Isagenix Isalean Shake: What To Expect? SHOCKING Results Inside! [2020]

Today, this article is another product review about a product that is said to be a meal replacement and it comes in the form of a shake.

The product name is Isagenix Isalean.

isagenix isalean shake review

Is this claim really true or is it merely a market tactic to attract the potential customers?

Well, to learn that you should read this article, so you can come to know all the relevant information about this product as we have discussed almost everything from the benefits to draw backs or its usage in this very article.

Bottom Line: This article is based on the factual information to provide awareness in the associated community.

What exactly this product is?

Isagenix Isalean is claimed to be a shake that can perform a role as a meal replacement.

IsaLean protein shakeThere is a quite extensive research list that is available on the official site of this product and for the reference.

Furthermore, this product is supposed to help in weight loss and generating lean muscles.

The ingredient list of the shake is rather long too with relatively essential components for the human body.

Well, the company has promised several things such as the product is free from any blend of hormones or antibiotics so, are these claims really worth your money or time, let us find it out.


All the flavors contain the same ingredients almost except 1 or 2 different ingredients in each flavor and down below most of the ingredients are mentioned.

  1. Riboflavin
  2. Sodium
  3. Calcium
  4. Vitamin A
  5. Protein 24gram
  6. Vitamin D
  7. Folate
  8. Vitamin B6 and B12
  9. Iodine
  10. Zinc
  11. Copper
  12. Manganese
  13. Chromium
  14. Thiamin
  15. Vitamin E
  16. Vitamin C
  17. Iron
  18. Phosphorus
  19. Potassium
  20. Carbohydrate
  21. Selenium
  22. Niacin


Isalean shake is clinically tested and it is said to have many health benefits including weight loss and growth of muscles.

New Dairy-Free IsaLean Shakes

Some of the benefits are given below:

  1. It contains around 24 grams of protein that is said to be of high quality
  2. No traces of any kind of Trans fat
  3. It has elements that are pure & natural, and the interesting part is no additional flavors or any type of color pigments, which are harmful, are added in the shake
  4. Almost all the minerals that are part of this drink comes in the category of those minerals that are essential for the human body
  5. To help digestive performance, this shake does contain active enzymes
  6. Top quality amino acids are part of this shake
  7. You can use it in different recipes
  8. It is available in multiple flavors

What is the working Principle of IsaLean shakes and how is it effective for a human body?

  • Nutritional elements are present in a quite balanced proportion in this product and that is why it is way better than the other available drinks on the market.
  • Due to the presence of Myo-IsaLean Complex, and whey protein of top notch quality that is collected from the cows that free from the usage of any type of hormones and antibiotics, and when these cows are not getting anything artificial, it means you are not getting them either. In short, it is good for you.
  • The enzymes that are present in this shake are quite supportive for breaking down pivotal nutrients as well as fat, carbohydrate, and proteins.
  • IsaLean shakes are designed low in glycemic and have almost 24 grams protein to be helpful in weight regulation that can later be helpful in the healthy regimen.
  • The growth of muscle is supported properly due to the presence of the high-quality protein that is part of IsaLean Shakes.
  • An active lifestyle is fully supported by the components that are present in the shake.


As far as the using method is concerned, it is not very complicated just like any other products that are relevant to the weight loss.

Isagenix shake sample packIsaLean Shakes can be used in the following ways:

  • It can be taken before the workout sessions or after the workout sessions because your body after utilizing its energy needs a boost that can recover the drained levels of energy.
  • It can also be consumed just before your bed time so it can boost the belly fat while you are asleep
  • It is not a good option just for recovery procedure for muscles but as a matter of fact, it can also help your muscle to grow further and this shake has potential to do that because of high consistency of protein in its composition.
  • It can be added in the different recipes to give your taste buds a little surprise every now and then

Side effects:

We are living in the 21st century and we need to learn that 1 pill, 1 shake or just one particular thing cannot be like a magical potent.

It can only provide you a support system or mechanism but cannot be a total replacement for your diet and the reasons are as follows.

  1. This shake has a defined quantity of Calcium but every human being is different and so do our body requirements. If the body does not need that quantity of calcium, it may cause you a few complications, too much excess calcium is not good for the human body.
  2. There are a few ingredients that are suitable for a few people like gluten, corn bar, dry milk (with almost no fat traces), fructose, or soybean.
  3. It may not suit diabetic patients if it is used more than recommended dosage.
  4. It may suit people who have some medical history
  5. Excess use is not recommended

Final Verdict:

Isalean shakes can be a great support but with a certain limitation, replacing your meal of natural food diet is not a rational idea.

Taking advice from your doctor before you start any such product is always recommended.

However, it is not mandatory but prevention is always better than cure. Hence, discussing your situation and the product with your doctor will just optimize the benefits plus it will be eventually helpful for you.