The 5 Day TeaTox to Shrink Your Belly

The term teatox is very much similar to the word detox and very interestingly, each of these has a same purpose too- to promote weight loss and cleanse your system.

The 5 Day Teatox challenge by Dr. OZ

While there come a plethora of teatox products for you benefit from, customers find the price of many to be exorbitant.

In a situation like this, 5 dat Teatox plan by Dr. Oz serves to be a great choice for those willing to give their health and fitness, a much needed boost!

The plan was endorsed in an episode of the Dr.Oz show, wherein it was heavily conveyed how useful teatoxing is.

Pina logiudice, the guest who was invited to enlighten the significance of teatox stated that the technique is good for fat loss.

The naturopathic doctor further suggested that it can also play a great role in eliminating water weight, to a greater extent.  

Logiudice believes that water weight and bloating tend to be the most common reasons why we become prone to weight gain.

Healthy teas we take through the process of teatoxing largely remove unnecessary water weight and help with better digestion.

Above all, they cleanse your body by flushing all the injurious contaminants that can affect our health.

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There is a long list of side effects connected to the products that aim to teatox your system. Some commonly triggered complications are diarrhea, burning stomach and nausea.

Amazing Benefits of Dandelion Tea5 day Teatox is claimed to be way more safe than these highly priced, products are.

As per Loguidice, the plan is quite favorable in this regard as you prepare it and add ingredients all by yourself.

By this, you tend to be well-aware of what has been supplied to your body.

Apart from the safety factor, what makes it more preferable is the fact that it comes with dietary instructions.

By this, dieters get all what their body needs for healthy slimming.

There is another benefit of following the 5 day teatox by Dr. Oz.

You can save your money you would have spent on teatox products!

So it’s safe, effective and budget friendly.


There are some foods you should avoid while you are on the 5 day teatox.

Gluten-free food that's tasty too

For example:

  • Sugar.
  • Packaged/ processed foods.
  • Foods deficient in fats.
  • Foods that are a source of gluten.

Apart from the said items, dieters must also restrain themselves from alcohol.

According to Loguidice, these foods tend to cause bloating and water weight and hence, slashing these from the diet can greatly aid with healthy weight.

Precisely, a diet free from these items is more likely to give pace to the metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

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1. Morning:

Eat a Balanced BreakfastSo welcome the sun with Dandelion Tea! Dandelion is associated with a plethora of health benefits and having it right in morning adds to its effects.

Precisely, the tea will enhance the performance of liver, improve digestion and above all, regulate blood circulation.

As far as the breakfast is concerned, it comprises of foods that can give you power and energy for the coming activities ahead.

For that, protein is essential and so, the diet suggests eggs with avocado. Besides that, dieters can also enjoy cornmeal pancake in the breakfast.

2. Midday meal:

Lunch With Fennel Seed Ginger TeaMidday meal has to be fulfilling yet simple and for that, veggie stew is recommended.

Interestingly, if veggie stew is not your taste, you can go for bean soup in place.

However, this has to be kept in mind that the purpose is to keep it simple for better absorption, yet, have a meal that has a good nutritional value.

Moreover, since the meal has water content, it will generate quick satiety and so the dieters will consume less.

Following the lunch, you need to have fennel seed ginger tea. The herbal tea too, has a whole lot of benefits.

In short, it boosts digestive health and beats bloating. It is important to note that the urge for sugary foods can be addressed through licorice tea.

It has a natural sweet flavor that is equally health-boosting for us.

3. Dinner:

a Cleansing Salad for DinnerSince, it’s time to head towards your bed; you need a light meal for yourself.

Your body does not need carbs at the moment and going for a nutritious salad is the best you could do now.

To prepare a salad, take any leafy vegetable you like for example, cabbage or spinach. Toss in some more veggies, tomatoes or carrots preferably.

Now it’s time to slip in a crave-worthy veggie and the best choices for you are celery, parsley and asparagus.

After you are done with adding vegetables, slot in a protein rich source like fish or chicken.

Don’t forget to give your salad a final touch with nuts and olive oil!

While you are about to sleep, get yourself milk thistle tea for better organs functions and to avoid constipation.

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In a time when we do not mind trying anything that can shrink our waist, 5 day teatox comes across a healthy and natural way to lose pounds.

before and after dr oz shrink belly challenge

*All the essential bits pertaining to the program, including the recipes of the suggested teas, can be accessed through the official website of Dr. Oz.*

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