Vi-Shape Shake- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

ViSalus Vi-shape Shake is easily available and it is believed to have an apt ingredient combination that is helpful for those who are willing to lose weight, not their self-confidence.

Watermelon-Cucumber Vi-Shape Shake

In the weight loss industry, today there are many options available in different forms such as weight loss supplements in form pills or shakes.

The shakes are considered ideal due to low on the calorie index and high on the benefits. The low-calorie food is said to be effective because it can lead to losing weight.

We are going to discuss associated information in a brief manner to let you experience the complete awareness that can help you to make the decision whether you are interested in buying this product or not.

Working Principle:

Vi-Shape Shake range is able to perform all the roles that a nutritional shake can!

It is easy to mix either with milk or soymilk (if you want to opt) to give the strength of a meal that includes 20 + grams of protein.

ViSalus Vi-Shake reviewVi-shape Shake range is a combination of components that have the capability of aiding lean muscles to be more productive in the fat burning process.

It supports body after workout session recovery as well.

Fibersol, being scientifically proven and tested through proper channel, it is a mixture of fibers that are prebiotic.

The biggest advantage of this mixture is to give the feeling of satiety without causing any gas that is normally a by-product of various kinds of fiber.

Prebiotics are helpful for probiotics or the microorganisms that are essential for internal system get multiplied and flourished.

They are helpful for your body immune system, maintenance, and various health benefits.

It also includes Aminogen that is considered an apt mixture that is for protein and nutrient absorption.


ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake has the following good points to offer.

  1. It is very low in fat and it is scientifically proven that eating less fat leads your body to have less fat on it.
  2. Though the sugar level is low, the taste is still good and it is an appreciable point as normally nutritional shakes that have low sugar, do not fall in the category of tasty food items but here the things are another way around.
  3. The shake promotes low-calorie intake which is again very helpful for the weight loss.
  4. The shake contains the low amount of sodium that is again a very positive sign because sodium tends to hold water in the user’s body that is not very good and it happens to cause water retention and it is another very common thing among obese people.
  5. The shake is Gluten Free and it means, it is not only the best option for people who are Gluten reluctant but it is also suitable for the healthy lifestyle.
  6. This shake is good for the health of heart
  7. This product is rich in fiber
  8. This shake is good for vegetarians
  9. This shake is kosher dairy
  10. The product is Non-GMO soy protein


As there is no clinical studies support that ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake can cause any sort of allergy, so long as the amount of dose is concerned, it is pretty simple.

The recommended quantity of the product is approximately 26grams in 24 hours that become almost 2 scoops of the product.

In one pack, there are almost 30 servings available and it can be taken before the workout, after the workout session or wherever you can fit this meal replacement into your lifestyle.

Draw Backs:

  1. The official site does not have all the information that is needed. (The site needs to provide more information)
  2. There are a few customers who are not very happy with company’s customer services. Hence, it implies that customer service needs improvement for an overall brand image.
  3. For some the price is expensive but in comparison to its benefits, the price is in the right range.
  4. There should have been some more clinical evidence to support Vi-Shape Shake.
  5. Some of the customers are not very happy due to not getting the desired results but there are a few variables that are supposed to be considered.

About Manufacturers:

ViSalus Vi-Shake is the product of ViSalus Company that has many other products in their product-line like supplements, shakes, and kits, and it falls under the category of MLM Company.

Coconut-Kale Vi-Shape Shake

This company’s vision is totally clear since its aim to help every single soul in this world to lose weight.

As per the company believes, it is our overweight that is the real problem, it generates other health issues and the company has been gathering like-minded people who are willing to confront their weight issues as well as establishing diet on healthy norms.


There are different flavors in the Vi-shake and the maximum number of ingredient list of Vi-Sake includes

  1. Vitamin A 1500IU =30%
  2. Vitamin C 18mg =30%
  3. Calcium 300mg =30%
  4. Iron 0.9mg =5%
  5. Vitamin D 120IU = 30%
  6. Vitamin E 9IU =30%
  7. Vitamin K 24mcg =30%
  8. Thiamin 0.45mg =30%
  9. Riboflavin 0.51mg =30%
  10. Niacin6mg =30%
  11. Vitamin B60.6mg =30%
  12. Vitamin B12 1.8mcg =30%
  13. Pantothenate (B5) 3mg =30%
  14. Phosphorous 300mg =30%
  15. Iodine 45mcg =30%
  16. Magnesium 120mg =30%
  17. Zinc 4.5 mg =30%
  18. Selenium 21mcg =30%
  19. Copper 0.6mg =30%
  20. Manganese 0.6mg =30%
  21. Chromium 36mcg =30%
  22.  Molybdenum22.g mcg =30%
  23. Folate 30%
  24. Biotin 30%
  25. Saturated Fat 0g
  26. Trans Fat 0g
  27. Cholesterol 15mg =5%
  28. Sodium 75mg =3%
  29. Potassium 125mg =4%
  30. Total Carbohydrate 7g =2%
  31. Dietary Fiber 5g =20%
  32. Sugar <1 g
  33. Protein 12g =24%

Final Comment:

To cut a long story short, people have mixed opinions about the product.

There are different facts that need consideration

  1. People may not be using it with the proper guideline or with the healthy routine.
  2. The official site has failed to provide the necessary information and it has given chance to the other opportunity seekers to exploit the brand name of ViSalus.
  3. The company needs to provide more authentic sources for scientific proof.

Thus, this shake has potential but the necessary things needs proper management.

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