Drop 10 Pounds By Summer! The Dr. Oz Show

The all-inclusive diet guide aims your 10 extra lbs for you to fit in your sexy beachwear, perfectly! Watch Dr. Oz Show>>

Dr. Oz Show on drop 10 pounds by summer

It revolves around tasty meals that are based on the right proportion of good fats, lean protein and essential carbs.

Like any other diet plan, Drop 10 pounds by summer also focus on balancing your diet. Dieters need to pick a recipe for the preparation of their meals.

They are also allowed to snack for once or twice every day, however, there are recipes that need to be followed for the snacking purpose as well.

The diet by Joy Bauer sounds promising and is said to produce quick results.

The main purpose of the diet is to get a hold on the appetite and make the dieters feel energetic, full and going, round the clock.

With a plethora of meal options provided by the guide, we can create different combination in a day, or can follow our favorite ones again and again!

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Every meal option provided by the diet is equally mouth-watering and nutritious.

The diet ensures that you quick-shed your 10 pounds, without making your taste buds suffer!

Well, that’s what the best part of drop 10 pounds by summer is!

1. Breakfast:

breakfast is 300 caloriesFirst and foremost, the plan encourages a breakfast that is highly fulfilling and energizing.

Of course, you have a big, busy day ahead and you need to start it with something that can keep you charged throughout.

The calorie limitation for breakfast is 300 calories and so, every option you have for the breakfast meal is below the restricted amount.

The recipes encompass foods that are highly beneficial for our health and for our fitness as well. The break-up of your breakfast meal would be:

  1. Fiber= 4 grams.
  2. Protein=10 grams.

To make the breakfast more energy-packed, dieters are advised to have tea or coffee, made from nondairy milk.

2. Midday meal:

midday meal planThere are certain do’s and don’ts that need to be kept in mind for lunch.

For example:

  • The caloric value of the meal must not exceed from 400.
  • It should be rich in protein.
  • There should be 680 grams of produce.
  • No usage of electronic device while munching.

The meal comprising of produce and protein is meant to nourish you and keep you satisfied for a longer period of time.

Dieters are advised to stay away from things that can distract them from eating. .

Examples include TV, cell phones, music etc. It’s even better to switch them off for peaceful and focused eating.

3. Dinner:

Dinner meal planAt last, you are up for your dinner, the time to calm down and let your body react to the changes.

Dinner, despite being an essential part of the diet, should be limited to 500 calories and not more than that.

In order reduce the ‘severity’ of hunger, the diet encourages water intake (2 cups) prior to the midday meal and dinner. Interestingly there is no water restriction during the meals as well.

The diet features some really scrumptious dinner recipes for the dieters to enjoy.

For example, chicken curry and vegetables, turkey spinach burger and grilled chicken parmesan.

4. Snacking:

snacking meal plansAs stated earlier, snacking is allowed as this will keep you on track throughout.

It will quench your hunger pains and prevent you from overeating at your meals.

Though, there is a limitation with the quantity and calories of snacking as well.

You cannot take more than two snacks in a day and must not exceed the caloric intake of each from 200.

The best things to snack on are low carb vegetables, cooked or uncooked, take it the way you like!

Moreover, it is important to note that you can have non-starchy vegetables anytime you feel the need. Plus, there is no limitation with regard to the quantity as well.

As per the estimation, the everyday calorie consumption should be around 1400-1600, which sounds helpful.

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The man behind Drop 10 pounds by summer is a professional dietitian and nutritionist.

Dr. Oz show on Summer Meal Plan

Undoubtedly, the credibility of Joy Bauer cannot be questioned at any point.

But interestingly, the plan is also supported by our very own, Dr. Oz. In fact, he has also featured and favored Drop 10 pounds by summer in his show, ‘the Dr. Oz show.


A diet revolving around fiber-filled produce, healthy fats, minerals, lean protein and vitamins seems rewarding!

And why not, after all it is planned by a qualified nutritionist Joy Bauer and endorsed by our favorite fitness expert, Dr. Oz.