LDD (Liquid Diet Drops)- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

LDD Liquid Diet drops is a supplement that is available in the liquid form.

  • Are LDD Liquid diet drops actually effective?
  • Can you rely on this product for the weight loss?

LDD Liquid diet dropsIt has the ability to

  • elevate metabolism
  • boost energy
  • suppress the feeling of hunger

Just like the other brands of diet drops, LDD drops have its dieting regime that the can guide the users to lose maximum weight in less period of time.

Currently, on the market two types of drops are available

  • HCG-based
  • Fruit or herbal-based diet drops

In case of LDD Liquid Diet Drops, it is a natural herb and extract based product.

LDD Liquid Diet Drops’ producers claim it is not only helpful for weight reduction, but it can also come handy to provide other health benefits.

Honestly, there are various different health claims from Evolution Slimming and to learn better about this product, our review will help you out.

What is LDD Liquid Diet Drops?

LDD Liquid Diet Drops is a product of Evolution Slimming, a name that does not need any introduction in the weight loss industry. 

liquid diet formula with no hormones

This oral drop weight loss supplement is being touted as one of the best and unique weight reduction formula that is available at the current time.

Moreover, it is an apt alternative for HCG oral drops that currently available under the name of various brands.

Liquid Diet Drops has its dieting plan that they call the LDD VLC Protocol (very low calorie). This dieting program is quite similar to HCG diet, but it does have numerous different aspects too.

Additionally, LDD VLC is part of LDD Liquid Diet Drops purchase.

Here are a few positive claims of LDD Liquid Diet Drops

  • Suppression of Appetite
  • Fat burning
  • Metabolic and Energy booster
  • Safe and effective product


The composition of LDD is totally free of any type of hormone.

LDD diet drops label

The formula has essential natural amino acids.

1. L-Ornithine:

An amino acid that has an impactful role in the cycle of urea (also popular with the name of Ornithine cycle).

2. L-Carnitine:

It has the ability to generate the effects of HCG. Thus, it can accelerate the fat metabolism.

The ratio of fat secretion goes up that indicates you will get more ability to melt excess fat deposit.

3. L-Arginine:

An amino acid that is highly helpful for proper functioning of the immune system, proper secretion of the hormone, the healing process of wounds and excreting ammonia.

The presence of this element in the supplement means reduced blood pressure and fast healing period.

4. L-Glutamine:

It is not an essential amino acid, but it has the potential to speed up the recovery time after the physical work.

It is also great for maintaining and regulating stomach and immune system.

5. Niacin or Vitamin B3:

This vitamin is good to plunge the levels of bad cholesterol and it does have various other health benefits to offer.

6. Maca:

Maca or Lepidium meyenii has been in use for centuries.

Various studies suggest that it has the potential to improve mood, decrease anxiety, better libido, and enhanced levels of energy.

7. Pygeum Africanum:

Its origin is from a tree and that tree is common to find in South Africa.

It is quite common to use for treating and reducing male sex organ issues.

8. Beta-Alanine:

It is also another non-essential type of amino acid, that is kind of supportive for generating Carnosine that prevents building up of lactic acid during the workout session.

Therefore, it can be helpful for improving the levels of performance during the sports activity.

9. Astragalus:

It is a cardinal element that has the capabilities to shield body against emotional or physical stress.

It is basically a type of antioxidant that can easily elevate the overall immune system of the human body, lower the blood pressure and have anti-inflammatory characteristics.

10. Rhodiola:

Rhodiola or Golden Root is a plant that is usually present in cold climates.

Several studies suggest that it is great for improving mood and keeping the depression at bay.

Moreover, this compound is also quite helpful for recovery process and improving physical as well as mental health.

So what does the ingredient list accentuate?

After careful examination of the ingredient list, it is quite skeptical, as we are not sure whether this supplement is relevant to exercise recovery or a supplement that can relate to weight loss.

Why are we saying this?

Most of the substances that are listed in the ingredient list are non-essential ingredients in terms of weight loss and they are available even separately through any sport nutritional retailers.

However, a few of the ingredients have the tendency to be helpful in encouraging the weight loss effect but not all the ingredients are effective and that is something that should not be associated with a good and reliable weight loss supplement.

Side Effects/ Drawbacks

The product itself does not cause any side effects and it is safe for human use.

liquid Diet Plan

It is safe because it does not possess any hormones, something like HCG drops.

  1. The users should drink plenty of water.
  2. The calories intake is not sufficient for the use of LDD.

Therefore, the consumer should compensate the deficiency of essential minerals through taking multivitamins

  • The small side effects include:
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue

Whereas the serious side effects include gallstones among the other issues

Where to buy LDD Liquid Diet Drops?

LDD Liquid Diet Drops is only available from Evolution Slimming.

However, if you are willing to buy it from Amazon or eBay, make it sure, that you will be buying it from the official account of Evolution Slimming.

Because if you happen to buy it from any unofficial retailer, the chances will be high that you will end up paying extra charges or get a counterfeited product.

Final Comment:

The results of LDD Liquid Diet Drops are mainly because of the low-calorie diet and there is almost no evidence that confirms the product itself is helpful for extreme weight loss journey.

Buy ldd diet dropsMoreover, there are clinical studies that are available even on the official site for guidance.

It is all about low-calorie diet and it is not a hidden secret that low-calorie diet for an extensive period of time is not a healthy option.

However, if you are, still, willing to opt for the low-calorie diet, you will not need to go for LDD drops to reduce weight because then you will be losing weight on your own.

Therefore, paying almost £49 just for a product that not even giving any sort of guarantee, simply lead us to ask what the point is in spending that much money!

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