Winstrol- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Man = powerful, muscular appearance, and someone who has admirable strength.

We know, it is kind of a stereotypical approach but the media has made us believe this to be true!

what is Winstrol and how it works

Therefore, every year numerous males (young or middle-aged) join a gym to get fit in this assumption of a perfect man figure.

However, it is not as easy as it might sound!

This is the very reason that many people opt for synthetic methods. Now the problem is that there is a dime for a dozen!

Too many options! Any sane person can get confused!

It is highly important to know that the product, which you want to add in your life, actually will have some significant role to play.

Even when the product is right for you, you also need to be sure about where to get the genuine quality of that product so it is kind of a vicious cycle.

There is a considerable number of people, who actually opt for anabolic steroids and when we are talking about the best anabolic steroid for optimal strength, better performance and a sculptured admirable physique, it can be none other than Winstrol.

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What is Winstrol?

Let us have a brief look!

Winstrol pills
Winstrol 50

Winstrol is basically another name for a very popular anabolic steroid Stanozolol.

In the same way, as you expect benefits from any other steroids, you can expect benefits from Winstrol too.

If you are asking for the category of Winstrol, it falls into the category of cutting steroids.

Hence, Winstrol cycle can be used for cutting.

Cutting cycles usually do not tend to focus on muscle size rather their focus is more on chiseling the body shape.

Putting body into Winstrol only cycle gives the user’s body a fair chance to develop a rounded physique as well as offering the user’s body to recover (precisely the kidneys or the liver).

There is no denying that cutting cycles are quite beneficial.


The abuse of Winstrol cycle can cause some serious issues especially when the anabolic steroid consumption is due to the participation of any competition.

The use of the drug during the performance or competition is not an easy thing especially when the competitors are asked to be tested.

Therefore, many of the users go for anabolic steroids in the off-season.

Many athletes or competitive bodybuilders balance their cutting cycles with the off-season, not only they use illegal stuff but also they keep themselves away from the risk of being caught.

Additionally, Winstrol use is not limited to the humans only as in some cases; Winstrol can be used for animals.

It is pretty effective for improving count of red blood cell, stronger bones, increasing hunger and even trainers or owners dope horses in an illegal way to getting them ready for competitions.

History and a little background

In the year of 1962, Winthrop introduced Stanozolol under the product name of “Winstrol” whereas Winthrop’s partner (Bayer) introduced it with the name of “Stromba”.

Kennedy signs the Kefauver-Harris Act in 1962

The U.S. Kefauver Harris Amendment or “Drug Efficacy Amendment” is a 1962 amendment to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

In the year of 1962, the Drug Efficacy Amendment or Kefauver Harris Amendment was introduced. As per this amendment, it was necessary for the drug producers to offer evidence regarding the efficacy of their drug prior to getting the approval.

In the June of 1970, The FDA declared its finding regarding the Impact of AAS that included Stanozolol.

Back then The FDA announced it as an effective drug to use but only adjunctive therapy for treating postmenopausal osteoporosis, senile and in pituitary dwarfism.

Chemical Properties

The chemical structure of Winstrol is rather different from any other Anabolic steroids.

It is a variation of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) where it has 3 to 2 Pyrazol group attached to the first cycloalkane ring (popular with the name of A ring).

The difference is easily noticeable when you check the image of Winstrol chemical structure next to its progenitor hormone DHT, the difference will be noticeable even for a person who does not know much about chemistry.

The attachment of Pyrazol group to the A-ring substitutes the group of 3-keto that usually stays in the same exact place.

Particularly, this massive change categorizes Winstrol for sale as a heterocyclic steroid.

The Pyrazol group (functional group) is the reason behind the strong binding affinity of Winstrol with the relevant receptors in the tissues of muscles.

Though it is a DHT derivative, it is a little different from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

Winstrol is more active than DHT in the muscle tissues.

Bad luck is that DHT is rendered inactive via two enzymes and it happens quite immediately.

Winstrol has those modifications that let Winstrol keep itself away from this issue efficiently.

Furthermore, all the anabolic steroids that are DHT versions like Anavar, Masteron, Primobolan, Winstrol and several others have changes in their structures (chemical) that allow them noticeable activity and impact within muscle tissues where DHT does not have those necessary modifications.

Thus, it gets almost impossible for DHT to survive.

Additionally, this Pyrazol structure allows Winstrol to keep a shift in anabolic and androgenic traits to offer it a stronger anabolic strength and at the same time, decreasing its androgenic capabilities.

Therefore, this is the very reason that lets Winstrol have a noticeable disassociation of anabolic to androgenic effects.


  • Winstrol is able to bind itself to cellular androgen receptors.
  • Winstrol is believed to have a very negligible form of anti-progestogenic traits.
  • It contains a relatively high adhering affinity for Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and that is why Winstrol for sale gets much better potential to do its working in the bloodstream.
  • It is far better than any other derivatives of DHT.
  • Winstrol for sale shows a longer half-life and this is a reason that Winstrol injection has a half-life of around 24 hours
  • It possesses strength (androgenic) rating of 30 with a rating of 320 and it is actually thrice as anabolic as Testosterone.
  • Winstrol weight loss is not a myth. It is actually possible to lose weight with the use of Winstrol.
  • Super strength with the help of Winstrol is not difficult at all.
  • Increase anabolic properties in the users’ body
  • Better muscle ratio in a good time frame
  • A significant reduction in the body fat
  • A better level of strength
  • Better synthesis of protein
  • Optimization of protein intake
  • The body starts utilizing protein in a more impressive manner
  • While the body is passing through cutting phase, the user will be able to retain lean muscles
  • Winstrol for sale elevates the level of Vascularity
  • The nitrogen gets better at retention of nitrogen
  • It aromatizes to estrogen
  • It toughens your muscles
  • The user will not experience any feeling of bloating
  • This anabolic steroid has the tendencies to improve the levels of iron

What does Winstrol do to perform its roles effectively?

Stanozolol Injection
stanozolol injection 100mg

Winstrol is certainly a rare anabolic steroid as it has the potential to manage resistance to the digestive tract that includes break down that the liver happens to do.

It is important to remember that either you are taking Winstrol pills (oral steroid) or Winstrol injection (injectable steroid) both carry the same internal structure.

It is pretty likable that you will have a high percentage of Winstrol in your system improving the impact and synergy with other drugs.

Its working gets more interesting and it justifies its popularity because Winstrol for sale has the tendency to generate protein.

Hence, it just supports lean muscle building in a great way!

Getting harder muscles on the watch of this steroid becomes just simple.

Moreover, this anabolic steroid does not transform itself into estrogen.

Therefore, the risk of estrogen side effects resides just next to none.

What is Winstrol dosage or Stanozolol dosage?

Winstrol pills keep themselves active in the consumer’s body up to 4 to 5 hours.

Remember this information and now you have 2 options.


You can take Winstrol dosage daily around half an hour prior to the major workout session.

It enables the body to maximize the benefits of the workout; this dose is pretty amazing for people who opt for Stanozolol dosage precisely for performance enhancement.

Whereas if you are willing to use Winstrol for cutting, it is quite excellent to regulate a concentration of the steroid in the bloodstream all day long.

When this is the case, fitness experts recommend splitting of daily dosage into ½ or in 1/3 quantity especially when you are taking a dose toward the maximum end of the scale.

It is important to remember taking Stanozolol in evening timing is likely to interfere with the ability to have a quality sleep.

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Is Winstrol legal ?

When the prescribed consumption; with the apt length of cycle and with the right dose is in place, this anabolic steroid is safe for healthy people.

Is Winstrol safe

People, who are already experiencing any medical issues, such as diabetes; heart problems; and liver diseases, are better not opt for this steroid.

As far as this thing is concerned that this steroid is legal or not then let us be clear that Winstrol for sale comes under the category of Schedule III drugs.

According to Section 812,

  1. Any schedule III drug has less potential for misuse than Schedule I and II.
  2. Currently, the drug is in use for medical reasons in the United States.
  3. Its abuse may trigger low or moderate psychological or physical dependence.

Therefore, Winstrol is legal to use but with several restrictions like “you can only buy it with a prescription and for medical reasons only”.

Moreover, strict laws have made the use of this steroid and purchase challenging for performance athletes and bodybuilders.

People, who have been using Winstrol, are aware that the influence of this anabolic is remarkable.

Hence, it is the very reason; this steroid is still popular despite the fact that this steroid has the potential to cause severe side effects.

Effects for Medical conditions

People cannot use this steroid for performance enhancement, improvement in strength or for getting a better physique

But, here are a few medical conditions in which even doctors have to prescribe injections and tablets

  • Osteoporosis: It is a preferable drug due to its effectiveness for sustaining necessary bone mass
  • Weight reduction in obese patients: this anabolic steroid has the tendency to boost weight reduction in some seriously obese people
  • Angioedema or hives: the main reason for this medical condition is allergies

The issue of delay growth process in children

Note: The doctors do not have authority to prescribe this steroid for performance improvement.

Winstrol Side Effects

Winstrol side effects
side effects of Winstrol Steroids

When we are talking about the side effects of this steroid, we need to keep this fact in mind that this steroid carries side effects but they mostly fall in the category of severe effects that are likely to happen, it is not necessary that they will happen.

Its abuse may cause you side effects but it also depends on the individual physiology.

Although all the human bodies have the same mechanism, still reactions to different things can be different of every individual body.

However, even there are people who can face horrible side effects.

Try to get the idea with this simple example

Majority of the people can easily tolerate diary items but there are people who cannot tolerate dairy products easily.

To make you understand better the side effects of Winstrol are divided into groups.

1. Cardiovascular:

Among all the potential side effects of this steroid, cardiovascular issues have the highest potential.


Stanozolol dosage is known for reducing the levels of good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and increase the level of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol).

Moreover, Oral C17-aa steroids do not have a very good reputation, no matter which form you take oral or injectable.

This steroid is no different.

If you are someone who is already experiencing cholesterol issue, do not even come near to this steroid.

However, if you are a healthy person, you may take this steroid but make it sure that you are taking a diet that is rich in omega fatty acids and keep cardiovascular training in your routine.

2. Estrogenic:

When you are using this steroid, you should not assume any estrogenic side effects because this anabolic steroid does not tend to aromatize.

However, it may cause the issue of high blood pressure but you can overcome the issue of High blood pressure if you opt for healthy life choices.

3. Testosterone:

Winstrol brings the levels of natural Testosterone low. It is highly crucial that you supplement exogenous testosterone when the endogenous levels are down.

However, women will not require this exogenous testosterone while they are taking this steroid.

It is important to remember that suppression of Testosterone levels is temporary as soon as you stop the use of steroid, your body will recommence the natural testosterone production.

4. Hepatotoxicity:

Just like any other C17 steroids, hepatotoxicity is likely to happen.

If you are in search of Anavar Vs Winstrol Hepatoxicity, Winstrol is much more Hepatotoxic but less than Methandrostenolone.

The values of liver enzyme are likely to incline, low amount of stanozolol dosage usually does not appear to generate a lot of strain. It is important to remember that as much as you increase the stanozolol dosage, you are increasing the chances of strain.

If you have a healthy body, make it sure that your Winstrol cycle should not exceed the duration of 6 to 8 weeks.

Additionally, avoid any type of consumption of alcohol.

Plus try to avoid any unnecessary over the counter medication, as most of the over the counter medicines are high in liver toxicity.

5. Androgenic:

This steroid happens to have androgenic side effects, not much androgenic activity is expected from this steroid but yes, it does not lack androgenic effects either.

You do not have any male pattern baldness, you will not be saying bye-bye to your hair. However, if you have any genetic predispositions, you will likely to encounter this male pattern baldness issue.

Moreover, acne is another issue that people who have sensitivity (genetic issue) to acne are more prone to an acne break out.

Winstrol for women is highly probable to cause virilization.

The signs of virilization include

  • Deep voice
  • Enlargement of clitoral
  • Excessive growth of hair

There is a fair chance that many females are not going to face any signs of virilization but they need to keep their dose quite low.

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