Dr. Oz Pure Forskolin Extract for Weight loss: Facts & Results [2020]

Forskolin is quite popular these days in the weight loss industry and it has been discussed in the famous Television show of Dr. Oz.

But the question arises that this Extract is really worth your time and money or it is just another component that is in the lime light for no reason.

To answer this question and many other points that can be relevant to this topic are the reasons of this article being in existence.

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What is Forskolin?

Pure Forskolin Extract for Weight LossA chemical element that is extracted from the root of a plant Coleus that is from the family of mint, another name of this derived substance is “Labdane diterpene”.

This is great at resolving issues that are related to inflammation and microbial as it acts as an effective antimicrobial and anti inflammation agent and the plus point is that it is totally natural.

This derived substance is literally helpful in many different ways such as for body builders as it has the ability to elevate the procedure of muscle development and that is why it has a special place in the bodybuilding industry.

Moreover, it is brilliant at enhancing the mind related abilities like increasing the memory of a human brain. It also possesses the quality to act as a catalyst when it comes to weight loss in an effective manner.

Additionally, the extract has been used in Ayurveda for curing different categories of disease for example gender related issues, for the regulation of blood circulation, eczema, and asthma.

Almost 3 decades back, it was discovered that Coleus in the derived form is capable of decreasing pressure of blood as well as muscle contractions to a large extent.

Dr Oz Forskolin before and after weight lossThe study further confirmed that both effects on blood and muscle were due to the Forskolin.

People continuously get amazed by the variety of findings of Coleus.

Another finding reveals that this plant has the tendency to increase the levels of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate); this substance is able to encourage the making of a hormone that can impact sensitive lipase (a catalyst or enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the sugar (glucose) and fatty bodies in the human body.

Thus, this hormone can trigger the muscle tissue loss and eventually the loss of mass in fat. To support the above claims, two types of research were conducted one is on male subjects and the other one on female subjects.

In the study that was conducted on male participants, it was discovered that Forskolin can be helpful in dropping the body fat and an increase in the lean body muscle is also expected in men.

However, the second research that was conducted on female subjects revealed the mix results but on a positive note, the conclusions are supportive enough for its effectiveness.

Clinical Studies:

The studies were started on Forskolin in the 1970s and since then this substance has been surprising the researchers.

Dr Oz Pure Forskolin Belly Melt

According to one of the findings, Forskolin has spasmolytic & hypotensive properties, and these characteristics are great contributors in lowering the pressure of blood and for relaxing the muscle tension.

Furthermore, for more than 25 years, extensive studies on this extract in various dimensions took place and the subjects of these studies were from all sorts of categories animals, vitro, and humans.

It has the tendency to elevate the quantity of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in the composition of human body cells plus it also plays a crucial role.

It can also induce cAMP cellular levels as it has potential to stimulate the enzyme that is responsible for promoting it. Moreover, this catalyst (enzyme) is also connected to the fat burning regimen of the body in a frequent and impactful manner.

Forskolin cyclic AMPAMP cyclic cellular is able to stop the platelet to maintain the low levels of blood clotting, reduction in some specific types of allergies and increase in the fat burning process in the human body.

It has a direct link in improving physiological reactions and it is great for a person’s well being.

Old Ayurveda codex the consumption of extract is associated with the variety of treatments and their effectiveness was also considerable. Its effectiveness has never been questioned and that is quite a thing itself.

Further studies and research:

Another study that was conducted on male subjects after observing the vitro results carefully for lipolytic as it has been confirmed that Forskolin happens to enhance lipolysis in adipose to a range of 28.43 ± 4.49 & 26.44 ± 3.25 in over weighted males and females.

There is a point to remember that the previous study was conducted in a vitro, making relevant comparisons with the latest study.

How forskolin extract worksHence, the latest study happens to reveal that Forskolin encourages fat loss and it has been measured by DXA as well.

The considered result took almost 3 months time to occur and it was more prominent in the group that was on Forskolin than the group that was on placebo.

These results have been considered a major breakthrough and there is a good reason to consider it in that way because as per the outcomes of this study, Forskolin can induce the reduction in the body fat and it is able to produce lipolytic impact in the whole body.

The study of the same type was also conducted on rats and the results were even better.

Basically, the primary working principle for lipolysis has got the potential that it showed in a dramatic rise in the levels of cAMP.

To be more specific, the cAMP gathered in the tissues, and relevant proteins was activated as a result of all this process, HSL that splits stored triglycerides for the source of energy, and enhances the secretion of fatty acid that is already in Free State.

Thus, the group of subjects that was on Forskolin showed stimulation in fat mass (that is responsible for liberating unrestricted fatty acid secretion within the adipose tissues by the accumulation of cAMP and happens to induced fat loss in a direct manner.

The set of opinions of famous Dr. Oz and other Senior Experts:

According to Dr. Oz, Forskolin is helpful in regulating testosterone hormone and that is why it appears to melt away the stubborn fat that is usually present in the belly area and it also increases the lean muscle mass.

Dr Oz Forskolin - Rapid belly melt

Dr. Oz’s claims in favor of Forskolin were included in a Subcommittee of hearing that is relevant to Product safety, insurance, and Consumer Protection.

Especially Senator Clair mentioned about the support of Dr. Oz n favor of this substance.

However, Joe Cannon, a Masters Degree holder in exercise science and the Bachelor’s one in the field of biology and chemistry, claims that he did receive a large number of emails just shortly after the program of doctor Oz was broadcasted but he (Joe Cannon) considers that the Forskolin can only show results on small scale but not on a significant scale but he does not have any theoretical or practical work to support his claims.

Kim Kardashian Weight LossThere is another study that was conducted in the Kansas University and as per that study, it is said that overweight women would not experience any difference in their obesity than those who were examined by given placebo.

Montreal Gazette in one of his commentaries confirmed that theoretically, Forskolin can trigger fat release from the cells of fat to be used as the body fuel.

In today’s world, obesity is the most common problem and almost maximum people are willing to get rid of it but they seem to struggle too much in that regard and that is why Dr. Oz believes properties of Forskolin can aid those people who are suffering from issues of excess weight and can set up the right track for them to start a healthy lifestyle.

Quantity and method of taking it:

To see the reduction in the body fat it is believed that the user should opt for 500 mg twice a day, (250 mg per dose) and the Forskolin concentration is supposed to be in somewhere 9% to 10% in the chosen supplement.

Do remember 500 mg is the accumulated figure of both dosages and it should not exceed more than that in any given day.

And the ideal time for taking the supplement is 15 to 20 minutes before your intake of food, as the users are recommended to take two doses only, so you may take one dose before your workout or exercise session and the results will even be better.

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The effectiveness of the Pills that have Forskolin in them

1. Boost for Brain:

Forskolin help to improve cognitive functionThere is an important activity that is called CILTEP and the supplements take pivotal part in that process.

This is actually utilized like a nootropic (it is also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancer), with some other inhibitors to bring the biochemical effects and it also means a reduction in blood clots and removing the tension in the arterial walls or bringing the relaxation in arteries, melting the unwanted fat and  the relieve in asthma. (study)

In short, this substance is good for body and brain equally because it provides the brain of the consumer the ideal levels of cAMP and that simply implies that it will enhance the total function of a human brain and significant improvement in memory plus it can be helpful in assessing and recalling powers of the human brain.

So, it translates, it has the ability to improve the span of learning and process the reasoning.

2. Miracle for weight loss:

weight loss scaleThis extract is a pure miracle of nature for the people who want to lose weight. This pure Extract is not only natural but it is effective as well.

It is certainly regarded as one of the most effective methods for weight loss and fat loss.

Additionally, this is the very first time observed that something is likable equally by science and the public or the media.

There are various supplements on the market that have Extract of Forskolin in them as their key ingredient and it is not just luck of this substance but the natural properties that it inherits naturally.

All the elements such as fat, fatty acids and carbohydrates are pivotal for an individual to perform all the body functions on a day-to-day basis.  This element in the derived state eventually influences the metabolic rate.

Draw backs of taking Extract of Forskolin:

The derived Forskolin is declared as safe and this clean chit of safety was given by Natural Medicines Database (an authentic and genuine research body).

However, it may cause complications or issue in the following situations.

  • It may cause upset tummy, constipation, or diarrhea in some users.
  • Lactating women and pregnant need to consult their doctor prior to considering the Forskolin as it may generate a few complications if your body is not in position of responding appropriately (this principle goes for every weight loss element and supplementation)
  • People who have any medical history should seek doctor’s advice
  • Forskolin is supposed to generate variation in blood pressure and that is why if you happen to take medicines that regulate blood pressure then it is always better to consult your doctor.

Bottom Line: The Extract is safe and secure to a great extent except for a few draw backs that are actually present in almost all the ingredients that are related to weight loss.


From the above discussion, it is clear that Forskolin Extract is effective and it has a tendency to facilitate you 100% through its benefits.

Pure Forskolin before and after results

However, due to the popularity, today on the market dozens of brands are available and you should opt for one that has been on market for a good period of time & it is considered as a reliable product.

As numerous products can be good as long as they genuinely possess Forskolin in them with the recommended amount.

Bottom line: Start your journey with Forskolin today and welcome your new confident personality with a healthy body.