Protein Shakes For Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Have you heard many times about the benefits of proteins?

Most often, Protein is essential for the maximum growth of muscle as well as promoting the weight loss.

There are many sources are available naturally or in the synthetic form, but the main thing is considered to identify the nutritional value within the specific protein.

Protein And Weight Loss:

Protein plays an important role in the weight loss.

According to the study, published in the journal of nutrition shows that consuming a higher protein, 0.55 grams per pound than the recommended can help you in the treatment of metabolic syndrome and obesity.

What is the Protein Shake?

Protein shakes are the drinks that are made by mixing the protein powder into the drink, you can add the other ingredients as well.

Protein shakes for Weight Loss

The protein shakes or Meal replacement shakes are easily incorporated into your diet and help to fulfill the protein requirement in the body.

The protein shake offers you  200 calories per glass so you can adjust the drink to your daily calorie intake.

  1. Count your calorie intake through BMI and calorie calculator that is available online.
  2. Always monitor or check the fat content, carbohydrates count and calorie count.

How Does The Protein Shakes Aid In The Weight Loss?

It performs the variety of functions such suppress the appetite, reducing food cravings and other which are mentioned as below:

1. Carbohydrate Alternative:

Protein shakes can perfectly replace the carbohydrate diet because the difference in both that carbohydrate provides immediate energy, undergoes the rapid digestion and loaded with the excess amount of calories, whereas proteins are better for makes you feel full, slower the digestion process and loaded with fewer calories.

2. Proteins Maximize The Growth Of Muscle:

Proteins are essential for maximizing the growth of muscle and strengthen your muscle to burn up the fat.

Proteins are the powerful thermogenic thus it can burn up the more calories and provides you the healthy and strong muscle.

3. Protein Shakes Suppress The Appetite:

Protein shakes can lower the level of Ghrelin in the body, a hormone that is responsible for stimulates the feeling of hunger.

The shakes provide you the Cholescystokinin sensation, a hormone that reduces the hunger.

4. Protein Shakes Are The Healthy Foods:

Protein shakes serve as the healthy meal. Though you don’t need to add extra content of protein in your diet.

You can also drink the protein shakes before the workout to maximize the energy levels.

5. Proteins Can Increase The Metabolism Rate And Prevent From The Metabolic Slow Down:

The higher intake of protein can boost up the metabolism rate that can burn out the more calories throughout the day.

According to the study, protein can boost up the metabolism rate and elevate the energy level for melting the stored fat.

6. Protein Shakes Maintain The Weight After Weight Loss:

The other most important effect of protein is that it plays a role to prevent from the Regain weight.

The Study shows that the individuals who lose their weight through protein have the fewer chances of weight gain as compared to those who are trying to lose weight with other methods.

The Most Popular Protein Powder On The Market?

There are a variety of protein powders are available on the market in which the most popular are Whey protein, Soy protein, Hemp protein, Casein protein, pea protein and rice protein.

  1. Isagenix Isalean
  2. Organifi Complete Protein
  3. Shakeology
  4. 18Shake
  5. Vega One
  6. GNC Total Lean Shake
  7. Vi-Shape Shake
  8. Ideal Shake

Protein powders for weight loss

The derivations of this above proteins are different, some are the dairy based and some of them are plant based.

How To Prepare A Protein Shake?

1. Simple Protein Shake:

Simply shake is the fastest and convenient way to make. No matter, where you are.

Just put a packet of protein powder in your pocket and wallet.

Add 20-40 grams of protein powder in a glass of water (Warm or cold depends upon you), mix it properly and ready to drink.

2. Smoothie Protein Shake:

If do you want to try something yummy and boring about the simple shakes so make a tasty smoothie that can fire up your weight with beautiful taste.

The option for the smoothie is chocolate peanut butter, banana shake and other.

See the below table:

Protein Shakes/SmoothieServes Amount Of CaloriesProtein Source
Key Lime Pie Shake1212 CaloriesCottage Cheese Without Fat And Protein Powder
Peanut Butter Jelly1228 CaloriesSoy Milk, Protein Powder And Peanut Butter
Skinny High Protein Shake2211 CaloriesCottage Cheese, Skim Milk
Spinach Flex1231 CaloriesFlax Meal, Chia Seeds And Protein Powder
Blueberry And Grape Shake132o CaloriesScrambled Eggs
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Shake1153 CaloriesGreek Yogurt And Protein Powder
Sunrise Shake1209 CaloriesGreek Yogurt
Almond Butter1280 CaloriesChia Seeds And Almond Butter
Coffee Banana Shake3132 CaloriesGreek Yogurt
Raw Chocolate Shake1437 CaloriesPeanut Butter
Carrot Shake4219 CaloriesGreek Yogurt
Orange Julius2130 CaloriesCottage cheese without fat

How Can You Incorporate The Protein Shakes In Your Routine:

Drinking protein shake for weight loss


Incorporate a protein shake with your smoothie breakfast. You can add nuts and slices of fresh fruits to make a protein shake tasty.

The protein shake is better than the calorie loaded muffins.


If you are too much serious about the weight loss and experience with hunger and food cravings so don’t worry.

Take a protein powder and make a shake that contributes to feeling you full.


You should always have a perfect dinner because the cut of dinner can rapidly increase your aging process

Precautions And Side Effects:

Start with the 1 glass of shakes per day.

Those who are sensitive to the proteins should avoid this drink.

Some of the peoples are lactose intolerant, sensitive towards the dairy based proteins.

  1. The recommended amount of daily protein intake is 25-35%, also considered as safe.
  2. The highest dose of protein is not recommended for the peoples who are linked to the kidney diseases.
  3. There is a risk of increased cardiovascular disease, stones, and kidney diseases.