Happy Weight Vs Healthy Weight

Life is like a roller coaster ride with all sorts of twists and turns, ups and downs!

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It flips challenges in every single step we take. Be it your professional life or your personal life, it tests you by every single mean.

To cope up with what life throws on you, your brain needs to function in its full capacity.

And optimal mental performance is only possible when you have a healthy body, to be precise, you have a balanced weight!

Yes, excessive weight tends to have a negative impact on your mental, as well as your physical health. And obesity is even worst!

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There are good chances that the weight you currently have is far more than the weight you had in your young ages.

healthy weightBut wait, it’s not just about the added digits in your current weight, your perception about the ideal weight have changed too.

Interestingly, a gallop poll revealed that around 60% of people feel comfortable about their weight.

Now it may be even surprising to know that the percentage of obese and overweight people is around 74% in the United States of America.

That’s right!

So, the question which arises here is that your happy weight falls into the category of healthy weight?


Few years back, a study promoted the belief that people with excessive weight are more likely to live longer than those with a healthy weight.

The study supported the idea that unhealthy weight does not signify an unhealthy body.

The concept was challenged by many investigators who later discovered that the study has some serious drawbacks.

With this, ignited the real truth about our happy weight, that is, how healthy it really is!

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obesity in men and women



According to several fact-based and quality researches, obesity is a serious concern. It elevates the risks of many medical conditions, while greatly impacts your mental well-being.

The problems it opens doors for are many; however, these could range from hypertension to certain cancers.

But apart from the potentially fatal conditions, some life-impairing problems tied to excessive weight are cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Sadly, the list of complications for women is even longer. Obesity increases the likelihood of breast cancer, after they pass the phase of menopause.

So, yes, these problems not just impact your overall well being, but are a great threat for your life too.

According to a very famous and professional dietitian, complications led by obesity are normally long-term. It takes your entire life to cope up with what has been destructed within you.

And apart from affecting the health, these complications greatly affect our regular activities. Of course, it also doubles the monthly expenditures on doctor’s fees and medications that are very much avoidable.

Indeed, the cost is far more what we generally think obesity has. So, it’s not only about the appearance, but the quality of life as well.

In order to save ourselves from the plethora of health risks linked with excessive weight, it is highly important to keep a check and balance on our weight!

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check your BMINow since you’ve understand the importance of healthy weight, the need is to determine whether or not you are at the risk of health problems.

For that, you need to find out your BMI, so that you can easily calculate your body fat. BMI, as most of us know, is measured through weight and height.

Despite the fact that BMI technique is normally used to determine the risks of medical conditions the patients are at, yet, it is never considered an infallible way to gauge our health.

Reason for this lies in the fact that the method often overstates or understates fat percentage on the basis of muscle mass.

It is for this reason; we can never consider it a definite approach to calculate our body fat.

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So, what can be done to find out the actual risks tied to our health?

Well, the better you can do is measure your waist. Simply put, a woman’s waist that measures more than 35” and a man’s waist that measures more than 40” is an indication of poor weight.


dietRemember, when it comes to weight, you need not to set some unachievable standards for yourself.

Forget about what you think about your ideal weight. Simply start with little.

Really, there isn’t a need for extreme weight loss in the beginning. Starting with some small goals would do the good for you as this will not compel your metabolism to work abnormally.

A slight push and you are done!

As per fitness experts, the more steady you go, the more you make way for a major change. And not just the change, the results would also be lasting and stable.

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no age limit



Shrinking of muscles is a common problem with aging. However, you can simply take measures to bring down your fat percentage and grow your lean muscles in whatsoever age.

With this, you will not just be able to ‘preserve’ your health, but will also save yourself from the breaking of bones!

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