Rich Piana Steroids: Shocking Truth Revealed Inside + Pics! [2020]

Rich Piana well known by his amazing and massive look around the 290 pounds and having the 23,5-inch size of arms.

The 46-year-old celebrity bodybuilder “Mr. California” was an actor and entrepreneur.

Rich Piana Steroids or Natural Body

Rich has unlimited of followers who admire him around 1.2 million followers on the Instagram and 1,025,319 subscribers on the YouTube

He had to face a lot of criticism throughout his life and career about the steroid user and the natty.

Rich had opened the truth and reality about the positive and negative effects of the bodybuilding lifestyle.

The Accomplishments:

Rich Piana had received the title of Mr. California Champion.

He also took part in the Fitness and Figure Championships in the year 2009 and NPC USA Championships in the year 2003 and 1999.

He made the records in the bench press by 225kg for the 3 reps, squats by 265kg for 2 reps, Deadlifts 265kg for 1 reps and Barbell Curl 125kg for the 3 reps.

Statistics Of Rich Piana:

  • Weight of the body: 275-285Ibs (124.7kg-129.3 kg)
  • Height of the body: 6’1’’ (185.5cm)
  • Size of arms: 23,5’’
  • Age: 46 years old

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Did Rich Piana actually use the anabolic steroid for developing the physique or is he completely natural?

The frequently asked question by the critics of the Rich Piana.

Rich Piana workout cycle

So let us move to the main topic.

Below some evidence is mentioned that shows the Piana was natty or on the steroid?

The Natural Bodybuilding Standard:

According to the natty or not, a man with 6’1’’ height can naturally build up the 19Ibs.

Rich Piana had the 275-285Ibs thus there is a difference of 80Ibs as compare to the natural bodybuilding.

It is considered to be natural when there is only the difference 5 to 10Ibs.

The difference of 80Ibs directly indicates the use of steroid.

Thin Hair: (Positive)

One of the symptoms of steroid use is the male pattern baldness and the thinning of hair

Rich Piana Girl FriendHe said that I had never experienced with the side effects of steroid use.

My hair begins to thin little,  but I’m the 43 years old, so the reason behind this is the use of steroids?

YES, it is true because my father has the full head of hair without baldness and thinning of hair.

The point needs to be take into consideration

Liver Toxicity:

The anabolic steroid causes the liver toxicity and not good for the health.

Rich Piana had checked by the doctors for the liver tests so he is experienced with the high in the enzymes.

Rich took the other drugs in order to prevent the toxicity of liver.

Gynecomastia: (Positive)

Gynecomastia is a condition in which the excess growth of the male breast.

Rich Piana said that: I had suffered from the gynecomastia in the past, but by taking the drugs it is gone for the temporary.

I had never looked up for the surgery.

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Rich Piana Had Openly Talked About The Use Of Steroid:

Rich had talked about the use of steroid since he was only 18 years old.

Rich Piana Bodybuilder

He guided his followers and younger generation through the video on YouTube.

There are many potential dangers of the steroid so you should not take the same route and the path.

If you have the choice of natural and the steroid user so choose a path of natural

Don’t go for steroids. There is no need of hurting your body and hurting yourself.

To become a professional bodybuilder there is a for the steroids because many times when I was competing on the stage so I was getting blown off stage without the use of steroid.

Some people said that it was too late to open about the reality of using steroids.

Rich Piana Favorite Exercise:

Rich Piana had the big craze of cables and the machines.

Rich Piana ExerciseHe used the many free weights during the bodybuilding journey.

He believed that these exercises can give the best pump and the contraction.

Even with a lifting of heavy weight results in the better result.

Rich Piana Talked About The Importance Of Cardio Trainings:

He said that the elite athletes need a cardio workout for staying in shape.

I did not follow any one of the typical or complex cardio workout.

I Like to do the MMA and the weight training for the shorter period of time instead of wasting the time on the treadmill.

Rich Piana Steroid:

My body was just growing in front of me and my strength was exploding.

I was going to be the one of the top bodybuilders around the world.

Rich Piana Steroids Use

Due to the first cycle of steroid, I actually got the dramatic and unbelievable result.

Rich Piana took the 20 International units of Serostim growth factor (hormone) a day.

The cost of Serostim through the prescription of a doctor would cost $8,000 monthly.

In 2014, he admitted that I’m not taking the Serostim through the prescription of a doctor

Rich Piana Bodybuilder Die Due To The Overuse Of Steroid:

Rich Piana had died after the two weeks of medically induced coma.

Rich Piana with wife Sara Heimis

Sara Piana had confirmed the death of Rich Piana through Facebook In the heartbreaking way, whereas Jansen paid tribute to Rich after his death.

Rich Piana had the 20 bottles of testosterone in his house.

According to the FDA, overuse of testosterone can increase the risk of disease related to the heart, brain, liver and the endocrine systems.

The actual reason for Piana death is still unknown, but the sources tell us that the reason for his death is the overuse of steroid.

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Rich Piana had already talked and opened the use of steroid before his death.

The physical symptoms also indicate the use of steroid.

There is a lot of people that are using the dozens of an anabolic steroid but don’t have the physique like the Rich Piana.

The only steroid cannot develop the amazing physique and the muscular or bigger arm.

There is also the need for hardworking and dedication to achieve the goals.

However, we can not refuse the hard work of Rich Piana, his strict diet and a lot of hours in the gym.