Kelly said that it is hard to compromise with my breakfast, evening snacks and to avoid drinking of soda, I don’t even like the diet foods which keeps me always to be hungry.

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How The Kelly Osbourne’s Stays Motivated In Every Tarck?

I keep motivated myself as working most of the time like a gym rat.

I have learned most of the things how to eat and how to work with looked myself in front of the mirror to check what scale do you match with.

A whole new kinda rope burn!!! #FeelingTheBurn???

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She said: I don’t even compare myself with the famous celebrities. I set up the goals and working on my physique instead of watching others because If you want to become like the Angelina Jolie, most probably you are going to be losing or down your hopes. Why don’t you start to improve your physique do you have.

I am lucky one to have a friends and family members that are really supportive. The only thing I perfectly believe in myself, although I’m not perfect, I constantly make mistakes.

Despite from my mistakes I love to be in my skin. It seems like to be boring that I will  never upgrade my perfectness as I don’t want to be doing anything.

Statistics of Kelly Osbourne’s:

  • Height of the body = 5’2”
  • The weight of the body= 126Ibs

How did the Kelly lose 70 pounds? See Kelly’s Outstanding Transformation:

Kelly Osbourne struggled with her overweight issues since she was considered as teens. It was shocking for most of us after looking her recent pictures on the social media that is completely different.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Having an appearance that shows improved physique and a skinny look .

  1. The Instagram is full of Kelly’s inspiring pictures during eating and workout trainings.
  2. Kelly revealed her secrets of diet plans and trainings for weight loss.

The Kelly Obsurne’s Diet Plan Guide:

We are sharing the diet plans of Kelly that is responsible for the rapid transformation.

Her diet plan is included in a 4 times of the meal at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (morning, afternoon, evening and a bedtime snack).

These diet plans of Kelly Obsurne’s are carefully designed by her trainer.

                                        KELLY OBSURNE’S DIET FOR WEIGHT LOSS
BreakfastRaisin Bran, two egg whites and low fat cheese (7-8 AM)
Morning SnackCucumbers
LunchGrilled chicken salad, chickpeas and mozzarella (2PM)
Afternoon snackJell with free sugar and low fat cheese
DinnerTurkey burger, steamed vegetables with low content of fat on cheese
Evening SnackAn apple, spinach salad with low fat topping

Scroll down to look up the more detail of every part of the meal. 

kelly osbourne diet plansBreakfast:

  • 1 bowl of oats, egg whites and low fat cheese.
  • Blueberries, strawberries and almond butter.
  • Hemp seeds or Chia seeds
  • 1 Cup of green tea with lemon to detox the system + 2 pills of Garcinia Cambogia

The regular breakfast (7-8 Am) is loaded with a 450 calories that can keep her stomach full for up to the 4 to 5 hours. The trainer also instructs her about the best time for consuming a carbohydrate and full of fiber into the morning time.


She felt a hunger attack around 2pm after a breakfast. Lunch is almost consists of the grilled chicken salad or the organic mixed salad with mozzarella.

Kelly’s used the lower calorie dressing on salad such as Sugar Asian Sesame. These low calorie diet acts as a catalyst to loosen up her 75Lb of weight in each day.


Dinner is usually consists of the steamed protein such as the turkey breast, steamed chicken and fish. She combined her dinner with some content of carbohydrates and fibers like quinoa, kidney beans and brown rice. This diet helps her to overcome the appetite at the night time.

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The Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Training Guide:

I spent a half hour on the cardio exercises, treadmill and whatever I want to do like lifting of weights, yoga or the Pilates.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Kelly Osbourne has worked six times in a week for the Dancing with the stars that swap her life.

I worked out in the gym at least three times in a week. Kelly personal trainer Sarah in 2009, was corrected her mistakes. Sarah instructs Kelly for the power plate, Bosu and the high intensity cardio exercises.

Kelly spent must 15 minutes on the yoga and jogging to warm up. Other exercises include in the squats, push ups and different exercises.