Kim Kardashian Trying to Concieve the Third Baby

On multiple occasions, Kim Kardashian has openly shared her concern regarding her third pregnancy, which is expected to be full of health risks.

She shared how risky her next delivery can be, particularly after facing placenta accreta, a severe condition in which placenta remains firmly attached to the uterus wall even after the childbirth.

This placenta was supposed to be detached in her previous deliveries, but could not.

However Kim doesn’t feel discouraged and wants to have a third child naturally.

Off late, she shared her intention of undergoing uterus surgery, as she wants to conceive trouble-free.

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In a recent clip of Keeping up with the Kardashian, the star revealed that she has to undergo the surgery, to repair a hole.

Kim Kardashian Third Baby Pregnancy Plans

This surgery will help her clean up the uterus, as there is a scar tissue that can cause great complications for her.

It is going to be a high-risk pregnancy – only if she is able to get pregnant.


Well this is not the first time Kim has discussed her pregnancy and the associated health risks.

But considering her current condition, we ought to think that is uterine surgery the only option available for her?

Kim Kardashian Kanye WestThe answer is No, as the star has once talked about considering surrogacy.

This talk about selecting surrogacy was once shown in an episode of Keeping Up with Kardashians, where Kim expressed her desire to explore surrogacy.

This time (in her third pregnancy) Kim would not go with the conventional way.

Well, it seems like Kim has changed her mind and wants to do everything on her own, so we bet surrogacy is no longer an option for her, anymore!


Kim has been fully aware of the risks that would come with her upcoming pregnancy, and not only this time, was she warned during the time of Saint West too.

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Kim kardashian kayne kids

In an interview to C magazine she shared that her doctors believed she might end up having placenta accrete after the birth of Saint West.

Kardashian already had this condition after her first delivery, so if the placenta gets deeper than it did previously, then the chances of removing the uterus will increase.

She is scared of that and has decided to go with this slowly.

Kim Kardashian baby girlKim’s husband seems too eager to have the third child.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked about their future plans, his response was ‘let’s see what happens’.


Kim believes that having more kids would be a struggle.

She has been gone through bad pregnancies and so the doctors have discouraged her from conceiving more.

For her, this surgery is the last option she can try.

She wants her kids to have siblings and will ensure to take every possible step to make this happen.


Kim has shared in an interview with C magazine that doctors have discouraged her from conceiving the third child.

kim reveal her 3rd baby dangerThey believe it is completely unsafe as her placenta has gone deeper into the uterus after delivering Saint West.

There are some chances of complications as it may result in removing the uterus at all.  

Kim has previously disclosed that the surgeons have encouraged her to consider surrogacy over traditional birth.

It seems like Kim has paid no heed over doctors’ advices and has decided to opt for surgery which she believes is the only way out of her problem.


Kim’s family has shown great concern over her decision and has been completely surprised.

Kim Kayne holding baby

Her feelings came as an utter surprise while she disclosed this on the US show. On the news, Corey Gamble responded that he does not want Kim to do anything risky.

Kim’s half-sister Kendall Jenner surprisingly added that she thought she (Kim) was done with babies.

Well it is not just Kendall, even her fans seem to be surprised too.

Only the Yeezy Rapper, Kanye, seems too excited for the third child and has expressed his desire openly.

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It has been quite awkward to see Kim preparing for the third child, particularly when her pregnancy is involved with so many risks.

kim kardashian surogacy babyThough the 37 year old star has always been frank in expressing her desire to extend her family, but going to the extent of a surgery is just too strange.

Well Kim, have you ever wondered what your fans think of your decision?

Will they be happy to see you risking your life?

Have you been pressurized to undergo a surgical incision?

I guess Kim owes us a lot of explanation here!