Scarlett Moffatt Weight Loss: Let Us Show You Pics + Results! [2020]

Scarlett Moffatt’s fans are going crazy over her weight loss recently, in a period three months the gorgeous lady lost about three stones which are quite a big achievement.

Scarlett Moffatt flashes smile while walking

Scarlett is only 26 years old, after a weight reduction the star was asked by social media about the lifestyle because people want to know in order to bring the change in their lives, Scarlett has gone to size 10 from size 16.

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Started her career at Channel 4, Scarlett usually appears with her parents on the show on the respective channel.

She personally endorsed her weight loss to numerous factors which includes:

  • Cutting down junk and other oily food items
  • Regular Workout with her boyfriend
  • Her workout DVD “Scarlett Super Slim me Plan”.

While speaking to the Heat Magazine in an interview, she admitted that she had lost over three stones and 4 pounds of weight and her three-year-old cousin actually weigh the same.

scarlett moffatt weight loss success story

‘I’ve lost 3st 4lb, and that’s roughly what my three-year-old cousin Noah weighs. It’s like I’ve been piggybacking Noah for years and I’ve just dropped him off at school.’

Exquisite breast is something every lady wants, and with a perfect size, it really adds a charm to the body.

Scarlett is working hard at the gym of which she is totally getting the positive effects, but she is foremost happy about the size of her bra.

She actually brought it from J cup size to a DD.

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“I was throwing my old bras out and my little sister – she’s only 10 – could fit her whole head in one cup! It’s such a nice feeling to have so much more energy, I’m happier now.”

On her Instagram page, Scarlett mentioned that she still cannot believe that she actually successfully achieved her fitness goal.

Over the last weeks, she has been sharing her before and after pictures which show a remarkable change in her body tone and size. 

“I can’t quite believe it myself, to be honest, sometimes I forget just how much weight I’ve lost.

scarlett moffatt weight loss 2017‘It’s amazing how you can lose something (over 3 stone) but gain so much (confidence, health, fitness) if I can do it you can.”

Scarlett Moffatt certainly achieved her fitness goal in a very tidy and prompt way, of course, anyone can do it with the same level of passion and dedication.

As she said, one can transform their bodies in the same way.

As a motivation, if you follow her methods and stay in the same pattern Scarlett chose to be on, you can certainly imitate her success to yourself.

The story of her body transformation started when Scarlett visited a doctor and found out that her BMI was in the danger zone, also she was pre-diabetic.

‘I have been tested for diabetes because my BMI puts me in the danger zone,’ she told Heat magazine in April 2016.

‘It was a real scare and I know I need to sort myself out and lose weight.’

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‘I knew I was overweight, but when I went to the doctor for a checkup, she said: “You’re not overweight, you’re obese.” I was really shocked; I almost cried.’

They were sad days for Scarlett in living the truth that she is becoming an obese person.

Scarlett's Superslim me planSome people just cry about it, but not herself, she intended to be someone different and she strives to have finally brought her changes.

When her workout DVDs were starting to film, Scarlett had to come across some of the uncanny past experience which somehow jolted her down.

She stated “’ Last time I weighed myself I was 8st 7lb but I think that dream is long gone,’ she said beforehand. ‘I feel sick… I want to vomit.’

After when she found out her weight is actually 11th 4lbs, Scarlett emotionally broke down “’I can’t believe it.

It’s not healthy, I’m only 25 and like 5ft. My weight will only go down from now.”

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It was certainly a hard time for her to manage, it was emotionally disturbing for her as things didn’t work out for her.

So she stuck to her strict exercise regimen, diet and worked hard to finally achieve her personal goal.

She further said to the Belfast Telegraph “In a lifetime, there is a point where you think that I am okay with the size I have, but after it starts haunting you and affects your health, you need to do something about it.”

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As a ballroom dancer, she re-entered to her passion for a workout with her boyfriend Luke Crodden who is also keeping himself fit and perform exercises with Scarlett as well.

The couple is truly an inspiration. At first, she wasn’t punctual at the gym, but after she experienced certain health complaints it made her hit three times a week to the gym.

In August 2016, Scarlett revealed that her diet regimen doesn’t including cutting her favorite food at all.

She eats kebabs more than once a week, which previously she described it as “Battling a takeaway addiction”.

In an interview with Now Magazine, Scarlett admitted that she cannot resist the doner meat, ‘truthfully, I have it maybe once or twice a week’, and that she can eat ‘a week’s worth of calories’ in one sitting.’

Scarlett Moffatt weight loss before and after 2017Scarlett Moffatt also told the people about the positive outcomes because of her weight loss in her daily life routine.

‘Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s the little things that make me now smile every day.

Running up the stairs without getting out of breath, I now can enjoy going shopping, I wake up and my back doesn’t ache.

Lovelies if I can do it you definitely can,’ she exhilarated her fans in a recent post.

Scarlett DVD contains the latest endeavor about her life, Super Slim Me Plan, which released out on boxing at 2016.

Keeping a precise fitness goal is something everyone should do once in a while, it doesn’t only bring comfort in your life, but it also gives you mental capabilities to treat different things in an ideal way.

Speaking about Scarlett, by means of a perfect exercise plan, she is using this technique to bring a balance to her life.

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