The Best Weight Loss Programs and Diet Plans 2019

Fad diets that are said to be the planned strategy are preordained to help with weight management.

Best weight loss diets programs 2017

But out of some hundreds of everyday introducing diet plans, there are the 5 most talked about and followed weight loss diets in the category.

What are these 5 best diet programs of 2018, let’s get to know:


Atkins diet is all about shaping yourself through a most healthy diet.

Atkins Diet

Quite the opposite of the other fad diets, Atkins does not make you go starve or feel hungry most of the time.

It is properly planned weight management strategy that has a heavy emphasis on good fats and proteins.

The graph of Atkins popularity is considerably higher, with thousands of people including the celebrity, Kim Kardashian have credited it for the changes they underwent.

On a whole, the diet discourages you from heavy amount of carbs, specifically sugary and starchy, though, it allows fiber carbs to some extent, but that too, in the form of vegetables.

It is important to note that atkins prefers protein that comes through lean and hence, almost everything that comes under lean is encouraged by Atkins.

Some key examples include chicken, seafood and meat. Likewise, it encourages good fats through certain, specified sources like butter, eggs and oil.

As stated earlier, the diet does not allow sugary and starchy carbohydrates, thereby; you must keep yourself away from things like sugar, white flour, pasta, bread and potatoes.

By all accounts, you must only take carbs what’s inside the vegetables, the fiber carbs.

The four stages of Atkins diet:

Atkins diet is a step-by-step diet with four precise stages.

  1. INDUCTION: The journey with Atkins begins with the phase, Induction. Dieters are advised to cut down their carb consumption to 20 grams a day. As Atkins support fiber carbs, thereby, it insists the followers to take their carb portion through leafy green vegetables. Besides this, they are guided to incorporate foods that are high in healthy fats and protein. Interestingly, the induction phase will support your body to incinerate fats, in place of carbs.
  2. BALANCING: Balancing is a complete learning phase, a period that will help you identify the sum of carbs you can take, while having a complete control on your weight. Now, you are encouraged to incorporate foods you abandoned to get onto the plan. However, this adding will be done gradually.
  3. FINE TUNING: Followers move towards the second last stage when they are left with the 10 last pounds to hit their target weight. During the phase, they integrate some more amounts of carbs and learn to keep up a healthy weight.
  4. MAINTENANCE: While reaching the stage, maintenance, you are switched to a mode that will help you stay fit and healthy lifelong. However, you cannot skip the rules if you wish the same. Maintenance phase unbinds you to enjoy healthy carbs to the point you can control your weight.


The diet does not feature any workout circuit or exercises, but yes, it does encourage you to stay active and in motion, if not for the whole day, then for half an hour a day, at least.


Then we have Dukan diet in the list of the five best diet programs of 2018.

Dukan Diet

The diet focuses on quick results and claims to have lasting effects. The strategy implied by Dukan diet is no different than most of the diet programs.

It guides you to bring down your carb consumption, as an attempt to intensify your body’s fat burning.

However, dukan diet is more than just reducing the carbs, it emphasizes on many other aspects that can pave way for a slimmer body.

For example, it stresses on increasing the water intake, which is one proven way to stimulate metabolism.

Other than that, it highly recommends walk for better results in terms of fat loss. 

However, Pierre Dukan, the inventor of Dukan diet has constructed the plan keeping two things in mind, lean protein and oat bran.

Interestingly, the diet majorly revolves around the two in one way or the other.

Furthermore, dieters are not confined to any food quantity, though; the food needs to fall in the category of acceptable items.

It’s important to note that the list has a small amount of carbs items and not so many. Likewise Atkins diet, Dukan diet also goes through 4 simple stages.

While two of its phases are purely designed to budge the needle on the scale for you, other two are meant to stabilize it on healthy weight for long.

The four phases of Dukan diet:

  1. ATTACK: So your journey with dukan diet begins with the attack phase. The period comprises of ten initial days wherein you will be following the key rules of this stage. For example, you will be having 1-1.5 tablespoon of oat bran, good amount of lean protein and 1.5 liters of water a day. Interestingly, there is a long list of protein sources allowed by Dukan diet. Dieters can pick any and have as much as they like during the attack phase.
  2. CRUISE: After completing the attack phase, dieters are shifted to the cruise stage that is expected to continue for some months. This is the time wherein your body will lose weight at a steady pace. The suggested amount of oat bran is now increased to 2 tablespoon a day and dieters are advised to reintroduce low carb-calorie vegetables to their diet.
  3. CONSOLIDATION: Then comes the consolidation phase- time to maintain what you gain! During the period, dieters are free to consume limitless amount of vegetables and proteins. They can also have fruit, though; there is a limit with regard to the quantity and type of fruit. For example, dieters can only add a single slice of fruit; however, the fruit must not be bananas, cherries and grapes. Other foods that need to be taken during the time are hard cheese (single serving) and whole-grain bread (2 slices), everyday. Consolidation phase comes across as a relief for those who have been craving starchy food as it allows it in some limit.
  4. STABILIZATION: It’s about the final maintenance that will go a long way. The dieters now have the freedom to have what they find better for themselves, though, the freedom is not for the whole week. They have to spare a single day to balance their eating with something that Dukan suggests. Basically, the diet suggests following the guidelines they followed in the very initial stage, for the day. Though, the suggested amount of oat bran is double this time that is 3 tablespoons in total.


It recommends daily walk, for at least 20 minutes a day.

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5-Factor diet is another very popular and heavily followed diet program of the recent time.

5 factor diet

Every element of this all-inclusive weight loss plan is somehow connected with the digit 5. It is a very simple, yet very interesting plan that moves you to your ultimate goal with time.

5-factor supports weight management through calculated and planned eating.

However, it is not just a weight loss program solely focusing on weight; but is claimed to be a health booster as well.

Precisely, the diet is based on:

  • 5 meals a day.
  • Every meal is supposed to have 5 ingredients.
  • Each needs 5 minutes to cook.
  • 25 minutes of exercises for 5 days a week.
  • The workout circuit comprises of 5 segments.
  • Every segment takes 5 minutes to be performed.

The man behind the diet suggests that the secret to a good health is eating right, though, it is equally essential that we take 5 meals a day.

According to him, the strategy can help in regulating the blood sugar and keep us active all round the clock.  

The most encouraging factor about 5-factor diet is that it allows you to free yourself from all the do’s and don’ts, for a single day in every week.

You can indulge yourself or reward yourself with all what makes you happy.

5 Ingredients of 5-factor diet:

As said, the diet focuses on 5 ingredients that need to be incorporated in every single meal we make in a day.

None of these groups can be missed:

  1. PROTEIN: Interestingly, the diet does not restrict dieters to achieve protein through a specific source, but allows a variety of protein sources for the dieters to enjoy all. For example, they can have it through chicken, beef, egg or fish if they want.
  2. COMPLEX CARBS: The diet has allowed complex carbs for the energy enhancement purpose. Of course, you need a lot of energy for the workouts and so, complex carbs are important for you. You can choose from a variety of sources it permits, like veggies, lentils, wild rice and oatmeal.
  3. FIBER: We are very much familiar with the worth of fiber, specifically for the slimming purpose. It is good for satiety and so, adding a source of fiber is essential. Dieters can have the food group in the form of wild rice, veggies and fruits and beans to name a few.
  4. HEALTHY FATS: Healthy fats or good fats are not just imperative for the health, but are equally significant for weight loss. You can simply get it through some fish like tuna and salmon. However, certain oils like sunflower, canola and olive also fall in the recommended sources.
  5. SUGAR-FREE DRINKS: Increasing your water intake, is highly recommended in 5-factor diet, though, dieters fond of tea, coffee or soda can take these in sugar-free form.


You need to sweat out in 5-factor diet. In fact, it has paid equal importance on both the essential elements of weight loss, dieting and workout.

The circuit encompasses aerobic and strength training exercises for more enhanced results.


The fourth most followed diet program of 2018 is zone diet. Zone diet claims to burn fat, non-stop, round the clock.

Zone diet

It is interesting to note that the diet is all about creating a right proportion of protein, carbs and fat to extract the much desired results.

However, unlike some very ‘too good to be true’ kind of fad diets we have today, zone diet talks about realistic results, results that sound possible and achievable.

And so, it assures to cause, slow but constant dipping on the scale.

While this sounds discouraging to those who need a quick fix, zone diet comes across as the perfect solution for those who want to reduce their fat percentage, and not their water weight.

The mastermind further pledges that the diet does not cause muscle wasting and is prudently planned to deal with the fats.

In terms of nature, the diet is not really restricting or demanding, though, if you are a foodie or are fond of carbs, then you may take time to adjust to it completely.

The rules to follow zone diet:

The dieters are advised to munch 5 times a day, through; three are the main meals, whereas others are the snacks.

But be it the main meals, or the snacks, every item must be a combination of protein, fats and carbs. 

But protein does not mean any food that contains protein as the diet permits foods with low-fat protein.

Secondly, it prefers carbs that are accessible through vegetables and fruits. And lastly, the fats should be healthy fats and the suggested sources are almonds and olive oil.


Low-fat proteins30%
Monounsaturated Fats.30%

As stated earlier, dieters need to ensure that they follow the percentages while preparing their meals and their snacks every single time.

Moving onto the other important bits, the plan discourages starchy food items and ones that have abundance of sugar. It further discourages egg yolk and red meat for the unhealthy fats they contain.

Those who are willing to get the most from zone diet have to be very much meticulous about the guidelines and the pattern.

You cannot skip meals, you must not ignore any food group and you should not go empty stomach for over five hours.

Secondly and most importantly, you must not go to sleep with an empty stomach and should have your first meal within 60 minutes of waking up. Yeah, too many rules!


There isn’t a need to gym for hours with Zone diet, but yes, exercises are required at an average scale. Being regular with it, is also advised.


At last, we have weight watchers, which is all-time favorite of the dieters.

Weight Watchers diet

Weight watchers have a very unique concept of motivating you for healthy foods- the points system. 

Even though, it allows you to eat what you like, but the manner in which you are drive to balance eating is worth praising.

Unlike its previous versions, the recent one pays equal attention on fitness. Dieters are advised to stay active and going throughout the day.

However, considering it to be a typical fad diet wouldn’t be really fair. The program is much more than what typical diet programs are.

It is more like a program that aims to alter an unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one.

Every information and necessary bit pertaining to the diet is accessible through online. Dieters can learn about the exercises and recipes in simple clicks.

They can even evaluate their success and the milestones they have achieved so far. To make the process more understandable, there is a training option for those who feel the need. 

Following weight watchers is not just simply, but is also exciting.

The point system in weight watchers:

Now the question which arises here is why weight watchers so exciting and engaging?

Well because it has a very unique concept of bringing your eating habits on track. First of all, you can eat anything and nothing is discouraged.

The diet gives every specific item a certain value, called as the SmartPoints value.

Interestingly, foods that are good for our health tend to have a lower point value against foods that are fancy and junk.

All you need to do is ensure that you do not cross your target and hence, keep your focus more towards healthy options.

Every dieter has a different target which is decided while taking certain factors into consideration. For example, his or her weight loss objectives, body, etc.

The diet aims to bring positive changes in your eating habits and supports healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and lean proteins.

To bring that change systematically, it has fixed points on fat, protein and sugar. While you have a target and freedom to eat, you will learn to balance health and fitness in one go. 


Yes, the current version focuses a lot on fitness and physical activities.

These are the leading diet programs of 2018 that are helping many with a healthy weight and a healthy body!

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