A Sure Road to Gain Muscle Mass (5 Tips Inside)

Drastic measures are not always necessary to experience new and faster gains.

Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

This myth has gotten stronger in the last few years that if you are after ideal muscle mass gain or definite cutting , you are bound to work out like crazy or may be eating as if there is no tomorrow.

This leads me to ask a question, are you eating healthy, doing regular workouts and taking other measures but you have not seen any significant change in your Muscle structure?

If your answer is in “Yes”!

Be ready because this article is for you and anybody who is in mood of having a body type that can make him admirable for peers, friends and family.

These techniques have potential to let you have the Dream body physique!

1. High intensity workouts for each muscle:

High Intensity WorkoutVigorous and long training is not the solution of your muscle gain. If you workout 3 days in a week; just like any ordinary body building training, you will definitely on the wrong track.

Because each muscle group is needed to be focused at least 2-3 times a week so, if you are doing 3 sessions in a week’s time, opt for a workout that involves your whole muscles of the body or if you are exercising 4 days per week then go for lower/upper split where you will be working on your each muscle 2 times in every seven days with around five sets each.

Moreover, increase intensity of your workouts not the duration.

Ensure you workout with high intensity but no overly long workouts to keep yourself away from overtraining, high intensity of exercise lets your body gain muscle and strength more quickly.

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2. Give crazy bulk Trenorol a shot!

Try Crazy Bulk TrenorolNitrogen is one of the most important things for body in development of protein. Trenorol gives tissues of muscles ability to hold more nitrogen that eventually leads to huge muscle gain and raise the level of fat burning as well.

Moreover, it also helps in manufacturing new red blood cells and that is responsible to deliver more oxygen to your body muscles for ideal power and strength during your workouts.

The best part is the whole process creates only real muscle gain with no water retention.

Thus, Trenorol gives you a magnificent defined look body as it is an action hero of legal steroids without any painful needles and long horrific prescriptions! Get rapid result with this punch.

3. Eat, Eat and Eat!

Eat Good to Gain MuscleWhen you are seeking some serious weight gain this word “Eat” should be the 2nd best friend of yours after the word “workout”.

Add carbs in your pre and post workout meals even in shake that you sip during the workouts.

One more thing that is needed to be remembered, do not pause your eating on off days, means when it is a break from your workout, it is recovery time and most of the muscle growth takes place in your off days- recovery phase- so the bottom line is that you require nutrients even on none-working days.

However, you can cut down the amount of carbs on off days as your body does not require extra energy for workouts or when you are not hitting the gym but keep your protein intake high.

4. Drink Shake:

Drink pre workout shakesPre- and post- workout nutrients are essential but it is a good idea to squeeze a quick shot of calories in form of carbs & proteins that can sustain your levels of energy and let you train a little harder.

But keep a strict check on the amount that you take to avoid any “upset stomach situation”.

For example: start with a modest quantity around 20g of protein and 40g of carbs and later you may increase the quantity as per your stomach’s level of endurance. 

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4. Have a Good long Sleep:

Good sleep for muscle

Recovery is cardinal for muscle growth, and there are no two opinions that sleeping is the best way to get recovery done.

Anything around 8-9 hours that you should opt for but in reality, it is not always possible to zzzz for 8-9 hours.

At least you can try and get the sleep as much as possible to make muscle growth better.

5. Pay more attention to compound exercises:

compound exercise for gainCompound exercises are basically any type of exercise that involves different joints simultaneously to fully boost all muscle groups.

Additionally, it also plays a vital role in the secretion of hormones like testosterone that increases growth.

The best examples of compound movements are squat, press, chinup, row and deadlift etc.

Please bear in mind that there is nothing wrong in performing isolation workout like curls or leg extensions but keep them on a side, first take the main course of “compound exercises” and then treat yourself with some dessert in form of isolation one!