Noocube Review- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

NooCube is smartly designed for the people who have a weak cognitive site where some of the main ability of a person resides.

There is a wide range of supplements available these days to enhance the cognitive skills of an individual.

Noocube Review - the best nootropic supplements

Why is it so important to polish your cognitive site?

We, humans, are living in the most advanced era where the mental capabilities of an individual count more than the physical one.

Traits like multitasking, speaking, listening and other skills are associated with your cognitive locale.

It is a supplement for your mental health to improve your cognitive skills using all the naturally extracted ingredients.

While dealing with different aspects of the brain it is a must to keep the usage of any compound in control or it could cause addiction.

NooCube, on the other hand, is devoid of the most famous ingredient Caffeine, which in many cases have caused conditions like insomnia and restlessness.

Usually, Nootropic substance is very much useful for improving cognitive skills, but the ratio of side effects should also be taken into accounts.

Let’s find out if this brain supplement is really up to what it says.

What is NooCube?

Manufactured by Ergo Group Limited, NooCube has gained quite of recognition, especially in the social media.

Noocube smart drugs

The company is situated in U.A.E, however, it is not specialized in the health supplement since the company has its own various business lines.

But it doesn’t make NooCube an unauthorized product.

After getting released at the start of the year NooCube has gained maximum fame amongst people, I wasn’t sure if I should look up to the reviews available on different web pages because most of them deal with the fake reviews.

But after watching this brand continually inspiring people on different social networks I must say, this product has got something in it.

Because you cannot just get positive reviews about a product on social networks without it being useful.

Coming to the product itself, the information available on the official website of NooCube contains sufficient enough knowledge about this product and the conditions it is used for.

noocube cognitive enhancerNootropic substance in NooCube improves brain functions like memory, focus, mental strength and other cognitive skills which a person uses regularly.

Every brain supplement claims to give you the same effects, but NooCube actually provides you a full factual data about the science of this product.

Every ingredient that has been used in NooCube has a brief scientific data available for the visitors.

The Company has developed this product with some of the most potent and effective natural brain enhancers.

I am not saying that every scientific study about NooCube is approved internationally, but the data are somehow quite promising which leaves very positive remarks from visitors.

Most people have experienced good effects, but that doesn’t mean everybody gets the same physiology.

The effects of NooCube vary from person to person, but the main features of this product remain the same.

Does it really work?

Speaking about the effects of the Smart drug on an individual, it depends on the physiology of a person.

Noocube Brain booster supplements

Some people are able to achieve the desired outcomes from NooCube while others can’t.

This is because everyone’s body system is working on a different pattern which is why some people tends to digest it more pronounced while others cannot because somehow their body systems cause hindrance.

NooCube contains a natural Nootropic substance which does not come under the heading of “Drugs” which is why it is okay even if it wouldn’t have any effects on you. But when it does, it surely affects positively.

Cognitive enhancers don’t usually need an FDA approval because the formula can be used without expecting any dangerous side effects.

In most cases, these supplements provide an effective result which is why they have been used more than getting ignored.

Noocube is one of the brain supplement that has inspired its users right after 2 days of trial, speaking about its effects the users have experienced a mental elatedness, their concentration level was drastically increased so does the cognitive skills.

The feedback from the customers is positive to this day.

Noocube TestimonialsNot every brain pill is a magic remedy to treat all the requisitions at once, even the manufacturer of NooCube has advised their customers to not solely rely on this product only for the desired outcomes.

While using Noocube the company explains their customers to maintain their diet in a proper way and get enough amount of sleep each day so the effects shall be more noticeable.

From an ethical point of views, this is something new coming from the Ergo Group Limited, unlike the manufacturers who only targets the inexperienced users to sell them a scam product just to earn money.

If you are new to the brain supplement world, then you won’t be fooled by NooCube and the company who manufactures it.

In the official website ( , directions for use are available for the first time users.

For the new people, it is mentioned to take 2 capsules each day with breakfast.

The maximum dose of NooCube is 4 capsules a day, which a person shouldn’t exceed to, in the case of overdose the ratio of side effects is quite low, but it is also less dangerous for the new users who are not used to the Nootropic substance.

The manufacturer also advised users not to take these capsules along with any stimulants which increase the effects of NooCube.

The Onset of action appears in 30-45 minutes after intake and it lasts for about 10-12 hours.

On some people with a fast metabolic rate, Noocube effects appear faster.

The claims about the long-term effects of NooCube is what makes this Brain pill the most effective one in the market.

Most of the brain enhancing supplement last for only 5 hours in your systems after which a person is brought back to his/her original mental situation.

What makes Noocube different than the other supplements is its fast onset of action which lasts for the most time periods.

As a product rises to its zenith, there will always be cases where it causes a sense of dissatisfaction amongst some people.

Noocube undoubtedly covers its maximum users with positive feedbacks, however in some users it causes no effects. But that doesn’t mean it generates side effects on them.

Active Ingredients of NooCube

The active ingredients are what makes a product effective or useless.

Nootopics ingredients in Noocube

We know for sure about the active constituents used in NooCube but the excipients that are used with it are unknown.

An excipient is a substance used for different purposes other than the active ingredients.

Some excipients are used for a binding purpose, while some improve the integrity of active ingredients within a shell. 

The capsule shell is mainly made by the gelatin extracted from an animal source and have a rapid absorption time.

It is mentioned that NooCube is manufactured under the high-tech facility approved by FDA.

Some people presume it might be situated in the US since the approval of FDA can only be given to the facilities located in that area.

But this is a wrong perception, located in the United Arab Emirates, the manufacturing plant of Ergo Group Limited uses the high-tech facility to make NooCube.

Let’s look at each ingredient and their brief actions on the human brain.

  1. Alpha GPC (Glycerylphosphorylcholine):Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC)Alpha GPC is a natural compound that works by elevating the level of Acetylcholine. Since Alpha GPC is renowned for improving memory and learning skills which is why it has been added in many brains boosting supplements.A neurotransmitter like Acetylcholine is a kind of chemical that helps in the communication between brain cells.With more amount of Acetylcholine, an effective communication takes place between brain cells, which leads to enhancing the cognitive skills in a remarkable way.In some studies, it was shown that Alpha GPC is used for improving cognitive functions in both healthy individuals and those who suffers from dementia.While in the US the function of Alpha GPC is not much elucidated, in Europe the same compound is used in the treatment of Alzheimer disease in an older aged patient. It might be a useful addition to the formulation.
  2. Cat’s Claw:Not much of studies have shown the advantages of Cat’s claw in treating Cognitive functions. However, this plant from the ancient origin helps in treating many diseases.The chemicals which Cat’s claw contains prevents the neurons to get damaged and boost the functions of the immune system.  It doesn’t come in the stimulant category but is helpful in killing a different kind of viruses and bacteria present in our gut.There is a reason why Cat’s claw has been added to NooCube, is because of its Antioxidant property. A brain boosting pill with an antioxidant is considered an extra benefit to treating the various mental problems.
  3. Huperzine A:The effects are somehow resembling with Alpha GPC because of its potency in treating Alzheimer disease and mild cases of dementia.The compound is 100% natural and sometimes considered as an “Artificial Drug” because of its tendency to enhance brain functions.NooCube has enlisted Huperzine A as an ingredient because some studies have shown its efficacy in treating memory loss problems which are what NooCube takes care of.
  4. Oat Straw:In the official page of Noocube, they have given about 2 researchers regarding the effects of Oat Straw in treating cognitive functions, but unluckily they are not recognized by the medical world.One of the great features of Oat Straw that it reduces the blood sugar and cholesterol level. Its effects on the brain are still unknown, however, we can conclude that it might be an extra additive to control other issues of a person’s body other than mental illness.The studies look promising though!
  5. Bacopa Monnieri:It is one of the common ingredients used in Nootropics. This plant extract is used in the scenes where a person has a difficult time in the thinking process.Bacopa simply multiplies the number of neurotransmitters, thereby improving your cognitive functions in an effective way. Thinking skills are remarkably enhanced after its single use, which is why it has been added to NooCube.Besides treating cognitive skills, it also prevents neuron damage to take place.
  6. L-theanine:effects of l-tyrosine on cognitive functionL-theanine is basically an amino acid which has the same structure as Glutamate, found mostly in green tea.Glutamate is an important neurotransmitter which is quite beneficial for improving brain functions, but it hasn’t been proved that L-theanine has the same effects as Glutamate.Still the effects look favorable at treating neural insufficiency. Green tea has a relaxing effect on the nervous system so in this way L-theanine might have the same partial effects.
  7. L-Tyrosine:Also from the class of amino acids, but not functions as a neurotransmitter. L-Tyrosine is involved in the secretion of Dopamine and Noradrenaline which are two hormones responsible for sharp focus and mental alertness, especially in the stressful situations.The compound can also be beneficial for treating anxiety and other similar mental conditions. The exact effect of L-Tyrosine in the brain is unknown, but the traces of these little effects can also be useful which is why it is added to NooCube.

NooCube Safety Criteria

Noocube is a safe form of the smart drug which does not cause unwanted side effects if used at the recommended dose.

Noocube brain boost benefits

Most of the active ingredients in Noocube are effective and cause mild side effects when the user exceeds 4 capsules per day.

That doesn’t mean NooCube is a dangerous supplement, but in the case of overdose, even the safest form of treatment can cause fewer side effects.

In the case of substance abuse, the active ingredients of Noocube can cause epigastric problems such as mild diarrhea, lack of sleep or elevated blood pressure.

It should also be kept in mind that in the case of overdose, some people might experience effects which are totally opposite of what they expected from this product.

It includes muscle fatigues, confusion, blurred vision, vertigo and other related mental issues.

Talking about Noocube, not a single complaint has been observed, but the company has instructed its users for every scenario it can cause.

But still, these side effects might be difficult for the people who already have a health problem.

Some people are on medication and NooCube must not be used in this condition unless you have discussed it with your healthcare practitioner.

Noocube shall not be mixed with any other stimulant which is why it is prescribed to take Noocube Capsule early in the morning just in time when you have coffee.

Also, Noocube should not be used by the children under 18 and is highly contraindicated for pregnant women.

The ingredients are not tested well in those individual so precautions must be taken.

Benefits of Noocube

Noocube comprises one of the best Nootropics which are also being used in many brain enhancing treatments.

enhance brain functionIn earlier days the ingredients were used separately in each supplement, but the manufacturer of Noocube are the pioneer of blending all the ingredients in one formulation.

The effects of Noocube appear in most of the others which include improving cognitive skills such as strong memory, mental alertness and focus and sharp learning skills.

It would also be used to treat anxiety and for mood swings.

The action is faster than any other brain supplement and the benefits will go for 10 hours steady.

The effects of Noocube on students were astonishing where it avoided the chance of stressful learning.

Some ingredients in Noocube tend to prevent neuron damage which further causes this supplement to preserve its action for a longer time period.

You also will be protected from the neuron degenerative diseases and since it doesn’t contain caffeine so you won’t be experiencing any unwanted side effects, UNLESS YOU OVERDOSE.

Why Noocube?

In certain Nootropics, caffeine is the only ingredient that invites side effects to taking place.

Noocube nootropics results

While users of NooCube whether the new or experienced one can take advantage from this brain supplement without the fright of any unwanted effects.

It is a preferable choice for those who have used different brain supplements and found none useful. Noocube can be tolerated by the new users who are also a coffee drinker.

Cognitive enhancers are available in a wide range and Noocube is to this day the best choice amongst them all.

One of the perks of buying Noocube that it has 60 days money back guarantee.

For the complete refund, you must send the empty of half empty bottle to the company while it is enclosed by the guarantee.

Turns out that the company fully takes responsibility to ship you the other bottle if demanded in one week period of time.

Usually, this kind of long time money back guarantee is not provided by any company, Noocube is efficient remodeling its pride by being honest with its clients.

Where can you Buy Noocube?

The price range of Noocube is quite flexible and can only be purchased from its official website.

Buy Noocube SupplementsA single bottle containing 60 capsules is available at $43.23 which is a one month supply. Larger packs are available too for an extensive discounted rate.

They have a package system to where you can buy 3 bottles at the price of $86.47 and the package of 6 bottles at $129.70 only.

This is quite a catch and things get even better when you will find out that the company delivers the product to any region of the world and their shipping takes maximum a week.

Final Verdict

As a cognitive enhancer and an effective form of the smart pill, Noocube is the best of its kind.

It contains all the natural ingredients which are devoid of the lethal side effects. A safe choice for those who wants to prefer Nootropics to enhance their cognitive skills.

For both first-time and experienced users, Noocube is the wisest choice to let you open your brain functions and polish your mental capabilities.

If you are a student or in any profession that requires you to speak or memorizing a lot, Noocube can be a blessing for you.